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Active Electrode Monitor minimizes patient risk during surgery.

February 6, 2013 - Intended for minimally invasive surgery, EM3 AEM® Monitor consists of 2 distinct functions: Active Electrode Monitoring controls stray monopolar energy caused by insulation failure and capacitive coupling in surgical instruments on shaft of instrument, while End Point Monitoring aids surgeon in determining end point of bipolar electrosurgical desiccation. In addition to integrated hand control, system offers fail-safe technology and optimized alarm troubleshooting through active control.
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Encision, Inc.
4828 Sterling Dr.
Boulder, CO, 80301

Encision Launches Three New Products, Including the EM3 AEM® Monitor

BOULDER, Colo. -- Encision Inc. (ECIA:PK), a medical device company owning patented surgical technology that is emerging as a standard of care in minimally-invasive surgery, today announced that it is introducing three new products, including its EM3 AEM monitor.

The EM3 AEM monitor consists of two distinct functions - Active Electrode Monitoring and End Point Monitoring. Active Electrode Monitoring is intended to control stray monopolar energy caused by insulation failure and capacitive coupling in surgical instruments on the shaft of the instrument. Clinically, controlling stray energy improves patient safety, as it prevents thermal injury to the patient during laparoscopic surgery. End Point Monitoring is intended to aid the surgeon in determining the end point of bipolar electrosurgical desiccation.

The EM3 AEM monitor includes an integrated hand control, which allows the physician to easily use both our hand and foot activated AEM instruments; an intuitive user interface to ensure quick and easy setup; improved alarm troubleshooting through its active control; and fail-safe AEM technology. In addition, the company is launching disposable fixed tip electrode and disposable suction-irrigation electrode products later this quarter, both with hand control capabilities to complement the EM3 AEM Monitor.

"We are proud to be able to provide our customers with an enhanced monitor that provides safety and ease of use, as well as new devices for surgeons who prefer to control energy through the device handle," said Fred Perner, President & CEO. "Initially, the monitor and the hand-activated electrode products will be available to a limited market, with a full rollout to all markets in the coming months."

Encision Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative surgical devices that allow surgeons to optimize technique and patient safety during a broad range of surgical procedures. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Company pioneered the development of patented AEM® Laparoscopic Instruments to improve electrosurgery and reduce the chance for patient injury in minimally invasive surgery.

CONTACT:    Mala Ray, Encision Inc., 303-444-2600,

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