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Automatic Boat Covers provide protection and security.

January 20, 2015

Available in 2 designs, SwiftShield™ Covers can cover and uncover boats in seconds. Fully automatic A-Series, powered with hydraulics and operated with remote control, actuates arm with spring-loaded roller and 3-dimensional cover, protecting full boat, including sides and stern. Semi-automatic S-Series uses roller mounted in front of boat that is powered by electric motor via remote control or manual handle. When deployed, cover is unrolled, draped over boat, and tightened with perimeter cord. Read More

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Marine Instrument Display delivers critical information. .

November 28, 2014

Designed to automatically display real-time data from NMEA2000® compatible engines and sensors, Simrad IS35 provides boaters with at-a-glance access to critical information about vessel. Preprogrammed pages include engine data display, dedicated cruising instrument, and fuel economy with instantaneous fuel flow, fuel used, and fuel remaining. Built with 3.5 in., color, LED-backlit screen with 240 x 360 resolution, display also lets boaters view motor steer with real-time navigation information. Read More

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Gangways come in custom widths, lengths, and finishes.

November 7, 2014

Constructed of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass to withstand extreme environments, GREENLINE Gangways help workers safely access top of vehicle in variety of industries. Each gangway features adjustable dual-tension springs in both box-channel side panels. Made of heavy wall tubing, folding handrails and telescoping mid-rails are mounted on both sides as standard equipment. Gangways also feature heavy-duty ½ in. bumpers, and grip-strut walking surface for optimized traction. Read More

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FPSO Vessel can store 630,000 barrels of processed oil.

November 5, 2014

Constructed from 1994-built Aframax tanker, Scorpius, which was meted out in last quarter of 2013, Ratu Nusantara has processing capacity of 25,000 bpd of oil, 77 mmscfd of gas, 20,000 bpd of water, and storage capacity of 630,000 barrels of processed oil. This converted FPSO, which has undergone refurbishment and life extension works, will embark on its inaugural voyage for Bukit Tua oil and gas field in Indonesia operated by PETRONAS. Read More

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Broadband Sounder Module reaches depths of 10,000 ft.

July 3, 2014

With CHIRP Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse, Simrad BSM-3 provides optimized target separation, clarity, and resolution throughout water column to locate fish near shore and offshore. Unit is compatible with Airmar Wide-angle CHIRP transducer series, which provides 25° beam angle across frequency range. Encased in aluminum housing with waterproof access cover, sounder includes bottom color tracking and split zoom control, as well as selection of scroll speeds and transmit power settings. Read More

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Boat Mats protect against effects of vibration and shock.

June 16, 2014

Available in Max Coverage, Helm Custom, Helm, and Personal versions, SKYDEX Boat Deck products absorb energy displacement and vibration otherwise absorbed by feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower backs of boat occupants. These self-draining and anti-slip products, which are stable under foot, resistant to fuel damage, and UV-tolerant, employ twin hemisphere technology that cushions impacts and absorbs vibration and shock to reduce impact of severe boat operations on operator and crew. Read More

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Marine Vessel Management System delivers real-time information.

May 13, 2014

Used to manage critical assets and information, KEP IVMS (Intelligent Vessel Management System) gives recreational boaters complete monitoring and control via real-time information and alerts for safe boating. PLCs, which offer flexibility and customization needed to manage, control, and monitor onboard systems, can be retyped upon change in circuit design or sequence. System can also generate SMS texts and or emails based on event triggers or alarms as well as take corrective action. Read More

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Search and Rescue Watercraft aids emergency response.

April 22, 2014

Intended for rescue professionals, Sea-Doo SAR handles everything from surf and white water to flood and other emergency situations. Sponsons and running boards add stability and buoyancy in surf and white water, while heavy-duty front bumper and elastomer hull coating are adapted to navigation along rocky coasts. To optimize shallow-water capabilities, watercraft features anti-debris water intake grate, stainless steel wear ring, and internal heat exchanger with shock-protected cooling system. Read More

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Fishfinder/Chartplotters incorporate CHIRP sonar technology.

April 3, 2014

Offered in 5 in. and 7 in. versions with CHIRP sonar technology, Elite-5 and Elite-7 can distinguish between baitfish and game fish targets. Units include single-frequency Broadband Sounder capability, and DownScan Imaging™ which provides picture-like views of structure and bottom detail. With TrackBack™ feature, anglers can scroll back in recorded sonar history to review structure, transitions, and fish targets. Models with chartplotter capabilities feature built-in GPS antenna and US map. Read More

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VHF Marine Radio keeps boaters connected in multiple ways.

February 24, 2014

In addition to dual-channel Automatic Identification System receiver, hailer, foghorn, and intercom, Model RS90 includes NMEA connectivity for sharing data across network. Class D-compliant unit is waterproof to IPx7 standard, with 180 x 128-pixel LCD, adjustable backlighting, built-in telephone style speaker, alpha numeric keypad, and support for up to 6 handsets. Housed in black box, all major components are hidden from sight, while rubber-encased handset can be installed anywhere onboard. Read More

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Navigation System enhances boaters' access to information.

February 24, 2014

Simrad Integrated Glass Bridge Navigation System provides power boaters and sport fishing anglers with access to information where and when it is needed. When connected to Mercury VesselView 4 or 7, compatible Simrad navigation systems can use Mercury's engine display, which delivers 30+ engine parameters, as well as view and control such features as Smart Tow, Eco Control, and Cruise Control. VesselView 7 engine information systems also gain functionality when networked to Simrad display. Read More

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Marine Instrument/Autopilot System aids navigation decisions.

December 2, 2013

Comprised of Graphic and Race Displays, Autopilot, Pilot Controller, and modules, H5000 integrates multiple sailing features and all critical instrumentation, sensors, and sailing data to improve sailing performance decisions. In addition to dual processor CPU with 3 software options to suit unique requirements, features include integration with Zeus multifunction sailing display, navigation display and autopilot compatibility, and ability to work with H3000 sensors. Read More

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Marine Logbook Software works with multifunctional displays.

December 2, 2013

Compatible with Lowrance HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch, Simrad NSS Sport, and B&G Zeus Touch multifunction displays, TripCon logbook PC application captures and stores boating journey elements to create dynamic, digital logbook. Displayed information includes mirror image of chartplotter screen within TripCon log as well as wind speed, heading, chart position, and air temperature. Log entries can also be enhanced with photos, audio, video streams, and comments. Read More

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Marine Charging Systems offer energy savings capabilities.

December 2, 2013

Meeting CEC efficiency requirements for battery chargers, ProNauticP Series combines digitally controlled and software-based power conversion with global energy management features. Units deliver wide-range AC input, PFC, and built-in conservation mode that automatically remove stress on fully charged battery. All employ power-on, self-start-up diagnostics with pass or fail status, as well as discreet warning indication to alert users of faulty wiring or adverse battery bank conditions. Read More

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All-in-One Sounder offers picture-like views of bottom detail.

November 11, 2013

Compatible with Lowrance HDS and Simrad NS fishfinder/chartplotter displays, SonarHub™ Sounder is suited for marking fish and tracking lure action. Frequency Sweeping Pulse Compression technology, known as CHIRP sonar, provides HD detail to depths of 3,500 ft, while StructureScan HD functionality gives boaters picture-like displays for productive fishing, diving, and search/recovery operations. Three built-in Ethernet ports allow networking without need for additional Ethernet module. Read More

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Fishfinders and Chartplotters feature 5 in. color display.

July 18, 2013

Offered as fishfinder/chartplotter combo model as well as standalone fishfinder or chartplotter, Elite-5 HDI Series features Hybrid Dual Imaging™, which combines Broadband Sounder™ and Downscan Imaging™ to provide best view of water column. Broadband Sounder marks fish arches and tracks lure action, while Downscan Imaging provides picture-like views of structure and bottom detail. With GPS antenna, chartplotter models include US map with 3,000+ lakes and rivers, plus coastal contours to 1,000 ft. Read More

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Marine Buoy incorporates wave energy harvesting technology.

July 18, 2013

Featuring customized design, buoy system is scalable from 1–250 W and can be suited to moored or drifting applications. Design using JSR Micro/JM Energy's ULTIMO™ Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) for energy storage. ULTIMO's hybrid technology provides energy density of 12 Wh/kg or 20 Wh/L. While direct drive system provides power from differential motion between buoy float and submerged resistant plate, resonant drive system amplifies generator's armature motion at peak period of sea state. Read More

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Maritime Data Collection/Analysis SaaS helps manage fleets.

June 24, 2013

Veslink maritime data collection and analysis SaaS provides tools for collecting and acting on voyage reports. Interface features user-specific dashboards and work lists, while fleet map allows for detailed review of fleet status. Up to 20 reports/day can be received from vessels, while personnel enter all data into standardized email templates. Product connects with hub agencies, weather routing services, bunker suppliers, and AIS and other vessel position services. Read More

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Marine Voyage Optimization Software supports fuel efficiency.

June 10, 2013

Intended to help ship captains find safer and more fuel-efficient routes, BVS v7.0 provides high-resolution weather and ocean data via broadband. Captains have access to 16-day forecasts updated 4 times per day and other parameters such as pirate attack information, port vicinity forecasts, satellite imagery, and high seas bulletins delivered in near real-time. With customizable speed down and consumption curves, optimization algorithm delivers estimates of fuel cost and time en route. Read More

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Marine Autopilot System integrates with steering products.

May 30, 2013

Simrad SG05 Autopilot, providing compatibility between navigation systems and Optimus Power Steering and Optimus 360 Joystick docking control systems via CAN bus data network, allows boaters to navigate hands-free. Product guides steering system to waypoint, heading, or set turn pattern such as U-turn or spiral turn. It can be used for fishing, using depth tracking to steer route. Also included are Auto, NAV, NoDrift, and FollowUp modes, as well as dodge and advanced turn patterns.  Read More