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Versatile Datalogger Captures Data for Device Validation

October 19, 2016

Log it All with dataTaker! Whether startups or large manufacturers, companies have come to rely on data capture for device validation and proof of scale for prototype devices. dataTaker Universal data loggers can capture almost any measurement value, making them ideal for performance monitoring and device component monitoring. These versatile loggers enable connection to many different sensor... Read More

Sensors, Monitors & Transducers, Test & Measuring Instruments

Leak Noise Logger integrates correlation capabilities.

September 30, 2016

Installed magnetically on pipe fittings throughout distribution system, Permalog PCorr+ enables water suppliers to locate leaks in water network via remote noise sampling and listening. Alarm state activates if leak noise is identified, radio signal is transmitted to indicate leak condition, and correlation mode lets users calculate precise location of leak. Otherwise, data is gathered via drive-by data collection with Patroller 3 USB radio receiver. Battery life is rated at 5 years. Read More

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Detecting DC Motor Failure Using a Data Logger

September 27, 2016

DC motor failure is disastrous for factories and plant processes in every industry. To help prevent costly process delays, you can use a data logger to measure Temperature, Voltage/Current and other parameters. At CAS DataLoggers we provide the versatile and rugged dataTaker data loggers for these applications. Call our Application Specialists at 800-956-4437 for more info. DataTaker... Read More

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High-Speed Recording of Frequency Trigger Points

September 22, 2016

ADwin Systems Log Data at Speeds of 25 Nanoseconds At CAS DataLoggers we occasionally have customers in the power generation industry whose application involves a quickly-fluctuating waveform. These technicians need to accurately determine the frequency of a given waveform at each of its cycles. This can occur when manufacturers and servicers need to ensure the stability and reliability of... Read More

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Time-Synchronized Acquisition of GPS Positional Data

September 20, 2016

A Single System for Measurement and Analysis Delphin data loggers have the ability to determine positions via GPS signals. This is ideal for vehicular applications including automotive testing, flight testing, field trials and more. The GPS signal is received via a GPS sensor serially connected to a Delphin data logger. The sensor records GPS data according to the NEMA protocol. The Delphin... Read More

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Impact Tester aims to reduce playground head injuries.

September 19, 2016

Designed for testing various recreational surfaces, HeadSAFE Impact Tester is dropped from designated heights and data is used to calculate potential for head injury. Portable ASTM-compliant unit features built-in data logger with internal accelerometers that are DC-response and ranged for surface testing. HeadSAFE records XYZ impact data with detailed date and time stamped history. Up to 2,000 events can be stored in 1 GB flash memory, which can be downloaded for analysis. Read More

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Need Temperature Monitoring for Food and Beverage Regulations?

September 16, 2016

CAS DataLoggers Has Your Solution! Do you need a temperature monitoring system to stay in compliance with FSMA, HACCP or another Food Beverage regulation? CAS DataLoggers is a leading temperature datalogger distributor—let us take the hassle out of the buying process! Give our experienced Applications Specialists a call at 800-956-4437! Temperature Dataloggers are ideal for cold chain... Read More

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Temperature Profiling Datalogger optimizes batch oven process.

September 15, 2016

Able to survive temperatures up to 482°F for as long as 50 min (longer with phase change heat sink insert), battery-operated Grant Temperature Data Logger in Grant Oven Temperature Profiling Kit lets users obtain complete temperature profile and print QA reports. Datalogger has 6 channels for connection with diverse Type T and K thermocouple probes, is designed for through process monitoring, and captures data at up to 8 samples/sec. Non-volatile memory stores up to 260,000 secure readings. Read More

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Tracking Environmental Conditions of Livestock Barns

September 9, 2016

Data Loggers Let Producers Check Animal Health from Mobile Devices Keeping livestock healthy is of the utmost importance for meat and dairy producers. Their barns hold hundreds of cows, pigs and other animals producing meat, milk and eggs. Excessive heat and humidity are one of the largest risks to livestock health, causing heat stress and loss of appetite. However, many suppliers are turning... Read More

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Delphin Offers Extensive Driver Development

September 8, 2016

Let Delphin Develop Your Application! For flexible use in many different measurement applications, communication between Delphin data loggers and third-party ICA technology is possible using standard protocols. The communication interfaces in Delphin ProfiSignal software and hardware provide a multitude of options for exchanging data. CAS DataLoggers distributes Delphin dataloggers in the... Read More

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Need Temperature Monitoring for a Fridge or Freezer?

September 8, 2016

If you need temperature monitoring for a refrigerator or freezer, a Temperature Datalogger is an ideal way to get peace of mind. Whether you’re storing food product in a deli freezer or vaccines in a medical storage unit, data loggers help you to protect your product with alarms while also documenting temperature history for regulations and inspections. CAS DataLoggers carries temperature... Read More

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Fast and Flexible Technology for Test Measurement

August 29, 2016

Professional Test and Measurement Systems Heating unit and HVAC system testing is performed according to a wide range of industrial standards. Measurement data provides the basis for a product‘s technical specifications, so a manufacturer’s sensor technology has to be capable of high-level precision. Meanwhile technicians require full automation of testing procedures and test results, but... Read More

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Measuring Bearing Vibration Levels

August 25, 2016

Data Acquisition Systems for Fault Diagnosis Condition Monitoring The diagnosis of bearing damage in roller bearings is an integral part of servicing and maintenance tasks. Increasingly, technicians rely on condition monitoring systems (CMS) for machine diagnoses in plants and factories. Many CMS systems are based on vibration measurements. Two contrasting approaches exist: the diagnostic,... Read More

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TempGenius Offers Highly Automated Vaccine Monitoring Systems

August 25, 2016

TempGenius is the leading and dedicated company provides amazing selection of automated temperature monitors. Such monitors perform a range of monitoring applications and enable you to get peace of mind. Maintaining the right temperature at the storage is really very essential to assure their quality doesn’t; suffer in the long run. And for that it is very essential to maintain the right... Read More

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Automated Temperature Monitoring Helps Save Vaccines

August 18, 2016

According to Medical Lab Management Magazine, half of all hospital labs have installed automated temperature monitoring devices to help protect their critical vaccines and healthcare supplies. Another 20% of these labs say that they plan to source a system over the next few years. To help protect your lab’s vaccines and life science products, CAS DataLoggers offers temperature monitoring... Read More

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Real-Time Control System Automates Paleomagnetic Studies

August 12, 2016

ADwin DSP Enables Precise Switching of Magnetic Fields Paleomagnetic research studies the magnetic history of geology as embodied in rock samples. These samples of interest contain metallic traces still oriented to the earth’s magnetic field as it existed at the time of the rock’s formation. To save time spent taking manual measurements, laboratory researchers are using automated control... Read More

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Reservoir Analysis increases oil and gas production.

August 1, 2016

Delivering critical oil and gas reservoir properties to exploration and production (E&P) companies, Fracture ID lowers drilling and completion expenses while increasing hydrocarbon recoveries. Drillbit Geomechanics™, used to analyze at-the-bit vibrations for detailed reservoir characterization, promotes unconventional resource development economics through informed frac stage and perf cluster placement, while downhole datalogger collects data during normal course of drilling. Read More

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All-in-One Datalogger allows CAN-based vehicle recording.

August 1, 2016

With flexible communications interface for in-vehicle electronic modules, Influx Rebel CT can record vehicle network and sensor data for extended periods in real-time without any user interaction. Multiple high-speed microprocessors allow simultaneously capture of data from 3 different CAN sources; additional sensor options are available. Available in Standard, Analog, and FlexRay versions, this IP68-rated and LAN-ready unit can also be used to collect raw CAN messages in Listen Only mode. Read More

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Data Logger supports test and lab applications.

July 19, 2016

Equipped with 24-bit converter, Delphin Expert Logger 400 can process up to 16 universal analog input channels at sampling rates up to 1,000 Hz. Internal 4 GB memory independently stores up to 30 million measurement values, date- and time-stamped to millisecond precision. Measurement data can be transmitted to Internet or PC for evaluation via USB, LAN, WLAN, or LTE. Logger operates with standard batteries, rechargeable batteries, or solar units. Read More

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Fully-Automated Recording of Temperature & Humidity

July 15, 2016

Fully-Automated Recording of Temperature Humidity Are you working in an HVAC application such as temperature monitoring in vents and ducts, humidity recording in greenhouses, or logging carbon dioxide levels in schools? Data loggers are an affordable way to automate environmental data collection for HVAC system validation. Compact and highly accurate, they’re ideal for monitoring indoor... Read More