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Gas-Fired Hydronic Heating System helps gardens thrive.

January 28, 2014 - AquaHeat Gas-Fired Hydronic Heating System is suited for gardeners looking to enhance existing system and help fish and plants thrive. In addition to keeping fish warm to help them thrive, system creates positive impact on vegetables and plants. Fully-assembled solution features off-grid capabilities; heating system runs on propane or natural gas and comes with efficient (10 W/hr) heater that can be run off household electricity, battery, or solar panel.
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The Aquaponic Source
1860 Lefthand Circle, Suite E
Longmont, CO, 80501

The Aquaponic Source Introduces AquaHeat, the Latest in Efficient Gas-Powered Heating to Keep Your Garden Thriving and Electric Bill Down

LONGMONT, COLORADO – The Aquaponic Source, a product development and manufacturing company specializing in aquaponics, a sustainable way to grow food that combines raising fish and plants symbiotically, introduces the latest in efficient gas-powered water heating: AquaHeat.

“Aquaponics provides people with the ability to have complete control of their food source from the beginning to the end,” says Sylvia Bernstein, president of the Aquaponic Source and author of the book, Aquaponics Gardening: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together (New Society Publishers, October 2011). “Now, we’re offering the AquaHeat Gas-Fired Hydronic Heating System, which boasts off-grid capabilities, is ideal for any gardeners looking to enhance their existing system and help fish and plants thrive without driving up their energy costs,” she says.

The AquaHeat Gas-Fired Hydronic Heating System features many winning qualities for those gardeners that want to take organic gardening to the next level, including:

Keeps Fish Warm. Many fish will still live without the new heating system, but with it, they will really thrive, creating a positive impact on the vegetables and plants that you are growing in your garden.

Off-Grid System. Instead of wasting electricity, the heating system runs on propane or natural gas. The system comes equipped with a highly-efficient heater (using only 10 watts per hour), which can be run off household electricity, a battery, or a solar panel.

Fully-Assembled. No need to worry about complex and frustrating assembly. The AquaHeat Gas-Fired Heating System arrives fully assembled, mounted and tested so you don’t have to waste your day trying to put it together an eliminate the need to hire an expensive plumber.

“AquaHeat was designed and built by our very own aquaponic Master Plumber, with reliability and ease-of-use in mind,” says Bernstein. “It has everything you need and nothing you don’t,” she says.

About The Aquaponic Source

The Aquaponic Source is located in Longmont, Colo. It was started by Sylvia Bernstein, an aquaponics expert and author, who has a degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis. The facility offers a retail store, classes, and a laboratory, and it offers information and guidance for aquaponics gardening in the home and at schools. For more information, visit the site at:
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