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Single-Channel Digital Thermocouple Gauge has compact design.

June 3, 2015

With 52 mm OD round housing, 38 mm depth, and IP65-rated face, model DPG-SD-1 series accepts Type K thermocouple sensor input. Microprocessor-based temperature gauge supports programming via front panel membrane keypad and offers field-selectable °C or °F as well as user-adjustable HI alarm set point. During high temperature alarm condition, red LED numeric display flashes and internal 2 A relay circuit activates. Display range is +32 to +2,282°F.
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Custom Dial Faces are available for temperature/pressure gauges.

November 6, 2013

Custom dial face design and manufacturing service is available for Palmer BiMetal and Direct Drive Dial thermometers and Palmer Pressure Gauges with screw-on bezels regardless of dial size. Options include dual scales with different units of measure, colored scales, high-visibility markings, color pie-wedge sectors, bands, or lines. Original ideas and artwork can be submitted, or in-house engineering services can work with customers to design model specific to application requirements. Read More

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Pressure/Temperature Gauge operates with gases and liquids.

May 9, 2012

Combining individual pressure gauge and thermometer in one instrument, Series TRI2 features moveable dial with blue pressure markings and red temperature markings. Internal Bourdon tube assembly indicates pressure in both psi and kPa, while bimetal coil assembly measures temperature in both °F and °C. Available in rear and lower connect models, gauges are suited for use on boilers and other hot water applications where space is limited. Read More

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Pressure Gauges and Thermometers feature mechanical dials.

November 1, 2011

Using Bourdon tube sensing elements to measure vacuum to 6,000 psi, ProSense(TM) Pressure Gauges come in steel or stainless steel, in dry or liquid filled versions to dampen vibration and pulsations. Brass wetted parts are suited for air, oil, or water, while stainless steel wetted parts are offered for corrosive applications. Constructed of 304 SS with bi-metal sensing elements, ProSense(TM) Thermometers are available in 3 in. dials with center back mounts and 5 in. dials with adjustable angle mounts. Read More

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Portable Calibration Black Body has NIST traceable design.

January 21, 2010

Optimized for accuracy and usability, HSICBB-P is used for single point calibration verification and checking of IR Thermal Imaging Cameras and Point IR Thermometers. Operation consists of turning instrument on and choosing °F or °C, setting thermal imaging camera or IR thermometer to correct emissivity, and aiming at target area. Comparison of readings will confirm IR unit is within tolerance, and correction for zero error can be calculated. Accuracy is ±0.3°F from -40° to 158°F. Read More

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Water Level Datalogger features vented design.

April 22, 2009

Model LDL2-030 Vented Water Level Data Logger includes vented cable and end cap, allowing it to automatically compensate for atmospheric pressure fluctuations. Unit measures water levels up to 30 ft and can also record temperatures from -40 to +176°F with internal temperature sensor. Able to store up to 16,000 measurements/channel, device includes DL700 software that allows user-selectable sampling rates and delayed startup up to 6 months in advance. Read More

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Dual Purpose Gauges measure both temperature and pressure.

December 15, 2006

Series TRI features internal Bourdon tube assembly that indicates pressure in both psi and kPa, as well as bimetal coil assembly that measures temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Available in both rear and lower connect models, dual-indicating gauges are suited for use on boilers and other hot water applications where space limitations must be considered. Read More

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Temperature and Pressure Gage suits HVAC applications.

October 11, 2006

Supplied in ABS plastic case, Series TPG offers side by side pressure and temperature scales. Internal valve depressor, built into well, allows gage's sensing probe to be removed from thermowell without causing leakage. Series is comprised of back mount, direct bottom mount, and 45° bottom mount models as well as panel mount models with capillary option. Suited for industrial applications, gage offers 2% temperature accuracy and 1.6% FS pressure accuracy. Read More

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Vehicle Gauges are multifunctional and programmable.

September 25, 2002

CE- and UL-approved enGage(TM) I, II, and III replace 1, 2, and 3 instruments respectively, and enGage III units add up to 8 icons as well. Gauges can be user customized with capabilities from tachometers and fuel gauges to temperature and field-programmable maintenance monitoring. More than 10 functions can be selected in any combination. Fully sealed gauges snap into panel with bracket, offer non-volatile memory, and withstand extreme temperatures. Read More

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