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Transformer Spade Connectors maximize cabinet clearance.

September 20, 2012 - Featuring staggered Z configuration that is equivalent to 2 back-to-back connectors in one, Homac® ZBK Series Connectors double cable capacity in transformer cabinets. Design places tightening of set screws on one side, optimizing phase-to-phase and phase-to-cabinet clearance. In addition, open lay-in cable slots eliminate risk of injury posed by trying to force heavy cable into closed-port mechanical connector.
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Homac® ZBK Series Connectors Maximize Transformer Cabinet Clearance with Staggered Design

Thomas Betts Product Responds to Increased Cable Sizes in Diminishing Space

MEMPHIS, Tenn., – Homac® ZBK Series Connectors from Thomas & Betts are designed in response to increasing cable sizes in diminishing transformer cabinet space with a staggered “Z” configuration that doubles cable capacity and improves clearance. Homac® ZBK Series Connectors feature a narrow design that reduces cabinet density, while providing a unique “Z” configuration that is the equivalent of two back-to-back connectors in one. The design also places the tightening of set screws on one side, which enhances phase-to-phase and phase-to-cabinet clearance.

In addition to its “Z” configuration, Homac® ZBK Series Connectors also feature open, lay-in cable slots, instead of closed cable ports. The lay-in open slots eliminate the risk of injury posed by trying to force heavy cable into a closed-port mechanical connector. 

“The demand for cost reduction has resulted in manufacturers reducing the size of equipment to offset increasing commodity costs,” said Chad Smith, director, product management at Thomas & Betts. “This has resulted in the reduction of phase clearance space in transformers, which increases the risk of injury. At the same time, the demand for more power has made the use of larger cable sizes in transformers more common. Now, you have to bend and terminate larger conductors in less work space. We designed the Homac® ZBK Series Connector to facilitate the installation of larger cables in transformer cabinets with diminishing clearances.”

For more information about Homac® ZBK Series Connectors from Thomas & Betts, please visit and look for Homac® on the "Brands" tab, or call (800) 238-5000.

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