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Conductor Line System supports up to 200 A continuous operation.

November 19, 2012 - Used to supply power to mobile equipment and to transfer power and control signals, DCL-Pro features rigid enclosure profile with honeycomb design, which can be used to accommodate up to 7 copper conductors with cross-section up to 70 mm². Enclosure is available for straight tracks and for curved tracks with minimum radius of 800 mm. Pre-assembled connectors are provided with click-connection system, ensuring secure hold even before assembly work begins.
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Demag Cranes & Components, a Terex Corporation Company
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Safe and Reliable Power Supply: Demag DCL-Pro Compact Conductor Line

  • New enclosure profile featuring honeycomb pattern

  • Patented connectors cut assembly times

  • Up to 200 A in continuous operation

Düsseldorf, - Safe and reliable power supply with the new generation of Demag conductor line system: DCL-Pro is used to supply power to mobile equipment and to transfer power and control signals. DCL-Pro features a newly developed, highly rigid enclosure profile of honeycomb design, which can be used to accommodate up seven conductors with a cross-section of up to 70 mm². This design enables currents of up to 200 A to be supplied in continuous operation.

In addition, DCL-Pro features pre-assembled connectors, which makes assembly much easier and cuts the time required for installation. Compatibility between DCL-Pro and its predecessor model DCL also makes it possible to extend existing installations.

Dr Thomas Bönker, Head of the Components Business Unit, states: “With our new DCL-Pro compact conductor line, we are offering a power-supply system which has been further developed on the basis of practical needs with the aim of ensuring absolute reliability all along the line. To achieve this, we have implemented a new enclosure design any many minor current collection improvements to ensure safe and reliable operation over a long service life.”

Profile section enclosure design with honeycomb pattern

The new DCL-Pro is based on a new enclosure profile. Thanks to its honeycomb design, the enclosure displays high intrinsic rigidity with high bending resistance for a low deadweight. Furthermore, the profile section has been provided with a larger conductor rail recess. DCL-Pro can accommodate up to seven copper conductors with a maximum cross-section of 70 mm². This design enables currents of up to 200 A to be supplied in continuous operation. The enclosure profile is offered in two designs: for straight tracks and for curved tracks with a minimum radius of 800 mm. In addition, the entire track can be equipped with a profile seal. This enables improved IP 24 enclosure to be achieved.

The design is compatible with the previous DCL system. In this way, existing installations can be extended with ease.

Patented connectors for simple assembly

The DCL-Pro compact conductor line features fully pre-assembled connectors with high standards of safety. This ensures simple assembly for rapid installation. The patented connectors are provided with a click-connection mechanism. This ensures a secure hold even before assembly work begins, since the rail connectors cannot slip. In addition, the bolted retaining system employed provides for improved ease of assembly. If a joint needs to be opened at intervals for maintenance and inspection purposes, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire connection arrangement. The connector remains on the copper conductor rail. The DCL-Pro connection arrangement also forms a seamless rail connection at the end of the copper conductor to ensure reliable power transfer.

Adjustment on site, as required

DCL-Pro straight sections are offered in standard lengths of 4,000 mm, intermediate lengths are already supplied cut to length ex works. Thanks to its clever interface design, DCL-Pro can also be modified on site, if necessary. Solutions to meet such specific needs can be easily achieved by means of the system’s connector cap adapter.

Reliable current collector system

DCL-Pro current collector trolleys are fitted with an optimised wheel system which facilitates smooth travel characteristics for a longer service life. Current collector trolleys are available in two versions with different wheel geometries: current collector trolleys for straight travel are fitted with guide wheels that have a wide wheel contour. For travel on curved and straight tracks, current collector trolleys are used with guide wheels that have a narrow wheel contour. The current collector trolleys are rated for travel speeds of up to 200 m/min. Wear-resistant spring-loaded contacts provide for high currents and control signal transfer free of interference. Bronze sliding contacts are suitable for standard applications; graphite sliding contacts are available as an alternative for arduous operating conditions.

Precise power infeed arrangement

DCL-Pro includes a comprehensive range of system components for installation configurations to meet individual needs. For example, the power infeed can be integrated at any point along the track. Besides the centre powerfeed arrangement, there is also a further small powerfeed arrangement that is specially designed for straight or curved track sections with a conductor cross-section of up to 15 mm². Alternatively, power can also be fed into the system at the ends of the track.

System designed for ease of maintenance

The system offers particularly easy maintenance thanks to good accessibility to all parts of the installation. The connector caps can be opened wide enough to provide good access to the connectors for assembly and maintenance purposes. For maintenance purposes, the current collector trolley can also be easily removed from the track at any joint without the need to disassemble the connectors.

Designer tool for planning installations

The DCL-Pro compact conductor line can be used to implement solutions tailored to meet your individual needs. Demag provides planners of installations with a web-based Designer tool. The convenient planning tool at can be used to assist detail planning including the generation of parts lists.

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