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Portable Calibrator can be used in field and lab environments.

March 19, 2015

CE marked for safety, 17 lb ThermCal130 accepts removeable inserts for probe size flexibility in addition to offering fixed ¼ in. reference hole. Device lets users store and recall up to 8 calibration set points for quick temperature changes as well as to adjust unit calibration as needed to meet unique quality standards. Suited for field and lab use, instrument allows switching between °F and °C and offers adjustable ramp rates for testing of thermal switches.
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Test & Measuring Instruments

Handheld Pressure Calibrator delivers lab accuracy in field.

February 23, 2015

Designed for process control applications, HPC40 Series can replace several gauges or calibrators and provides deadweight tester accuracy in on-site instrument. This mA loop calibrator, suitable for pressures ranging from vacuum to 15,000 psi, delivers accuracy of 0.035% of reading for all ranges and is fully compensated from -20 to +50°C. Latter enables same accuracy whether measuring pressure, current, voltage, or temperature. Use is facilitated via single-layer UI and full-color display.
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Air Sampling Pump Calibrators suit field and lab environments.

February 2, 2015

Used to calibrate industrial hygiene and occupational health air sampling pumps in portable or laboratory applications, Defender Series leverages DryCal® Technology for accelerated, ±1% volumetric accuracy. Functionality, depending on model, includes volumetric primary flow standard, ambient temperature/pressure condition recording, and automatic reading standardization. Series also offers choice of single, hands-free continuous, or user-specified Burst measurements. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Permeation System suits trace gas calibration applications.

January 22, 2015

Offering manually operated standalone solution for simple calibration applications, EcoFlex™ can use any Trace Source™ liquid source permeation or diffusion tube to give concentrations from low ppb to over 100 ppm. Up to 8 disposable tubes can be used simultaneously, or system can support one LFH refillable, high-rate tube. With calibration mixtures delivered at up to 40 psig, EcoFlex enables temperature set point to be adjusted in 0.1°C increments and flow to be set in increments of 10 cc/min. Read More

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Handheld Shaker provides multiple frequency outputs.

January 20, 2015

With self-diagnostics to ensure data integrity, ReferenceMate™ delivers known vibration level that enables users in field to verify sensor performance and integrity of cabling and connectors between sensor and DAQ system. Portable vibration reference source provides frequency outputs of 61.4 Hz for imperial measurements, 100 Hz to simulate standard calibration conditions, and 159.2 Hz for metric measurements. LED indicators illuminate if battery levels are low or if unit is overloaded. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Handheld Calibrator measures pressure to 10,000 psi.

December 18, 2014

Incorporating Quick-Select™ modules, Heise® PTE-2 measures pressure in ranges from 0.25 in. H2O through 10,000 psi and temperature over wide range with RTDs or thermocouples. Current and voltage input can also be displayed simultaneously with 2 other measurements, while 16,000 records can be logged for historical reference. Housed in IP65-rated enclosure, calibrator includes USB port, SD card, backlit LCD, and onboard loop power supply. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Pressure/Flow Calibrator features portable design.

November 18, 2014

Suitable for laboratory or on-site use, Model FCO560 fulfills requirements for low differential pressure calibration of transmitters, transducers, and pressure switches. Unit can be combined with Laminar Flow Elements to provide flow calibrator which can cover flows from less than 1 mL/min to over 30,000 L/min. Communicating via RS232 or USB, battery-powered instrument includes 4–20 mA inputs, PT100 temperature sensor input, and voltage/current inputs for DUT signal. Read More

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Pre-Calibrated Tubes measure chemicals in gases.

September 29, 2014

Available for 150+ chemicals and concentration ranges, calibration Gas Detector Tubes precisely measure gases and vapors for over 600 applications, including chemicals in gas samples, hazmat emergencies, and routine inspections. These pre-calibrated products may be used in various brands of calibration pumps. Complete sampling is accomplished within minutes, and concentration is read directly from length of color stain.
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Software and Interface verifies probe calibration.

August 21, 2014

With Model DCAL 1000, users can verify calibration, calibrate, and manage calibration certificates for wired and wireless test equipment probes used with Model UHH, Series AQTI, or Mobile Meter™ software. No external power is needed for interface, as it draws power directly from USB port on PC. LEDs indicate that unit has power and when it is communicating to wired or wireless probe. With software, user can select what type of operation is needed and which probe to calibrate and/or certify. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Humidity Calibrator provides 12 hr of battery-powered use.

August 11, 2014

Designed for calibrating RH sensors, S503 Portable Humidity Calibrator includes optional battery pack for customers that need to conduct calibrations at sites without electricity. Unit can perform 3-point calibration in about 1 hr, and, when combined with chilled mirror hygrometer, offers transportable and traceable, total humidity calibration system. Providing 12 hr or more of continuous use from single charge, battery pack allows full day of calibrations to be completed on-site. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Electronic Components & Devices

RF Reference Sources calibrate spectrum analyzers.

August 8, 2014

Designed specifically for RF calibration, Models 96270A and 96040A provide accurate signal delivery direct to UUT input. Units feature integrated frequency counter rated at 300 MHz and 50 MHz, respectively, while Model 96270A also includes dual power meter readout, eliminating need for additional instruments. Model 96270A covers more than 80% of test points required for calibrating spectrum analyzer models below 27 GHz, and nearly all spectrum analyzers of any frequency range. Read More

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Multi-Signal Calibrator features single-layer interface.

July 15, 2014

Featuring portable design, JOFRA ASC-400 provides laboratory accuracy for field calibration, process monitoring, and maintenance functions. Calibrator is capable of sourcing with simultaneous read-back from device-under-test of mA, V, pulsed transmitters, pressure, and temperature. Unit performs automatic switch test, leak test, scaling, and online % error calculation. With single-layer interface, technicians can use as many as 11 different functions without referring to documentation. Read More

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Portable 4-Channel, 500 MHz Oscilloscope delivers 5 GSPS.

April 22, 2014

Able to achieve 500 MHz at 5 GSPS real-time sample rate, Fluke® 190-504 Series II 500 MHz ScopeMeter® suits electronic troubleshooters requiring 200 psec sample rate and 4 channels for optimal accuracy and clarity of shape and amplitude of unknown waveform phenomena. Sealed and rugged handheld unit offers independently insulated input channels, IP51 dust and dripwater proof rating, deep memory of up to 10,000 samples-per-channel, and multiple functions. Read More

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Temperature Calibrators are optimized for accuracy, usability.

April 14, 2014

Fluke® 712B RTD and 714B Thermocouple Temperature Calibrators let instrument, process, and plant maintenance technicians test process temperature instrumentation. Fluke 712B measures and simulates 13 RTD types and resistance, while Fluke 714B measures and simulates 17 thermocouple types as well as millivolts. Also, tools measure 4–20 mA signals with 0.001 mA resolution while simultaneously sourcing temperature signal; both readings are shown on backlit display for transmitter calibration. Read More

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Waveguide Power Sensor provides E-band power measurements.

January 29, 2014

Designed with WR-12 flange connector, E8486A Waveguide Power Sensor makes precise power measurements in E-band spectrum of 60–90 GHz. Unit comes with 80 dB dynamic range option, allowing sensor to measure from -60 to +20 dBm instead of standard -30 to +20 dBm range. To facilitate calibration, sensor incorporates 50 MHz calibration port, eliminating uncertainties due to temperature changes and variance in making measurements with different meter and sensor combinations. Read More

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Dry Block Temperature Calibrator features portable design.

December 5, 2013

Designed for calibrating all types of temperature sensors and thermometers, ThermCal400 weighs less than 11 lb, making it suitable for field calibration work as well as laboratory use. USA-made unit features temperature range of ambient +5 to 400°C with accuracy of ±25 up to 200°C and ±0.4 up to 400°C. Constructed with polished stainless steel top and bottom, calibrator includes multiwell insert for most probe sizes, adjustable ramp rate, and ability to store and recall up to 8 setpoints. Read More

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Indicator Calibrator works with diverse range of instruments.

October 11, 2013

Accurate to ±10 µin. over full 0–1 in. range, benchtop OPTIMAR 25 can be used for calibration of precision measuring instruments. It can measure to National Standards and comes with a MarCheck LCD monochrome digital display with background illumination and 0.512 in. high digits. Using precise digital encoder, unit measures directly in line with instrument with smooth operation and no backlash. Several options are available, and unit measures dial and digital indicators in upright position. Read More

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Thermometer Calibration System targets dairy industry.

September 27, 2013

Available with multiple well inserts for compatibility with most stemmed dial and digital type thermometers, Check-Set™ IV complies with calibration and verification requirements of dairy industry including milk, ice cream, and cheese processing plants. System offers accuracy of ±0.2°F with switch selectable testing at 40°F (cold food holding temperature), 150°F (clean-in-place return line temperature), 161°F (flash pasteurization of milk) and 175°F (flash pasteurization of frozen desserts). Read More

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Loop Calibrator offers HART communication capabilities.

September 11, 2013

With LC-110H Loop Calibrator, users can edit long and short tags, as well as message and descriptor fields, and select PV unit for most commonly used transmitters. Digital unit features rotating knob operation, Quick-Set™ click of knob to select feature, and ability to make real-time adjustments where transmitter output tracks rotation of knob. Providing accuracy of ±0.01% of reading for DC current and voltage, LC-110H includes auto-stepping and ramping, valve test function, and auto-shutdown. Read More

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Permeation Tubes provide standards for hazardous pollutants.

September 4, 2013

Dynamic blends of trace concentration mixtures of phenol and other hazardous pollutants are available via Trace Source™ permeation tubes and FlexStream™ computer controlled perm tube system. Tubes are available for concentrations from <30 ppb for disposable tube at 60°C to 150+ ppm from high rate tube operated at 120°C. Mixtures can be delivered at room temperature, dry, or humidified. Applications include filter testing and qualification, environmental monitoring, and sensor development. Read More