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LED Driver simultaneously powers up to 8 HB-LED strings.

May 13, 2010 - Featuring dual output that provides total max current of 1,200 mA (600 mA per side), Smart Force(TM) SFD2C series full function LED driver powers up to 4 strings of high brightness LEDs per side with max current of 150 mA per string. It accepts 10-20 V input voltage, offers 60 V max output voltage, and provides total 50 W of power (25 W per side). Board offers external PWM dimming, with dimming ratios up to 5000:1 achievable, along with separate brightness and enable controls.
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Endicott Research Group
2601 Wayne St. P.O. Box 269
Endicott, NY, 13761

New High-Power LED Driver from ERG Provides Efficient Solution for Powering Multiple Strings of High Brightness LEDs for LCD Backlighting

Endicott, NY, - LCD backlight power specialist Endicott Research Group (ERG) has introduced a new LED driver that can simultaneously and efficiently power up to 8 strings of high brightness LEDs (HBLEDs).

The new Smart Force(TM) SFD2C Series is a full-function LED driver board that features a dual output that provides a total maximum current of 1200 mA -- 600 mA per side -- for high efficiency power to LED backlights used in LCDs up to 24" diagonal.

Ideal for LED backlights utilizing larger HBLEDs, the SFD2C can power up to 4 strings of HBLEDs per side with a maximum current of 150 mA per string. It features a wide input voltage design (10-20V), 60V maximum output voltage, and provides a total 50W of power (25W per side).

The SFD2C offers onboard and external PWM dimming, with dimming ratios up to 5000:1 achievable, along with separate brightness and enable controls. It measures 2.20" x 5.61" (55.9 x 142.5 mm), and is less than 15 mm high.

Available as standard product from ERG, the SFD2C can be used with OEM LED panels as well as with ERG's new series of multiple-string HBLED rails which provide thermal management superior to any other technology on the market. It is designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA.

Pricing for the SFD2C is approx. $50.00 in production quantities. Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks A.R.O.

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Endicott Research Group (ERG), Inc.,

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About Endicott Research Group:

ERG, the specialist in power conversion solutions, has been matching power solutions to LCD backlights since 1979. ERG's Smart Force(TM) range of plug-and-play LED driver modules encompasses nearly 100 LED drivers for more than 100 OEM panels. ERG also offers the industry's largest range of standard and custom DC-AC inverters for CCFL-and EL-backlit LCDs.
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