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Attached Lid Containers come in clear option.

April 6, 2016

Injection-molded from industrial-grade polymers, Industrial Attached Lid Containers keep contents highly visible and allow for quick identification of parts and supplies. Attached lids snap securely closed to protect contents from dust or damage, while reinforced steel hinge pins provide years of smooth lid operation. Designed to stack for maximized storage and nest when empty, reusable containers are available in 21 ½ x 15 x 9 in., 21 ½ x 15 x 12 ½ in., and 21 ½ x 15 x 17 in. sizes. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Storage Bins offer large capacity in small footprint.

February 22, 2016

Measuring 5 3/8 x 4 1/8 x 3 in. and 7 3/8 x 4 1/8 x 3 in. respectively, AkroBin® Models 30232 and 30242 are suitable for desktops and workbenches, and are designed to fit securely on doors of Akro-Mils’ Bin Cabinets. Bins are molded of industrial-grade polymers, and are resistant to weak acids and alkalis. Designed to help control inventories, shorten assembly times, and minimize parts handling, products are suited for industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, and retail settings. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Nesting and Stackable Totes come in clear and color options.

January 11, 2016

Available in 9 sizes, Nest & Stack Totes stack with or without optional lids and nest when empty for space conservation. High-density, industrial-grade polymers ensure plastic totes will not bend out of shape even when fully loaded. Heavy-duty construction promotes service life in storage, transfer, and shipping applications. While clear totes and lids are available, standard colors include red, blue, and gray. Read More

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Two-Sided Carts increase picking/stocking efficacy.

November 16, 2015

Capable of supporting up to 1,000 lb, 52 x 29 x 62 in. Dual-Sided Picking/Stocking Carts are pre-assembled with 5 in. mold-on rubber casters. Cart is also equipped with 8 in. tall ShelfMax8™ bins, which come in 15 5/8 x 11 1/8 x 8 in. (30806) and 15 5/8 x 22 ½ x 8 in. (30826) sizes and 4 colors: red, blue, yellow, and clear. While 4 angled shelves optimize picking and stocking operations, flat bottom shelf provides additional storage options. Read More

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Large Scale Council Led Organics Recycling Programmes are Closing the Loop by Improving Soil Quality

October 27, 2015

Organic waste recycling programmes turn kitchen scraps and garden waste to wealth by closing the loop. Cardia Compostable waste management products used for large scale organics diversion programmes that recycle organic waste to improve agricultural soil quality. Ten Australian Councils have implemented Cardia Bioplastics products for kitchen scraps and garden waste diversion programmes. 19...Read More

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Bin Lids feature 2-piece hinged design.

October 21, 2015

Available for 30280, 30281, 30282, 30283, 30286, and 30290 Super-Size AkroBin® models, Clear Plastic Lids cover and protect bin contents while creating access door even when bins are stacked. Made of clarified polypropylene, lids have integrated stop tabs that prevent stacked bins from shifting. They can be used with optional length/width dividers, mobile kit, window inserts, adhesive labels, and card stock holders to create storage system for large and bulky items. Read More

Health, Medical and Dental Supplies & Equipment, Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Dividable Grid Containers provide applicational versatility.

September 25, 2015

Akro-Grid models 33103 (10 7/8 x 8 ¼ x 3 ½ in.), 33162 (16 ½ x 10 7/8 x 2 ½ in.), 33165 (16 ½ x 10 7/8 x 5 in.), and 33222 (22 ½ x 17 ½ x 12 in.) are work-in-process containers compatible with racks, shelving, and automated material handling equipment. Molded-in grid system with divider slots allows creation of compartments down to 1 1/8 in.², and stacking rims and external ribbing lend to strength. Injected-molded from industrial polymers, containers are resistant to solvents and chemicals. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Clear Shelf Bins make parts readily visible and accessible.

April 7, 2015

Suited for storage of small parts, Clear-View STORE-MAX 8 in. Shelf Bins ensure items remain completely visible and thereby accelerate parts picking and inventory replenishment. There are twelve 8 in. clear shelf bins to choose from, and these products are also available as complete wire shelving and steel shelving packages with several different heights and widths. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Large-Capacity Plastic Storage Bins are stackable and durable.

March 2, 2015

Available in 5 colors, including gray and clear, Super-Size AkroBins® securely stack atop each other (even with caster attached) and can sit on shelving, carts, or dollies. Heavy-duty bins, resistant to weak acids and alkalis, feature one-piece construction that is waterproof, rustproof, and corrosion proof. Along with 4 outside lengths from 20–29 7/8 in., available dimensions include 6 outside widths from 8¼–18 3/8 in. and 6 outside heights from 6–12 in. Read More

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Cardia Bioplastics Signs Two Year Supply Contract with Cleanaway

December 30, 2014

• Cleanaway selects Cardia Bioplastics organic waste management products for first large-scale organics diversion program • Cleanaway signs two-year supply contract and places first year order for 7.8 million Cardia Compostable kitchen tidy bags and 50,000 Kitchen Tidy Bins for commercial roll out • Cardia Bioplastics organic waste management products to be used by Albury City...Read More

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Consolidating, Downsizing, Liquidating? Call ASI

December 17, 2014

American Surplus is constantly seeking used material handling equipment, including but not limited to: • Conveyor – Power and gravity – all types • Carousel Systems – Vertical horizontal • Pick Modules • Mezzanines • Pallet Racking – Structural selective, including drive in rack, pushback, pallet flow rack, and more! • Specialty Racking – Cantilever rack, reel &...Read More

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Extended Label Holder increases attention to stock level in bins.

October 22, 2014

Available in 2 sizes, Kanban Extended Label Holder transforms AkroBins® and Shelf Bins into complete, single-bin Kanban system. Bright orange Kanban flag slides out to indicate stock is low and bin requires refilling, and label holder features 2 x 4 in., angled face that facilitates label viewing/scanning. Able to be installed on bin with label area facing upwards or downwards, label holder works with AkroBins, 4 in. Shelf Bins (except 30110), 6 in. ShelfMax® Bins, and 1800 Series AkroBins. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Adjustable Divider Bins clearly display bulk product.

July 16, 2014

Available in depths of 7 ½, 10 ¼, and 12 5/8 in., 11 7/8 x 5-7/8 in. Multi-Purpose Bins with Dividers keep products visible and accessible. Users can, via 3 integrated slots per bin, create custom configurations using 2 included dividers to separate product. Available in clear or natural plastic, bins mount to pegboard or slatwall with included adapters or attach to shelf-top with fasteners in integrated mounting slots. Label area allows for addition of promotional or product information.
Read More

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Rexam BCNA to Sponsor AmeriCAN Canned Craft Beer Festival

May 15, 2014

CHICAGO - For the second straight year, Rexam BCNA will sponsor the Annual AmeriCAN Canned Craft Beer Festival on May 17, 2014, at the Scottsdale Civic Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now in its 4(th) year, the festival celebrates the canned craft beer revolution. According to the Brewers Association, the craft brewing industry grew 18% by volume in 2013, and Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Cross-Stacking Plastic Tub helps conserve storage space.

October 22, 2013

Measuring 25 x 16 x 8.5 in., Cross-Stack Akro-Tub Model 34305 comes in 3 colors and has rated capacity of 9.75 gal and 1.25 ft³. Product is made from FDA-sanctioned materials and is suited for both food service and industrial applications. To protect contents, lid (model 34005) is also available. Stacking grooves allow stable, 90° stacks of tubs, which nest when empty to conserve storage space. While wall thickness promotes strength, molded-in handles enable comfortable lifting. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Tilt-Out Bins conserve space while increasing storage density.

August 10, 2012

Available in 6 sizes, TiltView(TM) bins provide expandable, high-density storage system designed to conserve space while fostering organization and efficiency in diverse settings, including healthcare. Clear polystyrene bins tilt out smoothly from high-impact polystyrene cabinets and can be removed for cleaning. All sizes may be used individually or configured into systems using any of 3 optional powder-coated hanging accessories. Locking rod and dividers are available options. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Straight Wall Containers Now Available In Red

December 8, 2011

Akron, Ohio - Akro-Mils, a North American leader in storage, organization and transport products, introduces its line of Straight Wall Containers in a vibrant new Red color. Available in four sizes and three styles (solid, mesh and solid/mesh combinations), Akro-Mils' Straight Wall Containers are reusable shipping, storage and work-in-process containers that provide improved space usage in a...Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Two-Toned Bins offer effective, at-a-glance inventory control.

December 8, 2011

Via stock, pick, flip, replenish scheme, 36448BLUE (17 7/8 x 4 1/8 x 4 in.) and 36468BLUE (17 7/8 x 6 5/8 x 4 in.) Indicator(TM) Bins simplify inventory management. Bins are stocked, with divider designating volume for inventory reserve, and users pick from blue side until reaching divider. Bin is flipped to orange reserve to show inventory levels are low and signal need for replenishment. Bins work with 14 and 18 in. wire shelving, 12 and 18 in., steel shelving, and pick rack systems. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Clear Storage Bin facilitates product/part identification.

September 6, 2011

Used to organize heavy, bulky items in diverse environments, Stak-N-Store is available in clear material in 17½ x 10 7/8 x 12½ in., 15¼ x 19 7/8 x 12 7/16 in., and 17½ x 16½ x 12½ in. sizes. Corners and curved upper lips add strength, side ribs promote stability when stacked, and width of hopper front facilitates access to items. Supplied with handles, stackable bin, also available in blue, gray, red, and white, has 75 lb storage capacity. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Waste Handling Equipment

Vista System Continues Its Efforts to Protect the Environment with Its New Used Battery Disposal Bin

February 7, 2011

Vista System International, a world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), recently supplied a newly designed battery disposal bin for the safe disposal of batteries that can harm the environment. The new elegant design is a step up from the common "garbage bin" styles that are currently available on the market. The new battery silo ordered by Promo Trade company of Slovenia is...Read More