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Solar Simulation Interface tests photovoltaic I-V curves.

July 20, 2015

Offered as user-installable, plug-and-play option for SM3300 Series programmable DC power supplies, INT MOD SIM (Simulation Interface Module) offers custom programmable table for complex I-V curve simulation. PV simulation interface can also be used for simulation of foldback current limit and testing dynamic Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) efficiency to EN 50530 standard. Features include Windows Web interface GUI and compensation for voltage drop in load leads without sense wires. Read More

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Reflow Simulator accommodates full size PCBs for testing.

July 9, 2015

By using hot air of upper heater and extreme infrared radiation of lower heater together, MALCOM RDT-250C can reproduce temperature profile of reflow oven while allowing operators to observe melting state of solder paste and record process. Local matrix control system of upper heater enables reflow soldering of PCB in which thermal capacity is balanced with best heating temperature. Operator can observe state of soldering through wide glass windows from rear of unit. Read More

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Utility Grid Simulator (3-Phase) has regenerative power source.

June 4, 2015

Along with power levels from 45 kVA to 1.6 MVA that optimize testing capabilities for dispersed energy inverters, programmable PAS-F Series combines utility grid simulation and regenerative bi-directional AC source capable of sourcing and sinking full current load from DUT. Full DUT current is sunk into AC source, and 92% of power is regenerated back to utility grid. Adjustable output voltages and frequency, embedded LVRT test windows, and DSP-based controller are standard. Read More

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Four-Quadrant Voltage Drop Simulator has pre-programmed waveforms.

May 1, 2015

Used to simulate automotive battery simulation waveform requirements, VDS 200Q Series can source and sink current using programmed voltage in both positive and negative polarities. Amplifier generates dips and drops, short interruptions, and voltage variations to simulate phenomena occurring on vehicle wiring harness. Along with unlimited operation from -15 to +60 V, this DC voltage source offers <10 mΩ source impedance, 150 kHz bandwidth (full signal), and QuickStart feature. Read More

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Arthroscopic Training Simulator offers hip and knee modules.

April 1, 2015

With Hip Diagnostics and Advanced Knee 3D virtual reality modules, Simbionix™ ARTHRO Mentor™ optimizes surgical preparedness and planning for complex orthopedic procedures. Hip Diagnostics module enables surgeons to experience 70° arthroscope, limited maneuverability, and difficult orientation from different portals in round joint. Advanced Knee module provides realistic training environment for diagnostics, acquisition of basic skills, and practicing full meniscectomy procedure. Read More

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Protocol Test Suite emulates GSM network interfaces.

March 31, 2015

In addition to GSM Protocol Analyzer for all GSM protocols, GSM Protocol Test Suite comprises Protocol Emulators that can emulate GSM A, Abis, MAP, CAP, and INAP interfaces over both TDM and IP transport. MAPS™ MAP supports various procedures emulating MSC (VLR), HLR, EIR, and SMSC entities and H, C, D, E, F interfaces in network. Product also supports send/receive SMS simultaneously using signaling channel with voice/data/fax service over GSM network. Read More

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OC3/12 and STM1/4 Analyzer/Emulator enhances direct T1 E1 access.

March 17, 2015

Affording direct access to any or all T1s E1s (84 T1s = 4,032 DS0s or 63 E1s = 3,906 DS0s) inside OC-3 STM-1, LightSpeed1000™ comes with all necessary software for capturing, monitoring, emulation, and protocol analysis over SONET-SDH links. While 2 ports are meant for SONET/SDH unchannelized and unframed data, other 2 ports can be SONET/SDH or GigE (future) ports meant for channelized T1 E1. Hardware-based time-stamping of cells offers 10 nsec resolution and 1 ppm accuracy. Read More

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Digital Stimulus/Response Module aids RF chipset testing.

February 13, 2015

Featuring parametric measurement unit (PMU), 16-channel PXIe digital stimulus/response module offers accelerated and flexible RF chipset test emulation and device characterization. Pattern cyclizer technology enables on-the-fly pattern creation for single site or up to 4 independent multi-sites with high-voltage channels and open drain pins for simultaneous device test. Capable of emulating serial and parallel digital device interfaces, module offers 1 ns-per-bit edge placement resolution. Read More

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LTE-Advanced MIMO Radio Channel Emulator supports 3GPP testing.

January 30, 2015

Allowing users to test 3GPP features in multi-mode base stations and mobile devices, Propsim F32 supports testing of all LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation schemes defined by 3GPP (up to 5 component carriers) with mobility and handovers schemes. Frequency range support up to 6 GHz enables users to test mobile devices and network equipment for any LTE or LTE-U band as well as WLAN frequencies above 5 GHz. Users can also test products for 3D MIMO in 16 x 8 bi-directional set-ups. Read More

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IP WAN Emulators troubleshoot networks and applications.

December 9, 2014

Used to test performance of IP networks and network-dependent applications, IPLinkSim™ simulates impairments such as bandwidth constriction, congestion, packet jitter, packet delay, packet bit errors, and packet loss. IPLinkSim™ simulates IP WAN links using portable hardware based unit with GUI interface. Featuring plug-and-play operation, WAN Emulators offer remote access via Ethernet management port, Scheduler for modeling error scenarios, Traffic Monitor, and Bridge or Routing modes. Read More

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Optical Channelized Test System analyzes DS0s.

December 3, 2014

Permitting direct DS0 level access to hundreds of T1s and E1s from optical SONET or SDH structure, LightSpeed1000™ eliminates need for external multiplexing hardware. Multiple independent streams of any user-defined capacity can be generated internally, analyzed, and monitored in real-time. Platform supports any combination of DS0/64/56/16/8 kbps fractional T1 E1, and N x T1 E1 interface definitions. It offers protocol analysis and emulation of HDLC, SS7, ISDN, CAS, PPP, Frame Relay, and ATM. Read More

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Training Simulator tests hands-on robotic surgical skills.

September 25, 2014

As complete, hands-on procedural training simulator for robotic surgery skills, RobotiX Mentor™ offers basic skills and suturing modules that let surgeons of all levels of expertise efficiently train on required robotic skills. Interactive environment lets surgeons and residents experience partial and entire robotic clinical procedures. This cross-specialty robotic surgery skills and procedural training simulator also integrates into MentorLearn™ online curricula management system. Read More

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Protocol Simulator provides IUP simulation over TDM.

September 22, 2014

Intended for UK specific SS7 IUP protocol in British Telecom networks, MAPS™ IUP simulates interconnect route between incoming and outgoing networks as defined by TGS/SPEC/006 and PNO-ISC/INFO/004 specifications. Ready scripts are available supporting various protocol services including Basic Call Service protocol, Request Service protocol, Nodal End-to-End Data protocol, Enveloped ISUP Essential Service protocol, and ISDN Call Handling Service protocol. Read More

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Emulation Software optimizes storage infrastructure.

August 28, 2014

Class of Storage emulator runs in RAM and allows storage and datacenter engineers and architects to model applications against different classes of target storage in virtualized manner. Built with such virtual building blocks as SSDs, HDDs, and WAN delays, emulated arrays can simulate performance characteristics of real arrays, hybrid arrays, or cloud storage. Functionality, regarding changes to storage infrastructure, allows What-if decisions to be simulated without requiring real devices. Read More

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RTD Simulator with Climate Control has TCR down to ±1 ppm/°C.

August 14, 2014

Bulk Metal® Foil RTD Simulator resistor simulates RTD PT-100 and PT-1000 outputs for calibration of RTD instruments. Along with nominal TCR of ±1 ppm/°C from -55 to +125°C, +25°C ref, and load-life stability of ±0.005% after 2,000 hr of rated power at +70°C, features include power ratings to 0.6 W at +70°C and max working voltage of 300 V. Resistance range is 10 Ω to 5 kΩ, with tight resistance tolerance to ±0.005% (50 ppm). Design is non-inductive (<0.08 µH) and non-capacitive. Read More

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Emulation Technology supports TI TMS570LSxx processor compatibility.

August 5, 2014

VarioTAP® technology, used for universal processor emulation, is available for Texas Instruments TMS570LSxx models of Hercules™ series. Processor is configured to provide design-integrated test and programming instruments via native debug port. As part of IP library, VarioTAP® model contains all relevant access information for respective target processor. Users can, due to this, select processor and then test and validate connected hardware units and program Flash memories. Read More

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Air Curtain Emulator ensures proper fresh food placement.

July 30, 2014

By determining air curtain limits, A.C.E. Reel helps ensure proper fresh food placement in order to reduce spoilage and enhance safety. Users simply attach magnetized end to load line indicator, bunker cooler, or air intake grid at bottom of multi-deck case or frozen cooler and pull reel to air exhaust or honeycomb for measurement. Enabling at-a-glance identification, any displayed product extending past wire is loaded too high and out of cold curtain. Read More

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PCI Programmable Resistor Solutions support fine adjustment.

July 22, 2014

Intended for emulation of PT100 and PT1000 resistive temperature sensors, 50-262 PCI RTD simulator cards contain 6 resistance channels and are offered with 90–250 Ω and 900–2,500 Ω resistance ranges. Products offer resistance stability and fine setting resolution. Also available, 4 models of 50-265 PCI Strain Gauge Simulator Cards offer 6 bridge channels that each simulate strain gauge bridge. Strain gauge model range includes 350 Ω, 1 kΩ, 2 kΩ, and 3 Ω bridges. Read More

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Universal Processor Emulation is available for TI AM355x series.

July 17, 2014

VarioTAP® technology is available for universal processor emulation for Texas Instruments AM355x products of Sitara™ series. Configuration provides design-integrated test and programming instruments via native debug port. Respective VarioTAP® model, as part of IP library, contains all relevant access information for respective target processor. Users can select processor corresponding to their design and then test and validate connected hardware unit as well as program Flash memories. Read More

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Qi Development Tools support WPC Medium Power standards.

July 7, 2014

Designed to support Medium Power (15 W) extension of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) standards, Qi Wireless Power development tools include medium power test receiver, medium power FOD (foreign object detection) test receiver, and Qi Sniffer device. Medium Power Qi Receiver Simulator has programmable functions as well as test modes specific to medium power specifications, and Qi Sniffer will recognize and decode communications packets defined for medium power extension. Read More