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Owens Corning Announces Breakthrough Single-End Roving for Wind Energy

April 14, 2006

WindStrand(TM) Allows Longer, Stiffer, Lighter Blades for up to 20 Percent Less Cost Than Other High-Performance Materials Product is First Application of Company's New Stronger, Lighter High-Performance Reinforcement Platform, HiPer-tex(TM) TOLEDO, Ohio, Feb. 28 -- Owens Corning (BULLETIN BOARD: OWENQ) announced at the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition in Athens, Greece, a... Read More

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Textile Enhancers impart fabric softness and fullness.

March 30, 2006

Delivering softening permanency, hydrophilic Magnasoft Derma NT imbues durability to textiles under stresses imposed by laundering process by coating fiber surface and penetrating into its interior. It imparts voluminous, silky hand and exhibits emulsion stability. Stable under alkaline conditions up to 14 pH and temperatures up to 100°C, self-emulsifying Magnasoft JSS delivers softness,... Read More

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Fabrics offer anti-odor/antimicrobial properties.

February 2, 2006

Featuring Smart Silver(TM) nanotechnology, Anti-Odor Fabrics include single-ply polyester at 4-5.5 oz/yd; plaited or double-ply polyester at 4-5.5 oz/yd; fleece in 100, 200, and 300 g, micro-denier and 4-way stretch; and athletic woven and twill at 5-9 oz/yd. SmartSilver additive permanently bonds to fibers without altering native characteristics. Applications include footwear, sporting goods,... Read More

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Additives offer anti-odor and antimicrobial properties.

February 1, 2006

Available in 3 strengths, SmartSilver(TM) anti-odor/antimicrobial additives for urethane and nylon let manufacturers add anti-odor/antimicrobial properties to their products. Permanent, safe, and fully compatible with existing manufacturing processes for fiber, fabric, and coated products, nanoscale material modifications do not alter stretch, wicking, hand, or dyeability of fibers and fabrics.... Read More

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Digital Converter converts analog audio/video to DVD.

January 26, 2006

Presto! digital converter transfers audio/video from any playback device with AV-out or S-Video-out, and simultaneously records to standard DVD without going through computer's hard drive. When burning to standard DVD+RW discs, user can continue to add clips from various sources to create extended video compilations until disc capacity is reached. Software allows users to choose between Record... Read More

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Lab Calender provides continuous ultrasonic bonding.

January 13, 2006

Ultrasonic Lab Calender utilizes ultrasonic bonding, embossing, slitting, or cutting and sealing technology at speeds up to 1,000 fpm and bonding widths up to 8 ft. Non-contact/non-wear technology with Micro Gap control allows bonding at high speeds while virtually eliminating wear between sonotrode and anvil drum. Ultrasonic bonding technology combined with web tension control capabilities... Read More

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Composite Textile fits to façade's shapes and curves.

November 29, 2005

Suited for new buildings, renovations, or building extensions, Stamisol FT 371 is rated with M1, B1, and Euroclass Bs2d0 fire classifications and withstands temperatures from -22 to 158°F. Controlled biaxial weaving performed on polyester scrim during coating process ensures dimensional stability in warp and weft directions. Custom-fitted to specific structure, composite textile acts as... Read More

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Contact Cleaning Systems provide industrial static control.

July 7, 2005

Featuring clamshell design, QuadClam and HexClam are 4- and 6-roll contact cleaners that remove particulate from top and bottom web-surface. HexClam is available to 24 in., and QuadClam accommodates 30-60 in. widths. QuadClean and HexClean are 4- and 6-roll assemblies for top and bottom web-surface cleaning. Former is available to 24 in. wide, and latter accepts 30-60 in. widths. Operating at... Read More

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Narrow Web Cleaning System maintains clean print surface.

July 7, 2005

VACoNoTAC uses static bar, which neutralizes static charge and stops attraction of particulate to web, and low-pressure vacuum system that suctions particulate into dust collector. Two components clean web to 25 microns. Contact Cleaner Roll then breaks boundary layer of air for particle removal to 1 micron. Available in single- and double-sided cleaning, system comes complete with dust collector... Read More

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Web Tension Systems deliver repeatable measurements.

June 21, 2005

GLT Web Tension Systems measure winding, rewinding, slitting, coating, laminating, and printing zones to ensure optimal performance. Products combine PS-1010T tension transmitter with galvanically isolated 0-10 V, 4-20 mA output signals and GLT Transducers with rated output of 2.000 mV/V ±0.25%. Available in 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 lb ratings, GLT transducers feature full Wheatstone-Bridge,... Read More

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Print Inspection Appliance offers stand-alone operation.

May 12, 2005

PQEye(TM) smart camera-based instrument addresses narrow web print inspection tasks, checking position, correctness, and quality of text and graphics that are machine-printed on discrete parts. Operated using multifunction keypad and GUI, product can detect defects down to a few pixels in size on media moving at rates to 300 m/min. Inspection speeds range from 3 parts/sec on individual items to... Read More

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Electric IR Oven dries steel webs that run 200 fpm.

April 14, 2005

Featuring 3 zones that provide uniform heat across web, model Web Dryer/IR/E removes moisture on steel web from 1/8-½ in. thick. Oven uses medium-wave, rapid response heaters and lets users turn off zones when drying smaller web widths. With heaters mounted to heat from top-down and bottom-up, unit can operate coil temperatures up to 2,000°F. Casters enable unit to be moved off web line as... Read More

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Electric Infrared Oven removes moisture on steel web.

April 13, 2005

With heating capacity of 200 kW, WebDryer/IR/E dries moisture on steel web ranging from 1/8-½ in. thick and running up to 200 fpm. Three zones provide uniform heat across web and can be turned off when drying smaller web widths. Featuring tongue and groove panel construction with 6 in. of insulation, oven uses medium-wave, rapid response heaters and can operate coil temperatures up to... Read More

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Fiberglass Cloth withstands temperatures to 1,000°F.

December 2, 2004

Manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn, heat-resistant PARGLASS cloth contains no compound, cement, or wire and will not burn or smolder. It retains 25% of tensile strength, even when service conditions reach 1,000°F, and will not swell, shrink, deteriorate, or change chemically. Available in weights from 8.5-40 oz/yd², product can be aluminized on one side for thermal reflection or... Read More

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Textile Liner insulates metal air ducts.

November 17, 2004

LinaTex offers fabricators and installers abuse-resistant insulation for lining sheet metal air ducts. It is made from 100% post-industrial recycled, long strand fiberglass bonded with thermosetting resin. Airstream surface is protected from damage during fabrication by black fiberglass mat surface, and edge-coating covers leading edges per NAIMA/SMACNA requirements. Liner complies with ASTM C... Read More

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Tension Controller aids in web unwinding and rewinding.

November 5, 2004

Suited for web and strand processing applications, controller uses strain gage and LVDT load cells to measure actual tension of product. It comes with dual 4-20 ma output and Ethernet TCP/IP interface, and features WAVERSAVER, which ignores machine vibration to provide accurate signal; C2 electronic calibration; and automatic backup of configuration data. Users can interact with process via... Read More

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Densified Chopped Strands suit thermoplastic compounds.

October 20, 2004

Available in 4 mm fiber lengths for thermoplastics such as PA, PP, PBT, and SMA, ThermoFlow® strands exhibit processing, mechanical, and matrix bonding properties suited for extrusion applications. Product features minimal fines and bulk density as well as uniform bundle size and shape. Featuring consistent glass content, strands are suited for automotive, electrical and consumer goods... Read More

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Flame-Resistant Fabric is NFPA2112 certified.

October 12, 2004

Featuring NFPA70E Hazard Risk Category Rating of Class 2, GlenGuard(TM)FR 6 oz fabric consists of blend of fibers, including Kermel® aramid, and is engineered to provide comfort and moisture management to help keep wearer cool and dry. Offering abrasion resistance, fabric is UL certified and meets Canadian Standards CGSB 155.20 for industrial flash fire protection. It is also in compliance... Read More