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Drum Liners feature static dissipative design.

April 21, 2016

Available in 18 x 24 in. and 38 x 58 in. sizes, Velostat™ Static Dissipative Drum Liners offer capacities of 5 gallons and 55 gallons, respectively. Products do not hold static charges when grounded and are commonly used as waste container liners. Surface resistivity is less than 1 x 1011 Ω per ANSI/ESD STM11.11. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Vented, Cinching Containers are constructed for durability.

February 13, 2015

In addition to 4 venting channels that create airflow to facilitate removal of liners by eliminating vacuum effect, vented BRUTE® refuse containers feature integrated cinches that secure can liners and negate need to tie knots. Fade-, warp-, crack-, and crush-resistant, commercial-grade construction includes reinforced base engineered for dragging across rough surfaces and rim with integrated rib structure for strength. Contoured base handles promote grip and reduce strain. Read More

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Residential Cart meets waste and recycling needs.

April 9, 2014

Featuring contoured body, 45-Gallon 2-Wheel Edge Cart meets all ANSI dimensional requirements for semi and fully automated collection. Nestable wheel allows for carts to stack inside one another fully assembled, while gripping dots at side of cart optimize gripping power, and double-pinned lid attachment keeps lid secure to base. For customization, cart is available with ColorFUSE branding technology, hot stamps, and RFID tags or barcodes. Read More

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Garbage Receptacle creates visually appealing store environment.

August 28, 2013

Tall, Slim Trash Receptacle and Swing Door Lid measures 20 x 11 x 30 in. to fit space-constricted areas and offers 23 gal capacity. Gray plastic will not crack, chip, or dent, and lid is available to provide finished look while also concealing contents from sight and controlling unwanted odors. While trash can limits visibility to unsightly waste, swing-door feature facilitates hands-free, sanitary disposal of trash. Read More

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Waste Disposal Containers handle non-sharps laboratory waste.

March 12, 2012

Offering alternative to plastic waste collection and disposal containers, Bio-bins® are constructed of 96% paper from renewable resources with thin bonded plastic coating to prevent leakage. Stackable units come with built-in closable lid and Bio-matt(TM) absorbent pad to absorb fluids. Available in 2.5, 6, and 30 L sizes, Bio-bins® are suited for wide range of non-sharps biomedical and laboratory waste that require special heat treatment such as autoclaving or incineration before disposal. Read More

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Waste Tanks protect remote environments and work sites.

February 1, 2012

Each UV-stabilized, all-polyethylene waste tank has capacity of 4,000 L and features flat-bottom design to ensure no excess sewage remains in tank after being pumped out. Tanks are designed to protect environments such as construction sites where no sewer connection is available. Tank unbolts from frame, but otherwise entire structure is welded in fixed position. Stackable tanks are engineered with forklift slots and feature drag lugs so they can be relocated throughout site. Read More

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3R of Charleston, Inc. Offers: Dumpster Rental Services

December 9, 2011

3R of Charleston, Inc. (843 824-0711) Roll-off Container Dumpster Rentals: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Dumpster Rental Services for Solid Waste. Types of Dumpsters 3R Rents: o 10, 20, 30 & 40 Cubic Yard Standard Roll-off Containers o 20 Yard Hard Top & Open Top Sludge Containers o Vacuum Boxes o Recycling Roll-off Containers Waste Streams for 3R Waste Containers: o Standard...Read More

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Reduce Accident and Fire Risk with Flammable Storage Safety Cans

August 18, 2011

Flammable or combustible liquids are used in almost every industry and place of business. Gasoline, chemicals, solvents and a variety of other hazardous liquids are found in varying amounts and locations in industrial, commercial and residential settings. Since many of these liquids are relatively common, it is important to understand the dangers they present and the special storage and...Read More

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Vista System Continues Its Efforts to Protect the Environment with Its New Used Battery Disposal Bin

February 7, 2011

Vista System International, a world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), recently supplied a newly designed battery disposal bin for the safe disposal of batteries that can harm the environment. The new elegant design is a step up from the common "garbage bin" styles that are currently available on the market. The new battery silo ordered by Promo Trade company of Slovenia is...Read More

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Pharmaceutical and Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Kits Now Available on Heritage Lifecycle Store

November 1, 2010

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC has expanded its Heritage Lifecycle(TM) Mail Back Store by adding new products to its pharmaceutical mail back program, new options for sharps and other regulated medical waste, and additional universal waste mail back products including battery bags. A description of each of the new offerings is below. The Heritage Lifecycle(TM) Mail Back Store provides...Read More

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Utility Trucks capture trim and scrap waste.

April 24, 2009

Rotationally molded from 100% polyethylene, MOD 39 Series captures 24 cu-ft of cut, shredded, or continuously fed paper, plastic film, or other type of waste material. Trucks feature safety rolled top rim and tapered shape that permits nesting. When filled, units are rolled away, transferring material to baler for recycling or disposal. Available in 8 sizes ranging from 6-20 bushel capacity, trucks are suited for converting, printing, and packaging operations. Read More

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New Ergonomic Waste Bin Makes Maintenance Easy

October 15, 2008

Witt Industries has announced a new waste container that's bound to be popular with maintenance workers. The Oakley Carousel Can's sliding door design reduces heavy lifting and provides easy access even in tight spaces. The can's lockable door and four lid options make it ideal for parks and recreation complexes. About Witt Industries Witt Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of...Read More

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Containers and Lids facilitate recycling.

December 10, 2007

Providing hands-free, hygienic disposal of waste, Untouchable® Containers and Lids enable efficient recycling. Containers offer integrated liner cinch for one-step can liner retention that eliminates knot tying, minimizing worker strain. For compliance, recycling label kits provide universal color-coded symbol and word labels to help minimize waste stream contamination. Read More

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Containers optimize waste collection efficiency.

September 18, 2007

Offered in 23 and 30 gal capacities, FM- and CSFM-rated Premium Step-On Container is available in all-plastic or plastic/metal hybrid construction. Quiet, slow-close, self-closing lid and integrated damper mechanism prevent slamming while keeping odors and bacteria from escaping. Hands-free waste collection promotes smarter waste management, and heavy-duty can liner retaining straps eliminate need to tie knots in can liners. Read More

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Recycling Station can separate 4 waste streams.

August 28, 2007

Glutton® Recycling Station includes 4 removable 23 gal Slim Jim® containers and 2 Glutton® 56 gal containers, for total capacity of 92 gal. Lid frame fits over containers to create unified, cohesive station, while center hinge allows lid to be opened from either side and eliminates need to remove it during emptying, reducing worker strain and trip-and-fall hazards. Multilingual word labels along with highly visible iconic labels provide universal cues for end-users. Read More

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Container improves waste collection management.

April 4, 2007

Featuring optional redesigned self-draining lid, 44-gallon BRUTE® container incorporates venting channels that decrease force required to lift full can liner by breaking the vacuum when full can liner is removed by allowing airflow by its sides and below. Four can-liner cinches make liner retention one-step process, and alleviate need to tie knots, while handles feature fully rounded surface and ProTouch(TM) soft grip material. Read More

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Rubbermaid Introduces the Infinity Custom Design Program

March 6, 2007

Expanded Design Opportunities offer over 150 Colors and Custom Logo Capabilities Winchester, VA - Rubbermaid Commercial Products continues to deliver innovative solutions in waste management with the expansion of the Infinity(TM) Decorative Waste Container product line. The new Infinity(TM) Custom Design Program offers additional color options and branding opportunities. This unique...Read More

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Waste Container is vented for easy liner removal.

December 4, 2006

With 44 gal capacity, BRUTE® utility container features venting channels that break vacuum when full can liner is removed by allowing airflow down sides and underneath liner. Unit includes 4 can liner cinches, which eliminate need to tie knots, and handles with rounded surface and ProTouch(TM) soft grip material for comfortable, secure grip. Optional self-draining lid is available. Read More

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Waste Containers offer various customization possibilities.

July 19, 2006

Featuring high-luster paint finish and rust-resistant ABS resin base and top, Infinity(TM) Decorative Waste Containers are available in over 150 colors with custom logo capabilities. Infinity Custom Design Program lets customers personalize containers with logo or message to reinforce brand awareness and corporate identity. Custom graphics are applied via vinyl labels or screen printing options on front, back, and side panels. Read More

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Paint Washout Container provides jobsite compliance solution.

March 23, 2006

Portable, self-contained, and watertight Paint Washout Systems container controls, captures, and contains paint washout material and wastewater. It offers 450 gal of holding capacity, forklift pockets, grated work tray, and lid to keep debris out and for added security. It allows personnel to washout paint equipment on site and facilitates off site recycling of same paint wastewater while protecting storm drain system from potential illegal discharges. Read More