Transportation Industry Products

Transportation Industry Products

Tag-Along Trailers offer 20 and 25 ton capacities.

Aug 09, 2002

TAG20L and TAG20XXL are 20 ton models featuring 19 and 22 ft flat decks, respectively. TAG25L and TAG25XXL are 3-axle, 25 ton models with 19 and 22 ft flat decks, respectively. All models include 8° ramp and 6 ft beavertail. Trailers have 2-speed landing gear, adjustable pintle eye, ABS and spring brakes on all axles, and rubber-mounted sealed beam lights with modular wiring harness.... Read More

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Rail Grinder prepares rail for welding.

Aug 08, 2002

Portable Rail Grinder grinds rail to clean it in preparation for CADWELD® exothermically welded connections, which bond electrical conductors to rail. Adjustable tool rest allows operator to support grinder on head of rail during use. Handle has anti-vibration padding. Ginder has maximum wheel speed of 6000 rpm. Other features include grinding wheel spacers and 360° adjustable grinding... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Adhesive Tapes suit automotive industry.

Jul 25, 2002

Double-sided tesa 4968 UPVC film tape secures air bags within protective covering until activated. tesa sleeve, with solid fleece cover, encloses cables. tesa BodyGuard(TM) is a protective film that can be applied to every painted surface of vehicle, and is primarily suited for transit applications. tesa Glassguard(TM) protects all glass components of vehicle. Tear-resistant tesa 4308 is designed... Read More

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Low Insertion Retainer reduces installation effort.

Jul 17, 2002

Ergonomically designed low insertion retainer reduces installation effort into sheet metal panels by 60%, reducing risk of back injuries and wrist/hand disorders. Engineered and designed using Six Sigma Process, retainer reduces installation forces without sacrificing removal effort or clamping capability of the joint. Read More

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Datalogging System provides GPS capability.

Jul 16, 2002

TDS2020GDL features Sapphire GPS module, allowing user to build custom Position Datalogger to store location and other sensor information on CompactFlash cards for later review. Pressures, temperatures, and rotation rates can be collected in Excel PC-compatible format. Satellite-fed position information from GPS receiver can be stored for later importing into PC spreadsheet program. Two serial... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Tire Inflation System adjusts pressure automatically.

Jul 01, 2002

HENDRICKSON TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM (HTIS) maintains inflation to specified level. System detects low tire pressure and alerts operator via warning light. It then directs air when said tire dips below predetermined pressure level. Air travels from supply tank through air lines inside axle to wheel-ends. Rotary union allows air to flow from non-rotating axle spindle to rotating hubcap fitting. Hoses... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Truck Scale provides total weight and weight per axle.

Jun 24, 2002

Traxle(TM) uses measurement acquisition software and sensor polling technology to calculate individual axle weights, plus legal-for-trade gross, tare, and net weights. System automatically calculates total weight and differential of steering, drive, and trailer axles. Four weight values are displayed on WPI-135 indicator and transmitted to printer or other peripherals. Traxle is suitable for... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Trailers deliver off-road loads.

Jun 20, 2002

Fixed Gooseneck Series trailers offer increased ground clearance for off-road conditions, rear loading, and oak deck. All have heavy-duty landing legs, unitized frame construction, air dried oak decking, sloped rear extension, manually or hydraulically operated rear loading ramps, and heavy-duty spring or air-ride suspension. Trailers are available in standard tandem-axle, 25 and 35 ton level... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Oil Tank stores and transfers waste fluids.

Jun 20, 2002

RAASM Model 1235 Waste Oil Drain has 22 in. telescoping funnel that adjusts from 50 to 70 in. in height for draining engines, gear boxes and differentials. Drain has tank capacity of 17 gal. and is wheel mounted for portability. Other features include level gauge, antisplash screen/filter, and removable tool tray. Read More

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Modular Vehicles suit forklift-free operations.

Jun 13, 2002

Heavy-duty, non-powered, re-configurable vehicles offer low profile base frames; multi-function, interchangeable upper frames that utilize non-threaded fasteners; and reduced friction wheel systems. Able to accommodate various handling strategies and ergonomic requirements, units may be towed and/or staged manually at line side. Available with various 2- and 4-wheel steering designs/options, they... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Truck Step provides access to cargo.

May 31, 2002

Compact SAF-T-Step, single step retractable ladder with removable hand rail, mounts in flat position on inside of truck tailgate. It manually unfolds into step position to provide access to cargo beds of commercial and industrial pick-up trucks and other similar vehicles. Made of heat treated cast aluminum alloy coated with non-slip paint, it withstands up to 400 lb. Step is compliant with safety... Read More

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Pallet Truck carries more than 2 tons.

May 30, 2002

PWB45 electric, walkie pallet truck, rated for 4,500 lb, has tight turning radius of 60.5 in. Vertically mounted SepEx motor provides maximum torque throughout entire speed range. Programmable 24 V controller offers variable forward, reverse, drive, and braking functions. Truck, with ergonomically correct handle, provides comfort and safe handling of pallets, minimal steering effort, dead-man... Read More

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Marine Hinges keep hatch doors closed.

May 16, 2002

Positioning-Advantage Hinge and Door-Positioning Hinge hold doors open and closed at pre-set angles without secondary mechanical supports, such as door stay or gas spring. Detent mechanisms allow hinge to mechanically stop at certain angles, thus holding door open or closed depending on how detent is set. Constructed from acetal and stainless steel, hinges meet corrosion-resistance requirements... Read More

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Platforms come with Windows, Linux, or Solaris(TM) OS.

May 16, 2002

eFUZION-2U/AEP, 3.5 in. rack mount, Server Application Platform provides multi-device support and up to 3 full-length, full-height 32bit/33MHz PCI expansion slots. eFUZION-2U/AMP scalable ServerWorks, Pentium III, Server Class Application Ready Platform includes Intel Server Division SCB2-SCSI motherboard. Both models offer integrated 10/100baseT Ethernet controllers, integrated Intel 3D... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Guidance System maintains navigation after GPS is lost.

May 16, 2002

MIGITS(TM) MEMS Integrated GPS/INS Inertial Tactical System provides guidance, navigation, and control for applications such as unmanned vehicles, instrumentation, commercial aviation, railroads, and helicopters. It has small quartz MEMS inertial sensor cluster and 12-channel C/A code GPS receiver, which provides position, velocity, time, attitude, altitude, heading, acceleration, and... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

STD Bus Developers Kit supports company's SBCs.

May 14, 2002

SDK2-STD-CC15 Bus System Developers Kit supports 386sx, 586DX, and Pentium processor boards as well as existing CPUs and I/O modules. Fully assembled SDK-STD-CC15 Kit has 15-slot, 0.625 in. card cage packaged with disk drives, cables, and software. Backplane provides constant characteristic impedance to reduce noise and crosstalk. Power supply (80 W switcher), CD-ROM, floppy disk drive, and 6.4... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Airbag Testing System is available in four variations.

May 10, 2002

Model 2790 SourceMeter(R) Switch Airbag Inflator Test System integrates sourcing, measuring, and switching functions. Designed for general class airbag inflator testing. Variations are: one single or dual stage inflator, two dual stage inflators, non-high voltage,and combined airbag and low voltage. Performs Hi-Lo resistance testing using 4- or 2-wire measurements, and consists of digital... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Restraint keeps trailer at dock.

May 09, 2002

TRUK STOP STAR 4 effectively prevents premature trailer departure, trailer creep, and trailer landing gear collapse. Hydraulic powered device has restraining force of 30,000 lb and can hook and hold any style ICC bar. Its sensor bar communicates to control panel actual hook contact with ICC bar. Restraint is compatible with new federal regulations and with any design dock leveler equipment. Read More

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Articulated Truck offers self-cleaning ejector.

May 07, 2002

Model 740 Ejector Articulated Truck features mechanism that allows material to be spread and dumped on-the-go, without raising body. It is rated at 42 tons and produces net power of 415 hp. Reinforced ejector body is made from high-yield, heat-treated steel. Truck is powered by Cat 3406E ATAAC turbocharged engine with electronic unit injection fuel system and 7-speed electronically controlled... Read More

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Enclosed Track System carries monorails.

May 01, 2002

KBK Alu systems can suspend monorails and suspension cranes. Made from anodized, corrosion resistant aluminum, high load bearing track sections are available in 120 and 180 sizes: 120 has weight capacity of 750 lb while 180 has weight capacity of 1500 lb, both with 10 feet between hanger supports. Both sizes have grooves for fitting accessories to top of rack. Read More