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Test & Measuring Instruments

Kato-Katz Analysis Technique for Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis (STH)

Aug 11, 2017

In last October's newsletter, Sterlitech announced the availability of kits for performing the Kato-Katz analysis technique for Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis (STH) in field-based applications, signifying the first time that these kits were available from a source in the United States. Prior to this, the efforts of research groups and health organizations could be hampered by limited... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Ki Pro Ultra Plus 4K and Multi-Channel HD Recorder supports high frame rate workflows.

Aug 10, 2017

Ki Pro Ultra Plus 4K and Multi-Channel HD Recorder comes with ST600-KIPRO an Ethernet-based tactile control panel. Unit records 1, 2, 3 or 4-channel HD up to 1080 50/60p, 4K, UHD play and record support. Product supports pathways to connectivity, 3G-SDI, fiber and HDMI 2.0. ST600-KIPRO control panel allows user to view the entire clip list and enter new clip names. ST600-KIPRO can assist up to... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

VideoEdge 1U Network Video Recorder provides storage capacity of up to 24 TB.

Aug 03, 2017

VideoEdge 1U Network Video Recorder supports up to 32 IP cameras. Unit comes with embedded intelligence that allows users for receiving multiple video streams. Delivering video with reduced network bandwidth, recorder is embedded with PoE switches for lower installation times. Product is designed with 16 embedded software configurable Power over Ethernet ports.

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Test & Measuring Instruments

CableEye® USB Test Fixture Board uses CB26 small-frame motherboard.

Jul 28, 2017

Allowing user to continuity-check USB Type-C terminated cables using the CableEye tester, CB26U CableEye® Type-C USB Test Fixture Board accepts two USB Type-C connectors. The fixture board is designed for CableEye cable and harness testing systems. Unit can test two USB-C-connectors simultaneously.

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Test & Measuring Instruments

MAPS™ GSM A Over IP Interface Emulator comes with ready scripts.

Jul 27, 2017

Designed for GSM Simulation over A Interface, MAPS™ GSM A Over IP Interface Emulator supports testing network elements such as MSC and BSC, error tracking, regression and conformance testing. Unit offers fault insertion and erroneous call flow testing capabilities. Product provides load testing, functional testing, regression testing and conformance testing of network elements. Emulator... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Manage Your Hospital's Data Digitally with Paperless Recorders

Jul 25, 2017

Brainchild Monitors Storage Unit Temperature and More!

Increasingly the CDC, the Joint Commission, and other healthcare authorities are placing more stringent guidelines on vaccine storage and temperature monitoring. As a result, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are turning to paperless chart recorders as an easy way to manage their product temperature data. Brainchild Digital Chart... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Talon® Series Recorder offers recording rates up to 6.4 GB/sec.

Jul 18, 2017

Capable of recording sample rates ranging from 1.5 GHz to 3.0 GHz, Model RTR 2745 Talon® Series Recorder is designed with two 3 GHz 14-bit A/D converters and digital downconverters. Suitable for capturing IF outputs of RF downconverters with up to 600 MHz bandwidths, unit provides storage capacity of up to 61 TB using up to 32 hot-swappable solid-state drives. Recorder offers fixed decimation... Read More

Robotics, Test & Measuring Instruments

HARI Monitor Bot is embedded with NEO™ Analytics Platform.

Jul 15, 2017

Enabling supply chain teams to remotely tour, monitor and engage with factories and facilities, HARI Monitor Bot performs tasks like site inspection, thermal imaging, remote monitoring, condition monitoring, compliance monitoring. HARI facilitates supply chain professional with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning capabilities and real time visibility.

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Test & Measuring Instruments

Nanotronics Debuts nSpec 3.0-300MM Inspection System

Jul 13, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, July 12, 2017 - Nanotronics is debuting a novel compact 300MM inspection system that has a footprint, price, scalability and automation to be used in both fab and lab environments. At a fraction of the price of other tools with broader defect detection and analysis capabilities, nSpec® 3.0 is a new class of equipment.

Nanotronics has expanded the range of its... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

ACUSTRIP Innovation Recognition Automechanika June 2017

Jul 12, 2017

ACUSTRIP Company, Inc. leading fluid diagnostics since 1989 continues to bring new innovations in vehicle fluid diagnostics. ACUSTRIP® products have been proven effective with Automotive & Truck service providers, DIYers and OEMs worldwide. Customers praise the ACUSTRIP products for their reliability and ease of use.

Acustrip’s innovative Mold/Bacteria test and newly designed 2-pad... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Test & Measuring Instruments

Preview for Seica Inc for Semicon West – Semicon West – 7/11/17 – 7/13/17 – San Francisco, CA – Booth #7709

Jul 11, 2017

Salem, New Hampshire USA, July 2017 - Seica will be showcasing the new Industrial Monitoring solution at this exhibition. The solution has been conceived with a special focus towards energy saving requirements and predictive monitoring of events, in compliance with the principles of Industry 4.0. Our system on the booth, the Pilot 4DV8 will integrate Seica’s industrial monitoring hardware,... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Series 4 Data Loggers come with integrated WiFi option.

Jul 07, 2017

Featuring Ethernet communications, 18-bit resolution, LCD display and internal battery, DT82I Series 4 Data Loggers deliver programmable analog output of 0-10 Vdc or 0-24 mA. Offering sample rate of 40Hz A/D and eight digital inputs/outputs, units are embedded with dEX software. Equipped with USB port, product can accept up to 4 isolated or 6 common-ground referenced analog inputs. Suitable... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Highlighted Project of the Week: Cincinnati Automation Seal Inspection Machine

Jun 28, 2017

Over the last several years, Cincinnati Automation(CA) has developed a standard inspection product for inspecting different types of seals. The pictured machine includes the same standard mechanical parts of every seal inspection machine CA builds: feeder bowl, double loop conveyor, pneumatic blow offs, laser measuring devices, and vision integration. For this particular version, CA is... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Highlighted project of the Week: Cincinnati Automation High Precision Robotic Inspection Machine

Jun 28, 2017

Cincinnati Automation built a highly specialized robotic integrated machine. Utilizing a Fanuc robot for automated movement, Cincinnati Automation was able to inspect small, high precision machined parts and then pack them away into trays to generate easy material handling for a customer.

The inspection system included a 2D laser micrometer from Keyence as well as a specialized macro... Read More

Portable Tools, Test & Measuring Instruments

Cadence Custom/Analog and Full-Flow Digital and Signoff Tools Enabled for GLOBALFOUNDRIES 7LP Process Node

Jun 22, 2017

Reference flow available for early customer engagement AUSTIN, Texas, June 20, 2017 - DESIGN AUTOMATION CONFERENCE - Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) today announced that its custom/analog and full-flow digital and signoff tools are now enabled for v0.5 of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES 7nm Leading-Performance (7LP) FinFET semiconductor technology. The 7LP process node is expected to deliver... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Thermal Product Solutions Ships Tenney Space Simulation System to a Logistics Company

Jun 20, 2017

New Columbia, PA – June 5, 2017: Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of environmental testing equipment, announced the shipment of a Tenney Environmental Vacuum / Temperature Space Simulation system to a logistics company. The outer structural shell of the environmental simulator is designed to resist one atmosphere of external pressure while under vacuum.

The vessel has... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Netropy 10G2 WAN Emulator comes with redundant power supply.

Jun 17, 2017

Used in storage over WAN, datacenter replication, IP video and remote backup/disaster recovery, Netropy 10G2 WAN Emulator can simulate two separate bi-directional 10 Gbps links running at full-line rate. Designed with 4 SFP+ ports for 1/10 Gbps autonegotiating capability for supporting both 10 Gbps SFP+ and 1 Gbps SFP, product enables enterprises to simulate high latency connections for... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Real-Time In-Transit Logger uses GSM cellular data transmission technology.

Jun 14, 2017

Available in 25 - day logging duration with data uploaded every 15 minutes and 100 - day with one hour logger configurations, FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit Logger records temperature, humidity, shock, light and location. Accessing up-to-the-minute information, unit’s stored data can be used for traceability, audits, HACCP documentation and FSMA compliance. Product is housed in logger sleeve... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

DataLogger® 6 features HD touchscreen interface.

Jun 14, 2017

Featuring front and rear cameras, laser barcode scanner and GPS joint location, DataLogger® 6 is integrated with easy-to-navigate software system. Offering on-screen instructions, unit collects and analyzes data on fusible pipeline. Using wired connection, product is capable of transferring data from fusion machine and syncs wirelessly to the DataLogger Vault™. Device is powered by... Read More

Optics & Photonics, Robotics, Test & Measuring Instruments, Vision Systems

Aven Mighty Cam Eidos 2M Inspection Camera

Jun 13, 2017

Aven Mighty Cam Eidos 2M Inspection Camera with Integrated 11.6” HD Monitor is a convenient 2-in-1 camera and monitor system. The Eidos connects to any C/CS mount microscope or video lens. This system features crisp, high resolution, 1080p, HD images on a 11.6” LCD monitor. The tiltable axis allows the user to position the monitor back up to a 90-degree angle. The system includes a... Read More