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Canvas Experts Wins MFA Award of Excellence

April 25, 2016

Canvas Experts, of Ocean City, Maryland, was honored by the Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) with an Award of Excellence for Rigid Enclosures. Designer Michael Varga and fabricator Victor Albino used Safety Components' innovative BreakWater X™ in their winning installation. When Varga and Albino came upon Brenda Lou, an Albemarle 330 Express, they found the original enclosure was... Read More

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Cotton Pads have multipurpose design and come in 2 sizes.

June 12, 2013

Multi-purpose, bulk-packed cotton pads, gentle enough to use for removing makeup as well as applying astringents, toners, or lotions, cater to spas, salons, and beauty counters with high usage rates. While Part No. 93310 measures 3.25 x 3.75 in. and comes in bag with 200 pieces, Part No. 93311 measures 2 x 2 in. and comes in bag with 500 pieces. Read More

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How Glass Reinforcements Can Enhance Vehicle Efficiency Among Owens Corning Highlights at Upcoming Trade Show

March 14, 2013

Company to exhibit at JEC Europe 2013, beginning on March 12 in Paris TOLEDO, Ohio - Light weighting vehicles for improved fuel efficiency and helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are among the benefits glass reinforced composites can have on the cars and trucks we drive. These topics will be among the highlights of what Owens Corning will present at the JEC Europe 2013 show in... Read More

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Glass Fiber features tensile modulus of 14,359 ksi.

November 20, 2012

Developed using Modular Direct Melt production technology, S-3 UHM™ utilizes unique formulation of S-Glass raw materials to develop mechanical properties. Material is available in range of different formats including yarns, rovings, and chopped fibers. With S-3 UHM, designers and manufacturers will be able to use glass fiber reinforcement in areas previously limited to other types of fibers. Read More

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Naturally Advanced Technologies and Lenzing Fibers Enter into a Joint Development Agreement

May 22, 2012

CRAiLAR Flax to be blended with the Lenzing Fibers<4444>TENCEL® and Lenzing Modal®<4444>Performance and Sustainability in Fashion, Sport at Core of the Global Development Goals<4444>VICTORIA AND PORTLAND, OR - Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc. ("NAT" or the "Company") (TSXV: NAT) (OTCBB: NADVF), which produces and markets CRAiLAR®, a natural fiber made from flax and other bast fibers,... Read More

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HP Brings Cheer to Holiday Wish Lists with Printers and Personalized Gifts

November 29, 2011

Ring in the season with new home décor offerings and stylish, affordable web-connected printers<4444>PALO ALTO, Calif. - People can enjoy the holiday season in style with new photo and wall décor offerings from HP, as well as a sleek, web-connected printer that blends in with the design of any room.<4444>With gift options for everyone on holiday lists - from tech savvy individuals to avid... Read More

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Multi-End Roving is designed for translucent panels.

April 6, 2011

Made with Advantex® E-CR glass, OC HiLight(TM) features sizing for maximum clarity in architectural applications. Glass content in finished laminates delivers strength and stiffness while minimizing required resin. Translucence is optimized by minimization of white fibers, which avoids air entrapment and reduces light distortion. Formulation optimizes optical quality and light transmission for unsaturated polyester resin panel applications. Read More

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Single-End Type 30® Roving is suited for fabrics and pre-pregs.

April 6, 2011

Compatible with thermoset resin systems and weaving processes, SE1550 is made from Advantex® corrosion-resistant E-CR glass fiber reinforcement. Sizing and chemical binding technology makes roving suited for use in unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters, and epoxy resins. Fabrics manufactured using SE1550 exhibit optimized mechanical performance as well as performance retention after exposure to moisture. Applications include woven, knitted, and multi-axial fabrics or pre-pregs. Read More

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Naturally Advanced Technologies Announces Crailar Flax Fiber Production Now Imminent

January 28, 2011

Company Now Has the Capacity to Ship CRAiLAR Flax Fiber from its Kingstree Facility by March 2011<4444>PORTLAND, OR, - Naturally Advanced Technologies (OTCBB: NADVF, TSXV: NAT) CEO Ken Barker announced yesterday at the Texworld 2011 Conference in New York that the company is prepared to begin shipping initial orders of CRAiLAR® Flax Fiber from its Kingstree, SC, facility as early as March of... Read More

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Glass Fiber Rovings suit wind turbine blade applications.

September 21, 2010

Using proprietary new glass formulation, S-1 HM(TM) glass fibers feature 90 GPa tensile modulus and are suited for use in wind turbine blade applications. High-performance rovings, otherwise optimized for tensile strength, compressive strength, and compressive modulus, are fatigue resistant and come in various yields for epoxy and polyester resin systems. Direct roving product form is tailored for standard conversion to unidirectional fabrics and prepregs and multiaxial fabrics. Read More

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Scrim suits filtration applications.

September 26, 2002

Typar® Super Scrim(TM) spunbonded polypropylene media offers high airflow, and can be electrostatically charged. Available in weights from 1.75 to 8.0 osy, it is suitable for ASHRAE-related pleated or multi-pocket bag filters. It can be used as backing, facing, or between layers of filtration media. Super Scrim has no binders such as glue, adhesives, or acrylic to limit filtering area. It maintains physical properties when wet and is dimensionally stable. Read More

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