Torch Nozzles

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Selective Soldering Nozzles work with Pillarhouse equipment.

April 1, 2014

Available in ID threaded versions, Pillarhouse AP universal nozzles for selective soldering machines are constructed of steel alloys, precision machined, and available in standards sizes from 2.5–14 mm. Identification marks are available for distinguishing leaded and lead-free versions, and custom selective solder nozzles are also available based on specific application requirements: wave form sizes, multi-port, and extended or shortened lengths. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Welding Equipment & Supplies

MIG Gun Nozzles minimize changeovers.

December 6, 2013

Featuring removable nozzle cone, Quik Tip™ HD Series Nozzles minimize frequency of changeovers associated with heat degradation and routine wear. Welding operator can replace nozzle cone without having to remove or replace entire nozzle or contact tip. Design also expedites spatter cleanup by providing access to nozzle body for spatter removal. In addition, increased wall thickness and insulating material helps nozzles withstand heat of welding arc for long periods. Read More

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Soldering Nozzles are available in custom designs.

June 1, 2010

Available on entire line of selective soldering machines, Pillarhouse AP-1 Universal Nozzles can consistently apply flux and solder to component leads without disturbing nearby SMT components. Units are made of steel alloy and range in size from 2.5-12 mm. Identification marks enable users to differentiate lead nozzles from lead-free versions. Read More

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Welding Nozzle Coating Service produces self-cleaning nozzles.

October 5, 2009

Secoa technology processes untreated welding nozzles supplied by customers and transforms them into PerfectArcs(TM) nozzles with extended life design to minimize nozzle cleaning time for any manual or robotic MIG welding process. Self-cleaning PerfectArcs(TM) nozzles eliminate need for labor-intensive spatter release sprays and dips. Products shed spatter, permitting shielding gas to flow properly and ensuring proper, clean welds. Read More

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Modular Kits enable custom TIG torch configurations.

October 3, 2008

Modular Flex Complete (MFC) Kits let welding operators customize air- and water-cooled TIG torches for unique welding applications. Able to convert standard WP-17 Series air-cooled TIG torch into 28 different torch styles while using existing cable, AK-150MFC Kit features rotatable torch head options as well as removable head and coil combination unit. Similarly, AK-225MFC Kit provides components for converting WP-225 water-cooled TIG torch package into 5 additional torch styles. Read More

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Nozzles and Gasless Parts optimize welding performance.

March 13, 2008

Designed for heavy equipment manufacturing operations, Heavy-Duty Centerfire(TM) Nozzles feature removable nozzle cone, built-in spatter guard, and heat-resistant insulating material that withstands degradation at 400-600 A. For companies that use same power source for MIG and self-shielded welding, Gasless Centerfire parts allow operators to convert Q-Gun from one process to another. Both nozzles and gasless parts operate with standard Centerfire contact tips and diffusers. Read More

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Tungsten Nozzle offers optimal heat handling capabilities.

May 1, 2007

TungstenEX® Nozzle is designed as direct replacement nozzle consumable for HPR® plasma cutting systems in 130, 200, and 260 A operations. It incorporates pure tungsten within nozzle orifice to optimize handling of extreme heat. When matched with SilverEX® Electrodes, consumable life is extended. Read More

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Plasma Nozzle helps optimize cut quality.

April 12, 2006

By eliminating small secondary gas ports, Hypertherm® HT4400® Nozzle avoids spatter build-up. To further decrease spatter, specialized plating can be used when cutting thick materials. Designs are available for most high current applications. Read More