Railroad Equipment

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Gangways come in custom widths, lengths, and finishes.

November 7, 2014

Constructed of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass to withstand extreme environments, GREENLINE Gangways help workers safely access top of vehicle in variety of industries. Each gangway features adjustable dual-tension springs in both box-channel side panels. Made of heavy wall tubing, folding handrails and telescoping mid-rails are mounted on both sides as standard equipment. Gangways also feature heavy-duty ½ in. bumpers, and grip-strut walking surface for optimized traction. Read More

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Locomotive Cab Computer Displays optimize PTC systems.

January 9, 2014

Custom designed for freight and commuter railroad companies, locomotive cab computer displays provide visual interface between vehicle operator and cab signal system. Displays feature solid state indicators and show mission critical data and information along with other key indicators. Designed for Positive Train Control (PTC) and automatic train control systems, custom computer displays and touchscreen interface solutions meet U.S. Rail Safety Improvement Act requirements. Read More

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Communications Network bolsters rail transportation systems.

December 12, 2013

Based on enterprise LTE (eLTE), urban rail transportation solution provides bilateral radio transmission channels for train-to-ground voice, data, and video transmissions to improve communication and operational efficiency of rail transportation. Anti-interference technologies address requirements of such applications as passenger information system, closed-circuit television, vehicle-mounted video surveillance, communication-based train control, and broadband trunking. Read More

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Long-Length Wear-Resistant Rail targets worldwide demand.

October 28, 2013

Heat-treated, stress-free train track rails, available in lengths up to 108 m, help rail operators enhance performance and reduce expenses associated with worn rail replacement. During manufacture, rail moves through induction furnace that uses electromagnetic field to heat steel to 950°C. Rail is rapidly cooled using compressed air. Super-hardened rail withstands high-wear conditions, such as heavy traffic, high axle loads, and tight curves. Read More

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Automotive Railcar transforms for bi- and tri-level service.

June 4, 2013

Used for transporting automobiles by rail, Multi-Max™ allows for complete deck adjustments in as little as 5 hr, without removing deck during reconfiguration, so that railroads can shift between bi- and tri-level service. This automotive railcar, fully compatible with existing bi- and tri-level fleets, features sealed end-door that limits theft and vandalism as well as door edges that provide smooth cargo loading to help reduce risk of damage to cargo. Read More

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Rail Alignment Tool suits underground mining applications.

August 31, 2012

With 5 ton push capacity, 70 lb RAT-Series Rail Alignment Tool is used to safely and effectively position track to prevent motor car derailment issues. Integrated ACME extension screw reaches 16 in., achieving max tool extension of 76 in., with collapsed length of 46 in. Hydraulic bladder design reservoir allows use in any position, roll cage protects hydraulic pump, and steel guard covers hydraulic line. High-pressure relief valve and inline release knob are also standard. Read More

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Snap-action Switch complies with railway standards.

October 21, 2010

Compliant with IEC 60947-5-1 annex K standard, PBX Secure Direct Opening Action Switch features modular design combining screws or connectors for clips and screws output, mounting plates, protective cover, and roller lever. Switch enables forced opening of contacts even in event of short circuit and/or welding due to overcurrent. Operating from -50 to +85°C, switch offers 2 levels of sealing in 2 identically sized versions: IP40/tags IP00 or IP67/tags IP00. Read More

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Brush-Based System increases railroad switch heater efficacy.

August 16, 2010

Protecting railroad switches from debilitating effects of snow and ice, SnowProtec(TM) consists of brushes with filaments facing up and down - angled from top of rail ties on outside to top of rail along switch tongue's movable part. Brush provides protection against snow drifting while making switch-heater more effective and efficient by enhancing retention of heat from pre-warmed switches. Due to its design, product can be left in place year around. Read More