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Miniature Burst Disc Plugs provide over-pressure protection.

May 23, 2014 - Designed for critical liquid and gas flow control systems, Burst Disc Plugs provides pressure relief in 135 x 173 mm, leak-tight, corrosive-resistant package; sizes down to 64 x 94 mm are available upon request. Pressure ratings range from 3,000–15,000 psid, and construction is of NACE-compliant Incoloy 825 and Inconel 625. Operating up to 450F, plugs exhibit tolerance of 10% rated burst pressure and operate up to 80% of rated burst pressure.
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Miniature Burst Disc Plugs Provide Over-Pressure Protection

Reliable and effective over pressure protection is essential for many critical liquid and gas flow control systems across many applications and the new Burst Disc Plugs, available from LEE PRODUCTS are an ideal solution. The Lee Burst Disc Plug provides reliable, high-pressure relief in a leak-tight, corrosive resistant, standard miniature package measuring just 135mm x 173mm, with special sizes as small as 64mm x 94mm available on request.

The plugs, which are available with pressure ratings from 3,000 to 15,000 psid, are designed to seal a passageway or volume until the rated burst pressure is exceeded. At this point the plug ruptures, creating a flow passage as large as .64mm (12 Lohms) to relieve the excess pressure, or allow flow to, or from the isolated system.

They are made from NACE compliant materials (Incoloy 825 and Inconel 625) enabling them to withstand high-temperature and corrosive environments. They also feature Lee’s field-proven seal which prevents bypass leakage, eliminates the need for secondary retention and the need for an O-ring or elastomeric seal. They have a tolerance of 10% of rated burst pressure, operate up to 80% of rated burst pressure and are capable of operating in temperatures up to 450F (232C).

Typical applications include, down hole oil tool system isolation, instrument protection and chemical injection, over pressure protection and back-up in hydraulic / pneumatic systems and protection from corrosive media in process industry applications.

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