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Venturi-Style Electric Heater enhances air curtain capabilties.

October 2, 2014

Employing hemispherical heating element array, 8–70 kW VTH uses Venturi effect to draw air through heating element via blower inlet before it enters discharge airstream. Discharge airstream velocity remains unobstructed in near 100% efficient heat transfer, full laminar pattern, for optimum aerodynamic performance. This creates environment-separating air seal across any open doorway while providing auxiliary heat as needed. Available voltages include 208, 240, 480, and 575 V. Read More

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Chillers, Heat Exchangers aid looped liquid electronics cooling.

October 2, 2014

Portable chiller systems, with cooling capacities up to 600 W, allow precise temperature control of recirculating coolants as regulated by thermoelectric module or PID control. For fluid baths, ATS-CHILL iM immersion chiller controls fluid temperature via immersible evaporator. Liquid-to-air heat exchangers offer metal fin density that maximizes heat transfer from liquid to air and optimizes liquid cooling capability. Products come in various sizes and heat transfer capacities up to 250 W.
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Thermal & Heating Equipment

Induction Heating Machines have completely air-cooled design.

October 1, 2014

Comprising 3 air-cooled induction heating generators ranging from 8–25 kW, M/Air series is suited for weld preheating and stress relieving. Machines can be used with either dry or water-cooled cables and deliver consistent and repeatable heating. Built-in temperature controller with thermocouple input accommodates multiple user programs with programmable steps and also has inputs for external control. Portable units can also be used with water-cooled flexible cables. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Square Cold Forged Heatsink suits 60 W LED applications.

September 25, 2014

With 127 mm square base and pin-fin design, Igloo FS127 features 0.89°C/W thermal resistance. Cold-forged one-piece unit accommodates popular CoB designs and performs well regardless of orientation. Anodized surface treatment provides corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and heat tolerance. With AL1050 aluminum used in heatsink, thermal conductivity is 227 W/mK.  Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Electrically Heated Universal Oven suits rod heating applications.

September 24, 2014

Using 18 kW installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements to heat chamber up to 850°F, No. 985 offers 36 x 36 x 36 in. workspace and incorporates 600 cfm, ½ hp recirculating blower that provides front to rear universal airflow to workload. Construction includes 6 in. insulated walls, aluminized steel exterior, and Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior. Front door has multiple ports and 8 x 10 in. Pyrex/Vycor viewing window. Along with interior light, oven has multiple controllers. Read More

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Protective Covers fit half size bakery racks.

September 19, 2014

Protecto® SUPRO-14-EC-1/2 covers half sized bakery racks, which stand 38 in. tall. Constructed from clear, .010 in. thick, phthalate-free, tin-free, lead-free, and heavy metal-free PVC, cover separates contents from adverse environmental factors and helps prevent food spoilage. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Thermocouple Calibration Furnace has 300° to 1,200°C range.

September 10, 2014

As horizontal, open-ended tube furnace, 9118A enables calibration professionals to conduct comparison calibrations of noble- and base-metal thermocouples used in various industries. Calibrations can be fully automated when used with Fluke Calibration 1586A Precision Temperature Scanner, and furnace can be operated with or without isothermal block. Temperature stability is ±0.1° at 1,200°C with radial uniformity of ±0.25° at 1,200°C and axial uniformity of ±0.2° at 1,200°C. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Heating System withstands continuous flexing.

September 5, 2014

Typically manufactured using multi-stranded, insulated corrosion-resistant wire, UltraFlex Heater can be designed in wide range of shapes and sizes. Unit has maximum operating temperature of 302°F and is available in sizes up to 28 x 44 in. with 15 W/in.² maximum watt density. Applicable to multiple flexing applications, UltraFlex can be molded to best fit final product as well as laminated or layered to customer's specifications. Read More

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Class 100 Cleanroom Cabinet Oven operates to 260°F.

August 27, 2014

Offering 36 x 36 x 39 in. workspace dimensions, No. 797 is suitable for drying coatings onto PCBs. Oven uses 20 kW Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements to heat chamber and 1,000 cfm, 1 ½ hp recirculating blower to provide horizontal airflow to workload. Constructed with 4 in. insulated walls, oven has Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior with continuously back-welded seams; #4 brushed stainless steel door cover; and 30 x 24 x 6 in. stainless steel high-temperature HEPA recirculating filter. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Shaking Chilling/Heating Dry Bath has -20 to +100°C range.

August 25, 2014

Fully programmable with 5-program memory, EchoTherm™ Model SC25XT is Peltier driven for chilling and heating and intended for use with biological and other samples. Variable-speed orbital shaker allows for mixing samples while controlling sample temperature to 1°C, and universal benchtop power supply allows for worldwide use. In addition to 30-day count down timer with alarm and Auto-off, features include data logger and RS232 I/O port for data logging or controlling units from computer. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Self-Regulating Heating Cable keeps pipes/valves from freezing.

August 22, 2014

Suited for homes and buildings, SpeedTrace Extreme is used for freeze protection and de-icing/thawing of metal or plastic pipe and valves in temperatures down to -40°F. Pre-assembled and reusable product, which is safe to overlap, spiral wrap, and insulate, is reusable and automatically adjusts heat output based on surface and ambient temperature. While rugged, industrial-grade construction promotes reliability, plug-and-play design facilitates installation. Read More

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Induction Heating Systems combine modularity and versatility.

August 21, 2014

Comprising 72 models with ratings from 10–1,200 kW and frequencies from 750 Hz to 150 kHz, EKOHEAT systems are parallel resonant with multiple tap transformer configurations to enable matching of part. Power can be added to each system as requirements change, and direct offline inverter and power factor in excess of 0.9 promote efficacy. Along with ability to change capacitance in workhead, versatile systems offer digital agile frequency tuning to ensure repeatability. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Electrically Heated Batch Oven operates up to 500°F max.

August 8, 2014

With 6 x 6 x 6 ft interior dimensions, Electrically Heated Batch Oven is suitable for curing rubber parts. Oven features water misting system in case of fire, insulated floor with cart tracks that prevents damage to facility floors, and bi-parting doors for loading/unloading of customer-supplied carts. Digital temperature controller can store recipes for different heating cycles, while front USB port enables storage drive to be uploaded and downloaded to/from controller to computer. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Vacuum Furnace offers temperatures to 2,200°C.

August 7, 2014

Available in sizes from 1–12 cu-ft, Workhorse™ II GEN II Vacuum Furnace offers temperatures of 1,000, 1,315 1,650, and 2,200°C in either low or high vacuum configurations. Unit features all stainless steel chamber, upsized diffusion pumping system, and updated computer control system with touchscreen monitor. Several options are available for customizing unit to add debinding capability, fast cooling, or operation in hydrogen gas. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Industrial Walk-In Ovens offer various heating arrangements.

August 1, 2014

Able to be heated by electricity, steam, or any type of thermal fluid from room temperature to 500°F, Sahara Walk-In Ovens come in sizes and heating arrangements to meet diverse application requirements; custom builds are also available. Available options, among others, include customized companion trucks/carts, exhaust vent with damper, interior door latch, chart recorder, door switch, adjustable timer, Ethernet or serial bus communication, and integrated PLC controls with touchscreen. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Drying Oven cures paint on fiber cement and wood boards.

July 31, 2014

Operating at temperature of 150°F with max temperature of 200°F, Gas Fired Drying Oven handles products up to 16 in. wide at up to 13,000 lb/hr. Powered roller conveyor with high-speed pop-up transfer chains rapidly transfers boards 90° from in-line coater direction to side travel oven/cooling direction. Providing Ethernet connectivity, Graphical Operator Control Station supports FLASH card for data storage, programming over Internet, and networking capabilities with PLCs. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Electrically Heated Walk-In Oven reaches up to 500°F.

July 23, 2014

Suitable for curing large parts in molds, No. 1032 has workspace dimensions of 62 x 79 x 45 in., 60 kW installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements to heat oven chamber, and 6,000 cfm, 5 hp recirculating blower that provides combination airflow to workload. Elements of construction include 6 in. insulated walls, aluminized steel exterior and interior, 62 x 45 in. front access doors, fully insulated floor, and integral leg stand. Two-lane roller conveyor inside and outside oven aids loading. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Electrically Heated Universal Style Oven has 2 compartments.

June 25, 2014

Able to reach 500°F, No. 978 provides 30 x 36 x 36 in. workspace in each of 2 heating zones. There are 6.6 KW per zone (13.2 KW total) installed in Nichrome wire elements to heat oven chamber, while 600 cfm, ½ hp recirculating blower provides front-to-rear universal airflow to workload. Elements of construction include 4 in. insulated walls; aluminized steel exterior; Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior; and double doors. Multiple controls are also included. Read More

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Medium-Voltage Electric Heating Systems come in 4,160 V versions.

June 18, 2014

Medium-voltage DirectConnect systems suit multi-megawatt applications in power generation, oil/gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Available in up to 7,200 V variants for process applications from circulation systems and heat transfer packages to steam boilers, systems feature amperage that reduces circuit, wire size, and labor requirements. Replaceable medium voltage heating elements facilitate maintenance, and power control selections include contactor, full-SCR, or SCR-trim load. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Digital Water Baths offer precise temperature control.

June 11, 2014

Available with integrated timer and 2, 5, 10, 20, or 28 L single chamber reservoirs, general purpose water baths maintain bath temperatures from ambient +5° to 99.9°C with ±0.1° stability and ±0.2°C uniformity for clinical and laboratory applications. Digital temperature readout simultaneously displays actual bath temperature and set point temperature in either °C or °F, and 3 user-defined temperature preset buttons allow for selection of frequently used temperature set points. Read More