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Welding Powders include PTA and laser cladding consumables.

December 14, 2015

Developed for optimal wear protection, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and laser cladding consumables include ductile nickel-chrome alloy matrix 6031 powder blends, chromium-free 6051 nickel tungsten carbide powder blends, and cobalt-based Stoodite powders. Latter, depending on model, offers medium or high temperature hardness deposit in addition to resistance to abrasive, solid particle erosion, or mechanical wear; impacts; chemicals; and corrosion. Read More

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What Can Brazing Do for You?

April 6, 2015

Brazing would seem like a simple process, but it is inherently complex. Brazing is typically used to join either thin wall materials of the same type or because it allows the joining of dissimilar metals in the process. There are two basic forms of brazing: dip brazing and oven brazing. Your specific application will dictate the brazing process that is required. Dip brazing Dip brazing is... Read More

Welding Equipment & Supplies

Cutting Fuel is made from renewable waste.

July 22, 2014

Consisting of rich mix of gases, MagneGas® 2 can be used for brazing and welding, providing complete replacement for flame applications of acetylene and propane. According to tests performed on track-based cutting systems, MagneGas® 2 had 38% faster cutting speeds on 2 in. carbon steel and about 34% reduction in oxygen consumption compared to acetylene. MagneGas® 2 showed even better results when compared to propane. Read More

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Brazing Paste joins carbon steel parts.

April 7, 2014

Paired with copper filler metals, EFK Brazing Paste can be dispensed through automatic applicators and handheld squeeze bottles. Product is for use in brazing of carbon steel parts in exothermic and endothermic controlled atmosphere furnaces. Paste exhibits no hot or cold slump, will not spatter, and leaves minimal residue under broad range of part cleanliness and atmosphere conditions. In addition, EFK will adhere to part surfaces even after application and drying for 2–4 hr. Read More

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Dieffenbacher at K 2013

October 21, 2013

In cooperation with KraussMaffei, Dieffenbacher will — for the first time ever — be demonstrating the full CFRP component manufacturing process live at the KraussMaffei exhibition stand in Hall 15/B24/C24/C27/D24. Dieffenbacher is providing preforms manufactured at its own PreformCenter for the live demonstration and will show the entire automated process of preform production, from... Read More

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Halla Visteon Selects Wall Colmonoy to Supply Nicrobraz Paste for New Volkswagen 1.4 litre EGR

May 28, 2013

Wall Colmonoy Ltd. (UK) has been selected by Halla Visteon Climate Control Corporation, for the supply of Nicrobraz® 152 brazing paste for their new VW 1.4 litre Diesel Engine EGR. Specific car models for this engine include VW Polo, Seat and Skoda. This is expected to be an eight-year project, with two further HVCC VW EGR projects in the pipeline. Nicrobraz 152 brazing paste was developed... Read More

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Another Successful Thermatool® HAZControl(TM) Technology Welder Install

May 6, 2013

One of North America's top producers of API products has completed the installation of a 1200 kW HAZControl™ Technology Dual (induction/contact) Solid State HF Welder and three Thermatool® Seam Annealers at their manufacturing facility. The manufacturer's new Thermatool® HAZControl™ Technology Variable Frequency Dual Welder can operate in induction or contact mode on the same mill,... Read More

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Afc-Holcroft Installs New Caab(TM) Furnace Line in China

March 7, 2013

AFC-Holcroft is pleased to announce the recent installation of CAAB™ furnace for a division of a prestigious, multi-national corporation. The installation was delivered to the customer's facility located in China and will be used in the production of heat exchangers. The order for a the Controlled Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing (CAAB™) System included a gas heated continuous drying oven,... Read More

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MetalMaster® Continues to Support Aerospace Industry

February 25, 2013

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – A company in southern Singapore, specializing in the repair and refurbishment of commercial jet engine turbine airfoils, recently acquired an Ipsen 2 bar MetalMaster® vacuum furnace. "Customers often look to the MetalMaster line due to its sustained relevance and reputation in the industry," says Craig Moller, Ipsen's Chief Engineer, "It works well and it will continue... Read More

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Braze Rings provide visual verification of sound braze joint.

June 5, 2012

Targeting HVAC/R contractors, installers, and technicians, Sil-Fos® 15 Rings are designed for brazing copper tubular components in HVAC/R installation applications. Rings use calculated alloy volume for use with standard size copper tube from ¼-1 1/8 in. and lend to consistent and repeatable joint quality while controlling alloy usage. Witness line of alloy at exterior joint ensures complete alloy penetration has been successfully completed. Read More

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Aluminum Brazing Rings features triangular cross section.

January 17, 2011

Intended for HVAC/R market, triangular cross section aluminum braze ring is seated in hairpin and directs material flow for clean, strong joint with little or no overflow. Design optimizes surface area contact between hairpin and return bend, promoting heat conduction between all components. Controlled heating of material lends to precise flux activation and dispersion. Flux is non-corrosive, with no binder, and available in AL 718 (88%Al/12%Si) and other aluminum brazing alloys. Read More

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Pre-Sintered Preforms extend aero-engine component life.

October 27, 2008

Composed of customized blend of brazing and superalloy powders, pre-sintered preforms (PSP) are used for crack repair and dimensional restoration of aero-engine components subject to 1,300°C max temperatures. Porosity is less than 2%, which helps eliminate shrinkage and minimize post-braze grinding/machining. Various compositions and shapes, with plate thickness from 0.010-0.200 in., are available, as are pastes and paints for difficult-to-reach areas. Read More

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Heat Protection Paste features heat reflective capability.

July 28, 2008

Protecting materials by reducing heat transfer during soldering, brazing, welding, and open flame contact, Therma-Shield Heat Protection Paste eliminates disassembly of valves and other components. It can be applied to almost any surface or material, and conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces to provide total coverage and protection. Product is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable, and helps eliminate waste as it can be applied only where needed. Read More

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Cutting Machine performs interrupted cuts of hardened steel.

June 11, 2008

PcBN premium grade BNC300 includes PcBN substrate combined with TiAIN ceramic gold coating, which results in extended tool life in interrupted turning applications. Machine's cutting edge is further strengthened through incorporation of brazing technology with all corners being brazed individually. Read More

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Manufacturing Service provides custom preforms.

September 15, 2006

Utilizing Direct Nanoparticle Deposition process, custom manufacturing service provides single-step deposition of highly doped core preforms. DND's nanoparticles mitigate onset of clustering and related effects such as photodarkening in ytterbium fibers. Process is suitable for large mode area fibers requiring flat refractive index profiles and/or radially doped profiles. Each preform is delivered fully characterized with refractive index profile and absorption data. Read More

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Brazing Rod suits all non-ferrous metals and aluminum.

March 22, 2005

Comprised of 9 alloys, Fluxless Brazing Rod, Model HTS-2000 has elongation of 10% in 2 in. and penetrates past impurities that lay below metal's surface. Joints last permanently in normal or protected environments, and will endure 10 years or longer under severe conditions. Any heat source, such as propane, butane, mapp, or oxy-acetylene torch can be used. Rod features working temperature of 717-737° and provides tensile strength of 45,900 psi. Read More

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Pre-Sintered Preforms feature low porosity.

August 4, 2004

Suited for high-temperature brazing applications, Pre-Sintered Preforms feature less than 2% porosity, which helps eliminate shrinkage. Curved, tapered, and cylindrical shapes are available with thicknesses from 0.010-0.200 in. Curved PSPs eliminate second braze cycle on convex and concave surfaces, while cylindrical PSPs will not sag or overflow during brazing. Intended for dimensional restorations and crack repairs, preforms are suitable for aerospace engine components. Read More

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Epoxy Film features high electrical conductivity.

July 30, 2003

Silver conductive epoxy film and preform system, FL901S bonds to both similar and dissimilar substrates. It offers moisture, chemical, vibration, and shock resistance. Product cures quickly at moderately elevated temperatures and can be stored in refrigerator for 6 months. Low level of total ionic impurities of less than 50 ppm makes it suitable for electronic assembly applications. FL901S is available in thicknesses of 2-8 mils and up to 16 in. sq. Read More

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