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Non-Fouling Aeration System provides high impact mixing.

February 9, 2015

Employing non-fouling Dif-Jet™ gas injectors to mix large quantities of dissolved oxygen into wastewater, Aeration System eliminates odor and reduces BOD in animal waste and sanitary waste lagoons. System uses 400–1200 gpm shore based dry pit type, glycol cooled, electric submersible pumps designed to handle solids up to 3 in. diameter. Oxygenated wastewater is returned to wastewater lagoon at 550 gpm via discharge pipe, establishing vigorous circulation in lagoon. Read More

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Ultrafiltration Membrane Bioreactor reduces energy usage.

November 26, 2014

Suited for wastewater treatment, PURON® MBR series features braided membrane fibers that minimize downtime/breakage. Module has single-header design, and reinforced PVDF hollow fibers are fixed only at bottom to minimize buildup of hair and fibrous materials. Solids and particulates, including bacteria, remain on outside, while permeate is drawn through membrane to inside of fibers. In center of fiber bundle, aeration nozzle scours entire length of fibers and minimizes power consumption. Read More

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Water Treatability Testing offers facility-specific options.

November 3, 2014

Treatability lab performs water reuse feasibility studies, develops treatment programs, conducts full treatability analysis, and trains operators on water treatment chemistry. After test request, treatability analysis report provides water study results and conclusions. This includes recommendations for most effective treatment program for that facility's wastewater. Water reuse feasibility rating can also be provided, which details how much wastewater can be recycled back into facility. Read More

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Biological Wastewater Treatment System is built for efficiency.

August 29, 2014

UOP XCeed™ removes organic and inorganic contaminants from industrial wastewater streams to enable discharge or reuse. Based on immobilized cell bioreactor technology, integrated bioreactor system employs mechanical design that minimizes energy consumption and required operator attention. Treatment process can be delivered as modular system and incorporates mixed-media support for immobilized bio-catalysts or microbes. Biological ecosystem results in efficient BOD removal with minimal sludge. Read More

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Coco Husk-Based Filter fosters sustainable septic solutions.

July 22, 2014

As permanent septic installation that does not require any energy, NSF International-certified Ecoflo® Coco Filter fully protects ecosystems using 100% natural coco husk fragment-based filtering media that biologically treats pollutants and acts as barrier to retain solids. Media must be replaced after usage, and choice of natural organic filtering media used allows for recycling of spent filtering media at end of useful life to produce renewable energy or compost for soil enrichment. Read More

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Portable Dialysis Water Treatment System uses heat disinfection.

May 2, 2014

Cleared by FDA, Centurion has flow rate of 1,500 ml/min based on 50°F supply. Integrated heat disinfection design disinfects entire unit — including membrane and delivery lines up to inlet of dialysis machine — in one step. Intended for use in medical facilities or at home, this single patient unit has built-in UF device that enhances microbiological quality to UPW levels ie <0.03 endotoxin units and <0.1 cfu/ml bacteria — making water suitable for hemodialysis as well as hemodiafiltration. Read More

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Submerged Ultrafiltration Membranes target MBR facilities.

March 14, 2014

Intended for wastewater treatment and recycle applications, EnviQ™ Series optimizes operation and maintenance of Membrane Bioreactor facilities. Design offers ultrafiltration quality product water with rugged PVDF flat sheet membrane. Reverse diffusion and specially designed air diffusers maximize scrubbing efficiency. Available in E-8C, 16C, and 32C configurations, membranes offer surface area of 80, 160, and 320 m², respectively. Read More

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Carbon Material remediates persistent oil spills.

February 10, 2014

Using eco-friendly carbon material, NAIMOR provides efficient oil recovery and remediation. Inert, highly hydrophobic, regenerative nanostructure can absorb quantities of oil up to 150 times it weight. Chemical-free material can also be produced in different shapes and sizes.   Read More

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Ultrafiltration System suits municipal water treatment.

February 6, 2014

Featuring modular design, MEMCOR® CP II Ultrafiltration Membrane System can accommodate up to 28 L40N-type membrane modules on single MemRACK™ unit, which integrates feed, air, filtrate, and waste headers into one assembly. Fully assembled, self-supporting racks are then manifolded together to form functional arrays. Minimizing backwash duration for maximum uptime, system has piping connections to facilitate installation, and side and top module access points for in-place service. Read More

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MVR-Based Evaporator reduces wastewater disposal expense.

January 16, 2014

Suited for use where waste stream is 70–99% water, Generation 3 MVC Evaporator converts industrial wastewater into clean distilled water by removing oils, soaps, solids, and other contaminants. Resulting water can be reused in processes or safely dumped into sewer. As standalone solution or part of multi-step wastewater treatment system, solution uses Mechanical Vapor Recompression Technology; can simultaneously process multiple waste streams; and comes in 40–4,000 gph standard capacities. Read More

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Sludge Dewatering Optimizing System improves wastewater treatment.

December 16, 2013

Metso SDO (Sludge Dewatering Optimizer) lets wastewater plant operators operate dewatering equipment with continuous optimization. Helping improve sludge dewatering performance by up to 50% as well as reduce chemicals consumption and reach maximum efficiency, modular system can be integrated into most automation systems via Metso DNA automation system. Automating dewatering process reduces laboratory sampling, produces 24/7 real-time data, and decreases continuous need to monitor process. Read More

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Duplex Grinder System serves residential sewage applications.

November 12, 2013

Powered by two 1 hp grinders pumps, 24 in. tall ProVore®680 features V-Slice® cutter technology and is suited for residential sewage applications. Design shreds difficult solids, such as feminine products, rags, and other unwanted debris. Supplied with alternating pump control unit, system operates on 115 or 230 V and can be plugged into standard 20 A home circuitry. Read More

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Control/Monitoring System enhances wastewater utilities.

October 17, 2013

Providing connected control and monitoring for rural wastewater facilities, Pump Station Appliance is pre-engineered and pre-programmed and comes fully-assembled for facilitated installation. Purpose-built solution, configured online, is built on PACSystems RXi platform. Communications are provided over secure 3G VPN connection, enabling 24/7 access to operations data from anywhere. Also, upgradeable system will send operators email alarm notifications if problems occur at remote site. Read More

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Wastewater Treatment System targets lift stations and wet wells.

October 11, 2013

Utilizing Green technology, Little John Digester provides oxidation and removal of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease), matting, odor, and corrosion in lift stations, grease traps, and wet wells. FOG is converted on contact into suspended micro-fine particulates, which are kept in constant suspension to prevent them from reforming in discharge lines. With no moving parts, system operates with low pressure, high volume airflow provided by regenerative blower located outside pumping station. Read More

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Wastewater Treatment System eliminates re-circulation loops.

August 23, 2013

Used for removal of total suspended solids, oils, fats, and grease, Gas Energy Mixing (GEM) system lets operator start or stop system at any point of time and run it for any duration without sedimentation concerns. In entire process, wastewater is treated in Liquid Solid Gas Mixing (LSGM) heads and thereafter reaches floatation tank. As complete process happens within LSGM heads, operator can introduce changes in chemical composition and see effective results within seconds. Read More

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Rotating Drum Screen has internally fed design.

June 4, 2013

Offered in models with drums up to 60 in. dia and 156 in. long, SCREENMASTER® RT employs cylindrical screen constructed with perforated metal, wedgewire, or filter cloth along with weir system. Solids are conveyed to discharge flange, and liquids are drained via outlet port. Supplied in corrosion-resistant T304 or T316 stainless steel, fine screening system comes with screen openings from 500 x 500 micron (filter cloth) up to 6 mm perforations for municipal and industrial applications. Read More

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Filtration Media optimizes tertiary effluent quality.

May 7, 2013

Designed to remove suspended solids, turbidity, and fine particles, OptiFiber PES-14® Microfiber Pile Cloth Filtration Media helps meet stringent wastewater treatment requirements. Media is suitable for fine polishing applications, and is proven to reduce total phosphorous to 0.1 mg/l or less. Approved by CDPH for use in high quality wastewater reuse applications, media can be used with AquaDisk®, Aqua MiniDisk®, AquaDrum®, and AquaDiamond® filters for retrofits, or new plant construction. Read More

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Phosphorus Removal Unit counters blue-green algae proliferation.

April 29, 2013

Used to remove phosphorus coming from residential wastewater discharges, Self-Cleaning DpEC unit is based on electrocoagulation principle and certified to requirements of standards CAN/BNQ 3680-600 and NQ 3680-910. Industrialized solution activates only when wastewater enters system, minimizing energy consumption. Functionality provides property owners living in sensitive areas with additional support regarding standardization of inadequate septic installations. Read More

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Flat Sheet Membrane Disc supports wastewater treatment.

March 13, 2013

Designed for Membrane Bioreactors and Moving Bed Bioreactors, Silicon Carbide FSM Disc uses outside-in filtration principle, which allows either pressurized mode or vacuum suction mode of operation. Module is submerged in tank containing dirty water and by applying moderate suction pressure, clean water is produced. Clean-water permeability of SiC material is 20 times more permeable than conventional polymeric 0.1 µm UF membranes and 4 times more permeable than a-Al2O3 0.1 µm UF membranes. Read More

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Gas Infusion Device aerates wastewater.

March 5, 2013

Instead of making bubbles, Dif-Jet™ infuses oxygen from air or pure oxygen into water. Typical infusion rates are 90–95% dissolved oxygen using air and well above saturation levels using pure oxygen. Design allows treatment without fouling, as well as mixing of multiple gases into water when desired or required. Available in PVC and stainless steel construction, Dif-Jet can be used to reduce chemical oxygen demand and biological demand levels in wastewater. Read More