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Radar Height Control offers fully non-contact solution.

February 17, 2015

Suited for header height control in agricultural market, Terrahawk™ has no moving parts, eliminating sensor wear. Because there is no sensor touching ground, it does not push crop, so there are no cables, chains, or straps needed for backing up. Sensor is compact, allowing flexibility in forward mounting while enabling operator to increase harvesting speed, even in rough terrain. Read More

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Bore and Snap Gages replace discontinued TESA products.

February 9, 2015

Available with dial or digital indicator and integrated wireless data transmitters, 1280 P Adjustable Bore Gauges measure diameters from 0.50–8 in. with extensions, and depths from 3–48 in. Self-centering 844 N Adjustable Bore Gauges measure diameters from 0.7–32 in. and are virtually impervious to temperature changes. With OD measuring capacity from 0–20 in., 300 P Snap Gauges feature Channel Lock design that assures precisely parallel anvil surfaces, with positive position locking at any point. Read More

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Handheld Single-Point Gauge measures material thickness.

January 30, 2015

Designed for at-line manufacturing environments, T-Gauge® SPG makes use of terahertz properties to nondestructively penetrate many opaque materials to allow measurement of layer thickness. Pull of trigger enables thickness measurement in single or multi-layer products made from plastics, rubber, paper, paint, and other coatings. Driven by T-Ray® 5000 intelligent terahertz control unit, gauge is suited for quality control in aerospace and nondestructive testing markets. Read More

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Wireless Bore Gauge extends operation via inductive charger.

November 3, 2014

Notifying operator via visual and audio pass/fail indicators to machine tool component specification compliance, IP65-rated WiGauge™ offers user-selectable resolution up to 0.1 µm. and utilizes Class 1 Bluetooth® technology to transmit data up to 15 m. Battery pack charges device when placed in charger cradle, minimizing or eliminating downtime. Built-in heat and time restrictions ensure tool will not overheat during extended charging periods or charge for over 24 hr. Read More

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Electroplating Gauge measures plated metals on ferrous substrates.

October 14, 2014

Using phase-sensitive Eddy Current technology and ECP-m probe, CMI243 measures metallic coatings over ferrous substrates. Tip size aids measurement of small, odd-shaped, or rough components, while controls promote usability. Handheld instrument measures with accuracy to ±1% and precision within 0.3%. Resolution is 0.1 µm, and memory can store 26,500 readings. Designed for metal finishers, gauge is suited for use on fasteners and can operate continuously on 9 V alkaline battery for 65 hr. Read More

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Coating Thickness Gauge uses magnetic and eddy current principles.

September 26, 2014

Comprising 3 configurations, rugged 6000GP Series measures paint and coating thickness from 0–60 mils (0–1500 µm) on ferrous and non-ferrous metals with resolution of 0.05 or 0.1 mil (1 or 2 µm). Accuracy ranges from 0.05 mils + 1% for 0–2 mils to 2 µm + 1 for >50 µm. Along with audible and visual Hi/Lo alarm, features include impact-resistant and backlit Lexan® display, temperature compensation, Average Zero feature, user-selectable mil or µm units, and high resolution mode. Read More

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LVDT Pencil Probe verifies part measurements.

August 6, 2014

Offering spring extend and pneumatic extend actuation types, KURTSmart PROBE™ outputs linear value over entire stroke of probe. Unit requires 5 V power for measurement operation and can run stand-alone, measuring and sorting parts based on feature size. Onboard input and output port supports triggering of measurement and action to be taken based on measurement result. With 5 LEDs, probe can be programmed to visually show operator if part is good (green), trending bad (yellow), or bad (red). Read More

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge utilizes dual element transducer.

June 16, 2014

Ergonomically designed for one-hand operation, Model 27MG makes accurate measurements from one side on internally corroded or eroded metal pipes and structures. Battery-operated unit features backlit LCD and intuitive color-coded keypad with direct access to many key features. Automatic Probe Recognition ensures optimal transducer performance, while Auto Zero compensation maximizes accuracy of measurements on hot surfaces, and Gain Adjust optimizes measurements on sound-attenuating materials. Read More

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Thickness Gauge measures battery electrode coatings.

April 10, 2014

Used to monitor thickness of coatings on lithium-ion battery electrodes directly on coating line, Model WEBFREX3ES consists of up to 5 frames, which accommodate Beta-ray type sensor, measurement manager station to generate coat weight profiles, operator stations, and profile stack server. System provides high-speed synchronization scanning, automatic identification of coated or non-coated parts, zone trend panel, profile data tracking, and material coefficient window. Read More

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge provides ±0.5% accuracy.

February 26, 2014

Equipped with 4-digit, 0.394 in. LCD, Model UTG measures thickness from 0.047–7.874 in. with 0.001 in. resolution. Unit includes adjustable sound velocity option for measuring variety of materials. With gauge, users can find wall thickness of pipe when programming ultrasonic transmitter without cutting or removing section of pipe to measure it. Operating from 32–122°F, Model UTG is also suitable for monitoring corrosion in closed vessels such as boilers and chemical tanks. Read More

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Round Fine Centering System suits mold making applications.

January 14, 2014

Heat resistant up to 302°F, Round Fine Centering System provides accurate backlash-free mold alignment, accurate radial bearing side lock, and high initial load capacity. Design allows for pre-centering of mold halves for gentle and synchronous close so injection molded parts are removed without damage. Since system is not limited to 4 corners of mold, mold maker can place unit where there will be more deflection, providing rigidity, optimized open and closure, and minimal wear. Read More

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge delivers non-destructive testing.

November 5, 2013

Used to measure metal structures subject to corrosion, EHC-03 entry-level thickness gauge features IP54-rated case; 128 x 64, graphic, monochrome, sunlight-readable LCD with multiple on-screen languages; and ability to display readings in inches, mm, or µsec. Thickness range is .040–20 in. in steel, and Q-Bar feature confirms measurement stability. Along with 2-point calibration, features include material velocity list for common engineering materials. Read More

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Spring-Extend AC-LVDT Pencil Probes offer submicron resolution.

October 23, 2013

DGP dimensional gauging probes (pencil probes), manufactured with the precision ground bearings, come standard with 8 mm dia plain outer body; optional sleeve, either plain or partly threaded, increases OD to 0.375 in. Offered in ±0.5 mm, ±1.0 mm, and ±2.5 mm ranges, products feature 2 m long axial shielded cable that is strain relieved and can be converted to radial cable outlet with included right angle cable adapter. Resolution and repeatability are better than 0.5 micron. Read More

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Web Gauging Systems target blown film industry.

October 21, 2013

Designed for commodity single-layer film products, Model 8110-BF provides stationary film thickness measurement on either bubble or layflat. System features GBS sensor that is insensitive to environmental and product composition effects. For higher value-added blown film products, Model 8000 includes Double Layflat Separation Algorithm that computes single-layer film thickness from scanning double-layflat measurement and aligns film against die positions for accurate polar plot thickness profile. Read More

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Gauging Probe combines long life and narrow 6 mm body.

October 21, 2013

Offering 2, 5, and 12 mm measuring ranges and resolution programmable to 0.01 µm, D6J Pencil Probe Series is compatible with Orbit®3 Network and can interconnect with other sensors, instruments, and outputs. Designed facilitates installation, while construction includes long-life, precision bearings that ensure probe's accuracy is maintained throughout millions of cycles. Created to meet IP50 Protection standards, probe also features replaceable M2 thread tips. Read More

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Optical Measuring System delivers micron level accuracy.

August 28, 2013

Offering fully automatic optical measuring system for dimensional testing of turned parts, MarShaft™ Scope Plus includes MarWin®-based controller and EasyShaft® operating software. Optional ProfessionalShaft™ software provides high-level script programming that allows virtually unlimited customizing capability. Error limit for measuring length and diameter with system is 2+L/125 µm. With built-in intelligent multi-touch gestures, touchscreen enables zooming in on specific features. Read More

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Rotary Feed-Through supports up to 26 electrical signals.

June 20, 2013

With DDF-I rotary feed-through, 13 of 26 electrical signals are used for valve actuation, while air and vacuum are supplied to actuators via fluid feed-through and slip ring contacts. Center bore enables feed-through of cables, liquids, workpieces, or use of camera. Product's ISO flange pattern connects device to different robots without adapter. Enabling rotation of last robot axis by over 360°, without cable and hose twisting, unit also has electric plug contacts to simplify cable changing. Read More

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Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge measures concrete coatings.

May 22, 2013

PosiTector® 200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gage measures thickness of polyurea and other coatings on concrete, up to 300 mil. Unit accepts all coating thickness, surface profile, environmental, and wall thickness probes. Advanced models include Wi-Fi and graphics mode with screen capture for detailed analysis of coating system. Read More

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Coating Inspection Gauge accepts multiple probe types.

May 22, 2013

With probe change, PosiTector can convert from coating thickness gauge to surface profile gauge, dew point meter, or ultrasonic wall thickness gauge. Each probe retains its own calibration information, allowing for full probe interchangeability. Available in Standard or Advanced models, gauge features built-in memory, onscreen statistics, and USB drive. Advanced models also include high-contrast reversible color LCD, onscreen batch annotation, real-time graphing, and picture prompting. Read More

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Camshaft Inspection Gauge processes 200 parts per hour.

April 29, 2013

Featuring automatic programmable headstock with 100 mm travel, ADCOLE 1310 High-Speed Camshaft Gauge measures radius, profile, taper, crown, timing angle, diameter, velocity, acceleration, run-out, roundness, and concentricity. Unit provides 0.1 micron resolution per data point, or 3,600 data points per revolution. Capable of handling changeovers automatically, machine includes dual computers, Windows XP® software, GE Fanuc® motion controllers, and graphic display. Read More