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Trash Handling Grapples feature heavy-duty cylinder shrouds.

January 22, 2014

Available for 13–25 ton excavators/material handlers, Builtrite™ Trash Handling/Sorting Grapples can handle bulky items as well as pick and place single items. Systems utilize 20 in. rotation bearing and high-torque hydraulic motor for precise placement. Arms are constructed of high-strength steel with abrasion-resistant, bolt-on wear bars on edges. Hanging style is suited for material handlers, while wristing style uses excavator bucket linkage to articulate grapple. Read More

Waste Handling Equipment

Surgical Fluid Disposal System keeps staff safe from exposure.

November 19, 2013

With automated, direct-to-drain technology, STREAMWAY® System safely manages surgical fluid waste disposal. System includes color touchscreen, step-by-step menu controls, digital operator control panel, and back-up for additional storage. Installed into each surgical room and connected directly into hospital's existing drain and vacuum system, FDA-approved system virtually eliminates certain operating room workers' exposure to blood, irrigation fluid, and other potentially infectious fluids. Read More

Waste Handling Equipment

Textured Geomembrane suits sites requiring slope stability.

March 11, 2011

Available in polyethylene or flexible polypropylene, Dura-Skrim® Textured K-Series mill rolls or fabricated panels come in single- or double-sided, textured, 36 and 45 mil thicknesses as well as various widths and lengths. Scrim reinforced geomembrane, manufactured utilizing cast extrusion process, has consistent core thickness with uniform asperity heights. GeoGrip(TM) surface technology provides uniform stabilization and increased friction between soil and geosynthetic layers. Read More

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Ignition Circuit is designed for industrial oil/gas burners.

September 29, 2009

CoronaArc circuit incorporates additional high-voltage transformer and supporting diode to create continuous high-voltage DC spark at firing end. Spark current at surface of igniter electrode enables spark gap to be referenced to ground potential and concurrently serve as directed pathway through which stored energy of capacitor discharges high-current arc. Read More

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Waste Handler Crawlers are designed for landfill applications.

June 27, 2007

Models 950J and 1050J are designed to keep debris out of engine compartment by eliminating openings. Hydrostatic drive train, controlled by joystick, delivers precise maneuverability. With 247 net hp and 58,500 lb weight, Model 950J comes with semi-U blade with trash rack of 21.8 cu yd capacity. Model 1050J has 335 net hp, 81,000 lb weight, U-blade and semi-U blade with trash rack of 25.8 and 32.8 cu yd, respectively. Read More

Waste Handling Equipment

Sludge Removal System suits paint spray booth applications.

December 6, 2004

Maintenance-free Mass Flow(TM) System removes spent residue, paint, or pigment and recycles 60-80% of water back into system, keeping it clean for prolonged periods without sludge buildup. It provides close, constant monitoring and control of water level in recovery tank. With optimum water level and proper chemicals for coagulation, spent residue or paint flotation is maintained and water flow in tank is continuous. Tank can not be blocked with sunken sludge. Read More

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Disintegrator is built for field deployment.

October 28, 2004

Bolted to solid metal base frame with fork pockets, Model 3 Deployment Kit consists of disintegrator capable of destroying up to 500 lb of waste/hr, evacuation unit, and sound-deadening enclosure. Disintegrator utilizes 7 knives, 5 mounted on solid steel rotor and 2 mounted on stationary bed, that continuously cut items until they are small enough to pass through sizing screen. System destroys paper, hard drives, cell phones, PDAs, credit cards, and video cassettes. Read More

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Crawler Dozers withstand severe landfill operations.

November 20, 2003

Landfill Arrangement Crawler Dozers incorporate turbocharged engines and 3-speed countershaft powershift transmissions. Dual-speed geared type steering drives deliver full power to both tracks while turning and provide control over large, uneven blade loads. Models TD-25H LA (320 hp), TD-20H LA (225 hp), and TD-15H LA (175 hp) have modular double reduction final drives and 2-door, hexagonally shaped, pressurized cabs. Read More

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