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Analytical Transmitter measures 16 different parameters.

August 17, 2016

Capable of measuring 16 parameters from 6 analytical sensors simultaneously and transmitting them via 4-20mA HART, Profibus, Modbus, or EtherNet/IP, Liquiline CM44P simplifies monitoring of processes such as chromatography, fermentation, phase separation, and filtration. Sensor types include pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, turbidity, free chlorine, and ion selective sensors. CM44P also performs diagnostics on all connected sensors and analyzers, and transmits error messages. Read More

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Oxygen Therapy Products suit people of all ages.

December 29, 2014

Available for adults, toddlers, and infants, Suction and Oxygen Therapy Products come with variety of hospital connections that conform to NFPA 99, ISO, and world standards, including FDA, HCA, and CE. Suction Regulators, offered in analog and digital versions, are suitable for continuous, intermittent, regulating suction, and full suction applications. Medical Air Flow Meters come in flow ratings of 200 cm³ for infants, 1 and 3.5 lpm for babies and toddlers, and 8 and 15 lpm for adults. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Atmospheric Oxygen Meter measures from 0-100%.

September 29, 2014

Utilizing maintenance-free galvanic electrode that is unaffected by H2S and CO2, Model 630 measures atmospheric oxygen from 0-100% with 0.1% resolution and ±1% FS accuracy, ±1 digit. User attaches electrode to meter and uses screwdriver to adjust meter to display 20.9% (air) or to any gas of known concentration. Operating on single 9 V battery, meter features 0.5 in. high LCD, low battery indicator, and automatic temperature compensation from 0–40°C. Read More

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AVT Camera Tests Plant Health

June 18, 2014

A fluorometer from Walz, together with a Manta CCD camera, measures plants' photosynthetic activity to analyze the state of their health. The system is being used in bioscience as well as in agriculture and forestry applications. How do trees or crops develop in the field? How do they react to illness, parasites, or fungal infections? How do they handle climate change? Which varieties should... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Modular Benchtop Meter measures DO, pH, conductivity, and more.

May 8, 2014

Complementing pH, conductivity, ion concentration, and ORP measurement capabilities, SevenExcellence v2 helps researchers and analysts replace or supplement traditional multi-step dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement methods as well as reduce process waste. Instrument can measure up to 3 parameters in parallel and allows for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) assessment. Guided UI and 7 in. touchscreen aid operation, while connectivity facilitates results recording and analysis. Read More

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Cell Integrity Kit offers homogenous based assay solution.

April 10, 2014

Based on 2 nuclear dyes, EarlyTox™ Kit provides fluorescence-based assay for detecting changes in cell viability based on permeability of outer cell membranes. EarlyTox Live Red Dye is cell permeable and marks live and dead cells, while EarlyTox Dead Green Dye is cell impermeable and stains only cells with damaged outer membranes. With mix-and-read procedure, cells are incubated with reagents for 30 min and then transferred to SpectraMax® MiniMax™ 300 or other imaging instrument for evaluation. Read More

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CASMED Receives China Food and Drug Administration Approval for FORE-SIGHT® Cerebral Oximeter

December 3, 2013

FORE-SIGHT Becomes the Only Foreign-Made Cerebral Oximeter Approved in China BRANFORD, Conn. — CAS Medical Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:CASM) (CASMED), a leader in medical devices for non-invasive patient monitoring, today announced that its FORE-SIGHT Cerebral Oximeter has been approved by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for sale in that country. FORE-SIGHT is the only cerebral... Read More

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Multichannel Transmitter offers EtherNet/IP(TM) connectivity.

November 22, 2013

Integrating with Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx™ Process Automation System, Liquiline CM44 is suited for process monitoring in water/wastewater, chemical, and power industries. Integrated web server allows users to remotely view diagnostic data, perform configuration, or access device parameters via web browser. Available in 1–8 channel versions, 4-wire transmitter supports Memosens® digital sensors, including nitrate, SAC, pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and free-chlorine. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Single-Channel Transmitter includes ISM functionality.

November 8, 2013

Equipped with full-color touchscreen, multi-parameter Model M800 monitors up to 4 in-line sensors for pH/ORP, conductivity, amperometric/optical oxygen, and turbidity measurement. Intelligent Sensor Management technology offers diagnostic tools that maximize sensor lifetime and ensure measurement reliability. Predictive diagnostics tools such as Dynamic Lifetime Indicator, Adaptive Calibration Timer, and Time to Maintenance indicator are displayed via iMonitor feature. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

ANDalyze Heavy Metal Water Testing Products Available through Hach

November 5, 2013

ANDalyze and Hach expand the availability of DNAzyme testing technology for lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, zinc and uranium for drinking water, in a field portable product. CHAMPAIGN, Ill.  — ANDalyze has signed Hach as an authorized distributor for the ANDalyze's product line. Hach, a world leader in providing water quality testing instruments, will distribute the ANDalyze DNAzyme-based... Read More

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Cadmium Sensor facilitates on-site water quality analysis.

September 24, 2013

With cadmium sensor, DNA-based ANDalyze Fluorimeter is suited for testing of mining runoff water, groundwater, surface water, industrial wastewater, and sea water. Product requires no special knowledge of chemistry and produces no hazardous chemical waste. Test is performed by taking water sample, injecting it through sensor housing, and into fluorimeter. Reaction produces fluorescence in direct correlation to amount of metal ion present and is measured by fluorimeter. Read More

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Universal Analyzer integrates predictive maintenance.

July 31, 2013

Equipped with 2 ¾ x 1 ½ in. LCD, single-channel Model T80 Universal Transmitter provides continuous measurement of pH, ORP, pION, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, or resistivity. Transmitter digitally communicates with any Model S80 Intelligent Sensor, automatically uploading calibration data and configuring transmitter's menus and display screens. SENTINEL technology alerts maintenance technicians to sensor electrode wear so that sensor electrodes are replaced only as necessary. Read More

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Acrylic Flow Meters feature interchangeable scales.

July 29, 2013

Available with interchangeable direct reading scales for air, water, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen, ACRX Series displays flow rates in both metric and English units. Yellow-colored back plate optimizes readability and helps minimize eye fatigue. Configured for in-line ½ in. female NPT connections, meters feature ±3% FS accuracy, max temperature of 130°F, and max pressure of 100 psi. Read More

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Transmitters and Actuators support bioreactor controllers.

April 8, 2013

Designed for R&D scale-up and cGMP, SmartParts™ family of intelligent transmitters and actuators are building blocks for plug-and-play bioreactor controller systems that can control any size or type of upstream vessel. Units have built-in diagnostics, programmable functionality, and local control that is optimized for function of each component. When components are plugged into Finesse control system, they are automatically recognized with many settings configured automatically. Read More

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MODBUS Transmitters suit water treatment applications.

January 19, 2012

Equipped with fully programmable RS485 MODBUS RTU communication port, GpH140 Series offers up to 2 pH inputs, up to 2 mV inputs that can be programmed to also accept 11 types of thermocouples, 1 Pt1000 RTD input for -50 to +300°C with absolute error of 0.2°C, and one 4-20 mA input. Built-in cold junction compensation features absolute error of 0.2°C, while all inputs have typical error of 0.03% FS. Read More

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Regional Oximetry System is designed to foster integration.

November 29, 2011

EQUANOX(TM) Model 7610 serves medical monitoring manufacturers who desire solution for integrating cerebral and tissue oximetry technology into their patient monitoring systems. Regional oximetry noninvasively measures oxygen saturation, allowing clinicians to improve outcomes by peri-operative monitoring on targeted tissue beds. To accommodate different clinical requirements, system comes in 2- and 4-channel configurations and provides Type-A USB connector. Read More

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Water Quality Testers have portable, handheld design.

January 20, 2011

Oakton pH 6+ Meters feature up to 5-point, pushbutton calibration with autobuffer recognition and display of pH or mV and temperature, while Ion 6+ Meters offer direct readout of ion concentration with preprogrammed calibration points. CON 6+, TDS 6+, and SALT 6+ Meters supply autoranging conductivity or TDS with temperature measurements, and DO 6+ Meters have galvanic probe that does not require any warm-up time. All meters include rubber boot with built-in stand. Read More

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Spectrophotometer + Fluorometer delivers results in 1 sec.

October 1, 2010

NavSpec(TM) Plus Spectrophotometer + Fluorometer allows user to collect full wavelength spectrum, including absorbance, percent transmittance, or intensity, in less than 1 sec. It can also be used to conduct kinetic studies of absorbance vs. time; experiments on enzyme kinetics; and colorimetric or fluorescent bioassays. Optical range is 380-950 nm and product has optical resolution of 2.5 nm. Measuring 15 x 9 x 4 cm, unit includes USB cable and 15 plastic cuvettes with lids. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Benchtop Meters suit research applications.

September 22, 2010

Equipped with oversized backlit display and dynamic stability indicator, Oakton® 2700 series includes models for measurement of ion concentration, conductivity/TDS, pH/conductivity/TDS, and dissolved oxygen. All calibration and stored data is stamped with time and date, meeting GLP requirements, and nonvolatile memory stores and recalls up to 500 sets of data. In addition to limit alarm, users can program data logging intervals for continuous monitoring. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Two-Parameter Transmitter suits analytical sensing applications.

September 17, 2010

Accepting data from 2 Memosens sensors, 4-wire Liquiline CM442 measures any combination of turbidity/suspended solids, nitrate, SAC (UV254), ISE, dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, chlorine, concentration, and conductivity. Digital interface between transmitter and sensor allows 2-way communication of measured variable, calibration data, sensor diagnostic data, and sensor recognition data. Powered by 100-230 Vac, 24 Vac, or 24 Vdc, transmitter provides single alarm output and two 4-20 mA analog outputs. Read More