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All-In-One Coil Joiner is suited for roll forming operations.

July 6, 2012 - Able to service multiple converting lines, Infinite WebŪ delivers non-contact splicing that incorporates laser cutting and welding with single head. Features enable splicing of titanium coils and splicing on 15° bias as alternative to forming perpendicular joints; bias increases splice strength by increasing material at weld joint. Handling material thicknesses from 0.002-0.040 in., mobile and standalone system features industrial PC-based control system with touchscreen interface.
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Joining Technologies
17 Connecticut South Dr.
East Granby, CT, 06026

Joining Technologies Announces Enhancements to its Infinite WebŪ All-In-One Coil Joining System

New features facilitate titanium splicing and welding on a bias - ideal for roll forming operations

Joining Technologies, Inc., an innovator in industrial laser applications, announces new features and functionality to its innovative Infinite WebŪ all-in-one coil joiner, a non-contact splicing process that incorporates laser cutting and welding with a single head. The new features enable the splicing of titanium coils, as well as splicing on a 15 degree bias as an alternative to forming perpendicular joints. The bias increases the splice's effective strength by increasing material at the weld joint, which further enhances the life cycle of downstream equipment by staging the arrival of the welds.

The Infinite WebŪ dramatically increases throughput, with some customers reporting a greater than 33 percent increase in plant-wide productivity resulting from improved efficiency and capabilities. With the ability to service multiple converting lines, the Infinite WebŪ is a truly mobile, stand-alone system requiring only an electrical input and minimal operator involvement. The industrial PC-based control system features a touch screen interface, predefined programs for selected alloys, and proprietary self-diagnostics to ensure optimal uptime.

Designed by welders to handle material thicknesses from 0.002-inch to 0.040-inch, the Infinite WebŪ uses coaxial optics to verify proper positioning and provide precise and accurate splices. Both cutting and welding operations are automatic and non-contact.

"It's a quantum leap from the splicing equipment currently seen in metal converting plants," said company president Dave Hudson. "The system offers a user friendly, streamlined design with optimal safety features. The Infinite WebŪ automatically prepares the coil ends and delivers the finest weld possible each and every time the Start button is touched, all in less than 3 minutes."

"The Infinite WebŪ is poised to change the metal converting industry forever."

About Joining Technologies
Headquartered in East Granby, CT, Joining Technologies is an innovator in precision fusion processes, including laser and electron beam welding, laser additive manufacturing, and weld system design and integration. The company's extraordinary engineering talent continues to develop economical solutions for joining metal components primarily in the medical device, sensors, aerospace, military, energy, and firearms industries. Joining Technologies has created a corporate culture that rewards innovation and teamwork, and continues to invest in infrastructure, making it the most highly evolved and reliable operation of its kind. For more information, call 1.800.266.1966, email or visit
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