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ULVAC Introduces Multi Ionization Gauge 'SH2', Spectroscopic Ellipsometer 'UNECS-3000A' and Pendulum Valves 'VFR-400' and 'VFR-500'

November 4, 2011

Chigasaki, Japan - ULVAC, Inc. introduces the "SM2", a transducer type multi ionization gauge which can connect gauge heads with different measurement ranges. ULVAC also releases, the "UNECS-3000A", an automatic high-speed spectroscopic ellipsometer which can measure the thickness of a thin film, as well as, optical constant. Finally, ULVAC announces the launch of the "VFR-400" and "VFR-500",... Read More

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Automatic Spectroscopic Ellipsometer operates at high speeds.

September 12, 2011

Equipped with automatic R-Theta stage, UNECS-3000A measures thickness and refractive index of transparent or semi-transparent thin film. Automatic mapping function can handle 300 mm dia wafer substrates, and non-contact instrument can measure 106 points on 300 mm dia wafer within 120 sec. Max measurement speed is 20 ms/point, and other features include automatic height adjustment, editable materials table file, and ability to concurrently analyze up to 6 layers of film thickness. Read More

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Metrology Tools measure thin transparent films.

July 10, 2006

Utilizing FOCUS(TM) beam ellipsometry, S3000(TM) (300 mm) and S2000(TM) (200 mm) measure transparent films throughout device fabrication process. Laser light sources are used for optimal accuracy, stability, spot size, and tool-to-tool matching. Also provided, optional deep UV and visible reflectometry capabilities offer flexibility in addressing various applications throughout fabrication. Built on Vanguard(TM) platform, products incorporate Cognex® PatMAX® geometric pattern-matching technology. Read More

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