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ProSense Digital Pressure Gauges from AutomationDirect

Jul 20, 2017

AutomationDirect’s ProSense DPG1 digital pressure gauges are ideal for industrial and general purpose applications requiring an accurate and reliable device with easy to read digital display.

These DPG1 gauges have a 4-digit, 2” x 3/4” LCD display and 2-button operation. The display can operate in a continuously on mode, or an auto shut-off mode to lengthen battery life. The... Read More

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Vector Network Analyzer offers 0.005dB RMS trace noise.

Jul 19, 2017

Featuring Quad RX four-receiver architecture, PicoVNA 106 Vector Network Analyzer captures 500 point 2-port S2P Touchstone file. Supporting isolation correction and unknown thru calibration methods, unit comes with dynamic range of 118dB at 10Hz and bandwidth of 140kHz. Embedded with Microsoft Windows-compatible software, product is suitable for 5G, IoT, radar, and tissue and materials imaging... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

MIT410-TC/3 Insulation and Continuity Tester provides feedback-controlled test voltages.

Jul 12, 2017

Featuring a dual digital readout, the MIT410-TC/3 Insulation and Continuity Tester comes with a digital and analog arc display. Providing TRMS measurements and stabilized test voltage, the unit comes in a soft canvas weatherproof case. Featuring live circuit detection, the product offers test ranges up to 100 GΩ and test voltages to 500 V. Available with 200 mA or 20 mA continuity test... Read More

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ACUSTRIP Innovation Recognition Automechanika June 2017

Jul 12, 2017

ACUSTRIP Company, Inc. leading fluid diagnostics since 1989 continues to bring new innovations in vehicle fluid diagnostics. ACUSTRIP® products have been proven effective with Automotive & Truck service providers, DIYers and OEMs worldwide. Customers praise the ACUSTRIP products for their reliability and ease of use.

Acustrip’s innovative Mold/Bacteria test and newly designed 2-pad... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

MP1900A Bit Error Rate Tester features built-in Pulse Pattern Generator.

Jul 07, 2017

Integrating Jitter Measurement, Emphasis, Equalizer and unique Link Negotiation functions, MP1900A SQA Bit Error Rate Tester is used for conducting PCI Express Gen 4 and Gen 5 tests, LTSSM status analysis, jitter generation, and CM/DM noise injection. Featuring an intuitive GUI with 12.1 in. touch-panel display, unit can measure performance of network-side interfaces, such as 400 GbE, 200 GbE,... Read More

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HD-PacketExpert™ Testing Tool supports BERT on all 12 or 24 ports.

Jun 30, 2017

Capable of handling multi stream traffic simultaneously, HD-PacketExpert™ Multiport Ethernet Switch Tester can generate traffic rate of 24 Gbps or 48 Gbps. Supporting RFC 2544 testing on 3 or 6 Port Pairs, product follows three steps for performing test analysis on multiport switches. Unit’s each port can generate mix of Layer2/Layer3 streams with different MAC/IP addresses and VLAN tags.... Read More

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Torque Wrench-Stabilizing Tool is made from recycled plastic.

Jun 23, 2017

Suitable for service technicians to get off the roadside and commercial fleet tire service, Torque Fin - Torque Wrench-Stabilizing Tool allows easy way to torque wheel nuts. Allowing single person to torque with precision, unit is durable and lightweight.

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GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies Selected by Rohde & Schwarz for Use with R&S ZNBT20 Multi-Port VNA

Jun 20, 2017

LANDENBERG, Pa., June 15, 2017 - W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) has announced that Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) is endorsing GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies for use with its new R&S ZNBT20 multi-port VNA.

The new R&S ZNBT20 from Rohde & Schwarz is the first true multi-port vector network analyzer in the microwave range with up to 16 integrated test ports. The unique hardware... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Test & Measuring Instruments

Keysight Technologies Launches E-Mobility Test, Measurement Innovations Enabling Cost-Effective, High-Power/High-Voltage Product Deployments

Jun 20, 2017

New solutions enable advancement of cell and battery technologies, electrical powertrain components, and sub-systems used in hybrid and electric vehicles, and in associated energy storage units


  • High-power/high-voltage power converter test solution - enables safe and effective testing of power converters and on-board charging sub-systems present in hybrid and... Read More

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Micronor Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor Presentation at Sensors Expo, June 28, 2017 at 11am

Jun 16, 2017

Debuting at Sensors Expo (June 28-29, 2017), Micronor (Camarillo, CA USA) and Optocon AG (Dresden, Germany) have collaborated to create the FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT; a low cost, small form factor, single channel signal conditioner that seamlessly integrates Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing into any industrial control system, medical instrumentation or other OEM design.

The compact FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT... Read More

Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Test & Measuring Instruments

MARS Launches New Water Meter Test Bench Technology and Feature Enhancements

Jun 13, 2017

Patented, Ultra-Low Flow and Back Flow Features Drive Next Generation of Water Meter Testing

OCALA, Fla., June 12, 2017 - MARS Company, global leader in water meter testing and technology solutions, announced today that it has launched new water meter test bench technology and feature enhancements that provide unique abilities with regard to meter testing performance, form factor and... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Voltage Testers are CAT IV 600V rated.

Jun 12, 2017

Available in ET60 and ET250 models, Voltage Testers feature tough meter design. Measuring AC/DC voltages up to 600V, units utilize standard replaceable test leads. Sustaining drops up to 9.8 ft, products come with test-lead holders on back position. ET60 voltage tester does not require battery and can be powered by applied voltage. ET250 voltage and continuity tester is equipped with... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

SmartClass™ Fiber MPOLx Tester uses ribbon fiber with MPO connectivity.

Jun 07, 2017

Capable of performing MPO Tier 1 test and certification requirements, SmartClass™ Fiber MPOLx Optical Loss Tester delivers test results in less than 6 seconds for all 12 fibers. Embedded with technology that provides visibility and control via light source and power meter, unit provides automated pass/fail analysis for MPO end connections.

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Test & Measuring Instruments

Underground Cable Fault Tester comes with automatic shutoff feature.

Jun 05, 2017

Used for testing underground de-energized primary shielded voltage cables, UCT-8 Underground Cable Fault Tester is powered through 9V lithium battery by 8kV high voltage source. Featuring integrated safety circuitry for detecting cables which have not been properly de-energized, unit sends alerts to the user and shuts down the test. Unit digitally analyzes test data for declaring cable... Read More

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Pressure and Temperature Transmitters offer 4-20 mA output.

Jun 02, 2017

Integrated with PT1000 measuring element, ATM.1ST/T Pressure and Temperature Transmitters provide up to 15,000psi of pressure range with accuracy of <±0.1% FS or <±0.25% FS. Operated from -58° to 300°F temperature range, units come with piezoresistive silicon sensor technology. Product is suitable for machine installations, industrial process monitoring and control, heating and ventilation... Read More

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Keysight Technologies to Help RDA Microelectronics Accelerate NB-IoT Chipset Tests

Jun 01, 2017

Chipset, module and device makers can verify and improve RF performance with Keysight’s test solution


  • Keysight’s NB-IoT RF performance test solution evaluates and optimizes NB-IoT designs
  • Keysight’s NB-IoT RF performance test solution, which is based on the E7515A UXM wireless test set, was selected by RDA to support its NB-IoT RF performance test... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

CurveX 3 Oven Recorder is equipped with full-color touchscreen.

May 27, 2017

Integrated with ideal finish analysis and data analysis software, CurveX 3 Oven Recorder features data logger which has 6 channels for easy menu-driven operation. Analyzing logged data and creating detailed reports, unit’s data logger consist of insulation box and comes with memory of 8000 measuring points per channel. Product is suitable for field use and laboratory conditions.

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Test & Measuring Instruments

Millimeter-Wave Network Analyzer offers phase accuracy of less than 0.15°.

May 25, 2017

Featuring 1.0 mm ruggedized test ports for repeatable connections, N5290/91A Millimeter-Wave Network Analyzer delivers magnitude stability of less than 0.015 dB. Enhancing device characterization and modelling, units support 85059B calibration kit and 85059V verification kit. Designed with 12.1 in. multi-touch user interface for quick setups and intuitive single- and multi-touch gestures,... Read More

HVAC, Sensors Monitors & Transducers, Test & Measuring Instruments

Temperature/Humidity Sensor comes with touch-sensitive mode button.

May 24, 2017

Featuring three-digit, seven-segment display with °F, °C and % indicators and character height of 0.39 in., Temperature/Humidity Sensor with 69 x 38 x 108 mm dimensions is wall mountable. Supporting applications from -4 to 140°F temperature range and 0 to 90% relative humidity, unit comes with touch sensitive LED light button. CAT5/5e/6/6a cable of 305 m can be connected between the sensor... Read More

HVAC, Test & Measuring Instruments

CHT-FS Series Sensors feature flexible stem design.

May 24, 2017

Suitable for UAVs, light aircraft, power generators and motorsports applications, CHT-FS Series Cylinder Head Temperature Sensors are installed under spark plug or head bolt. Available for 10, 12, 14, or 18 mm OD bolts/spark plugs, units are operated in -40°C to +1000°C temperature range. Used for monitoring engine performance and critical over-temperature conditions, sensor’s stem design... Read More