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Head Up Display combines real-world and synthetic views.

December 1, 2015

Combined Vision System, FalconEye, provides flight crews with Head Up Display (HUD) that improves situational awareness and safety regardless of time of day or weather conditions. Composed of 6 different sensors, camera fuses images from both visible and infrared (IR) spectrums to enable combination of synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping as well as thermal and low-light camera images. Synthesized view presented to pilot clearly delineates between real, enhanced, and synthetic worlds. Read More

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Touchscreen Control increases civilian aviation flexibility.

November 17, 2015

Used for overhead panels in civilian aviation, Korry utility control system (UCS) technology replaces separate display and switching components. Functions can be changed by updating software, and triple redundancy involves 3 displays, each with 2 channels, that allow for one channel to be down without interfering with normal aircraft operation. Other features include anti-fingerprint surface; high-brightness, high-contrast display; open architecture; and sizes from 3ATI to 15.4 in. Read More

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Data Acquisition Unit supports flight test applications.

November 2, 2015

Optimized for size, weight, and power, Axon Data Acquisition Unit works with Acra KAM-500 DAU chassis. Hardware-based acquisition engines eliminate data loss, support deterministic operation, and ensure immediate recovery in case of power brownout. High-speed serial backplane (1 Gbps dedicated link per module) enables off-the-shelf data acquisition modules to be placed in ultra-miniature Axonite housings and located remotely, separated from chassis by up to 20 m. Read More

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Single Operator Helicopter Handling System suits smaller ships.

September 21, 2015

Addressing size and weight limits of smaller ships, INDAL Manual Aircraft Straighten and Traverse (MAST) system provides safe and secure method of maneuvering and traversing helicopters between flight deck and hangar. This single-operator shipboard Helicopter Handling System (HHS) is track based and controlled using chest pack-mounted Portable Control Unit worn by operator. Unit delivers optimal performance in all weather conditions, day and night, in sea conditions up to sea state 6. Read More

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Induction Starter Generator features brushless design.

May 18, 2015

Part of COREPOWER® line of products, Induction Starter Generator System features brushless design that minimizes maintenance. Configurable starting capability enables controlled application and removal of torque, minimizing transients, which means less stress on gearbox and electrical system components. System also provides full rated power, up to 400 A, at ground idle. Read More

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Active Side-Stick Controller targets large commercial aircraft.

April 27, 2015

Designed for large commercial aircraft, active side-stick controller provides pilots with tactile and visual feedback of aircraft behavior. Features, including electrical cross coupling (with override capability) and grip backdrive in auto-pilot mode, help heighten awareness of aircraft's situation. Read More

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Aircraft Hardware enables in-flight connectivity, entertainment.

April 20, 2015

Summit in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) equipment can be added to enhance existing in-flight entertainment systems or combined to create unique IFEC solution. Specific hardware elements include Cabin ACe™ Wireless Access Point (WAP), Cabin Pinnacle™ general-purpose airborne server, Cabin Peak™ pico cell, and Cabin Vista™ attendant display. Read More

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Aerial Imaging Software accelerates flight planning.

November 10, 2014

Part of Trimble Access field software suite, Trimble® Access™ Aerial Imaging v2.0 is used with Trimble Tablet Rugged PC for planning aerial missions, performing pre-flight checks, and monitoring flights for Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Rover. User interface uses step-by-step, tabular navigation to guide user through flight process from planning to completion. Program optimizes flight times and enables corridor mapping along rivers, roads, and railways in noncontiguous areas. Read More

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Rugged AC Tachometers measure rotational speed of diesel engines.

October 22, 2014

Designed for jet and diesel engine rotational speed measurements, WESTCON Model 758-9905000 converts rotational shaft speed input into linear analog voltage output. Approximate starting torque is 2.0 oz-in., which is maintained at running speeds up to 1,000 rpm, and multi-pole cylindrical magnet turns within wound stator constructed from transformer iron lamination material. Dustproof aluminum alloy housing has SAE 1/8 in. type steel mounting with 3/16 in. solid drive dog. Read More

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Communications Product Suite facilitates air traffic control.

September 22, 2014

Consisting of solution-driven portfolio of products and services, Sapphire Suite includes Park Air T6 radio, which is fully compliant with IPv6 and EUROCAE Interoperability Standards for VoIP ATM. Sapphire also includes MARC Server, which provides Internet browser-based control and monitoring of all Sapphire assets from desktops or tablets. Sapphire equipment range is complemented by expanded suite of support services that includes customer portal. Read More

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Single-Aisle Airplane accommodates up to 200 seats.

September 12, 2014

Able to accommodate up to 200 seats by incorporating mid-exit door, which increases the exit limit, 737 MAX 200 features airframe length that affords customers flexibility and space in cabin. Airplane is configured with passenger-inspired Boeing Sky Interior, which features modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals, LED lighting, and pivoting overhead stowage bins. Read More

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Cockpit Retrofit is available for King Air turboprop aircraft.

July 31, 2014

AeroVue™ Integrated Flight Deck (IFD) offers King Air operators avionics platform that includes Flight Management System, Autopilot, Synthetic Vision, and INAV™ functionality with Electronic Charts displayed on three 12 in. LCD screens. Also, this complete cockpit retrofit adds wireless capability to cockpit via BendixKing AeroWave 100 system. Operation is possible via either combination of button inputs or with optional Cursor Control Device (CCD). Read More

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Lightweight Aerospace Ethernet Cables support high data rates.

July 17, 2014

Available in 26 and 24 sizes as standard, GORE® Ethernet Cables meet requirements of military and civil aerospace markets for higher data rate cables in lightweight, flexible, and routable package. CAT-6A cable supports TIA-568 applications up to 10 Gb. Typical applications include avionics networks, digital video systems, cabin management systems, flight management systems, Ethernet backbone, and in-flight entertainment systems. Read More

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Aerial Navigation Software aids private pilots in Europe.

May 8, 2014

Available for iPad, Mobile FliteDeck VFR includes such capabilities as VFR enroute data for 12 European countries, graphical NOTAMs and temporary flight restrictions (TFRs), and split data download capability to increase efficiency for private pilots. Enroute data includes topographical information, terrain, obstacles, airspace, NAVAIDs, and VFR waypoints. Primary airport data is also available, along with METARs, TAFs, and NOTAM information. Read More

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Gigabit Ethernet Switch targets aerospace and defense industry.

March 12, 2014

Designed to meet continuing technology refresh requirements of defense and aerospace systems integrators, Model VPX3-652 provides up to 20 ports of Ethernet connectivity in single 3U slot. Rugged COTS GbE switch is suitable for use in space-constrained embedded C4ISR and Electronic Warfare subsystems to support network communications, both within subsystem and to connect externally to other subsystems within platform. Read More

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EFB Solution for iPad helps airlines operate more efficiently.

November 20, 2013

As electronic flight bag (EFB) solution for iPad, FliteDeck Pro delivers vector-based Jeppesen terminal charts and data-driven enroute content dynamically rendered and de-cluttered to meet all requirements of pilots. Airport taxi diagrams, automatically displayed based on user-configured speed settings, enhance airline operational efficiency, and switch to airport diagram display can occur directly from STAR procedure, enroute map, or approach procedure. Read More

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Commercial Aircraft are designed for regional, network carriers.

June 21, 2013

While single-class layout of E175-E2 will seat up to 88 passengers, E190-E2 and E195-E2 respectively seat up to 106 and 132 passengers. All are designed with aerodynamic, distinctively shaped wings; systems and avionics, including 4th generation full fly-by-wire flight controls; and Pratt & Whitney's PurePower™ Geared Turbofan high by-pass ratio engines. Other features include Honeywell Primus Epic™ 2 integrated avionics system and Honeywell Next Generation Flight Management System. Read More

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Helmet Mounted Display optimizes pilot's situational awareness.

June 20, 2013

Operating in day and night mode, Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System II (JHMCS II) features head-tracking technology that lets pilot aim sensors and weapons and receive increased situational awareness in whatever direction they are looking. HD, color, smart-visor system, developed to meet needs of modern military aircrew, provides optical-inertial tracker and lightweight Aircraft Interface Unit (ACIU) that does not require cooling, mounting tray, or cockpit mapping. Read More

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LED Lights illuminate interior of buses, trains, and planes.

April 4, 2013

From operating current of 20 mA, Topled LEDs produce 2,400 mcd at color temperature of 6,000 K, while Mini Topled LEDs achieve typical luminous intensity of 1,700 mcd at 4,000 K and 1,900 mcd at 6,500 K. Units are certified to AEC Q101 automotive industry standard, resist up to 8 kV of ESD, and provide corrosion stability. Consuming just 0.1 W, light sources operate up to 50,000 hours and are tailored to meet demands of public and private passenger transport. Read More

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Aircraft AHRS targets retrofit market.

April 2, 2013

Featuring MEMS-based inertial measurement unit, Model LCR-200 provides navigation information regarding aircraft's position, heading, and attitude. Synchro interface module enables analog synchro output to interface with older autopilot systems. In addition, LCD-200 avoids problems often caused by acoustic and structural vibration. Read More