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Noise Dosimeter offers C-A calculation capabilities.

November 28, 2008

Conforming to IECEx ia I/IIC 143°C IP65 marking standards, EDGE eg5 Personal Dosimeter is suited for use in explosive atmosphere, and cable-free design with ¼ in. mounted microphone eliminates cables interfering with task at hand. Weighing 3 oz, this compact shoulder-mount instrument conforms to worker's body for comfortable use while maintaining upward orientation for microphone. Unit's 128 x 64 LCD screen can be configured to display SPL, Dose, Lavg or Leq, TWA, Exposure and Run Time. Read More

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Flight Support Service offers automatic dosimetry reporting.

March 20, 2008

Flight support service has automatic dosimetry reporting capability that allows operators to track exposure of flight crews to potential radiation. Users can configure their accounts to collect and report dosimetry data on weekly basis. Radiation exposure is calculated by integrating each individual's flight records over time-routes, times, and altitudes with known data and geographic measurements of actual cosmic/solar radiation levels at time of flights. Read More