Surface Roughness Measuring Instruments

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Profile Measurement Device uses non-contact process.

August 13, 2014

Optimized with software release 6.0, CALIPRI delivers high-precision measurement for wide range of profiles, including rails, switches, wheels, or brakes. Three laser lines scan surface and intelligent image processing system records segments of object profile and combines them into entire profile. This profile is then measured by correspondingly defined algorithms, and all important quality values as well as wear values are displayed. Results are free of operator influence and are reproducible. Read More

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Atom Probe Microscope delivers 3D sub-nanometer analysis.

August 8, 2014

Housed in ergonomic platform, LEAP® 5000 offers 3-dimensional nano-scale surface, bulk, and interfacial materials analysis with atom-by-atom identification and accurate spatial positioning. System comes with redesigned detection system, advanced laser control, accelerated data collection, and real-time monitoring capabilities. Microscope provides analytical accuracy, sensitivity, and 3D spatial resolution across wide variety of metals, semiconductors, and insulators. Read More

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Surface Measurement Tool features high-speed column drive.

August 6, 2014

Combining low-noise metrology frame, accurate axis alignment, and patented data collection method, Talyrond 500H provides measurement capabilities that allow it to reproduce shape and contour of precision machined component. Instrument's gauge measures linear or circumferential surface roughness, while frictionless air-bearing spindle and precision column measure roundness, cylindricity, and straightness. Calibration technique performs radius, angle, height, length, and distance measurements. Read More

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Abrasion/Pilling Tester accelerates routine laboratory testing.

June 12, 2014

To accommodate different levels of testing, Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester comes in 3 models: Mini-Martindale 1302, Midi-Martindale 1305, and 9-station Maxi-Martindale 1309. Hinged top plate on latter allows access to all testing stations. Products are designed for testing woven and knitted textiles as well as nonwovens, socks, gloves, cords and straps, carpets, leather, wood, high-pressure laminates, painted surfaces, and others, whether dry or wet. Intuitive UI facilitates setup. Read More

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3D Surface Measuring Systems use white light/confocal microscopy.

June 4, 2014

MarSurf® WM 100, which uses white light interferometer, and MarSurf CWM 100, which includes white light and confocal microscopy, are intended for measuring optical, technical, and reflecting surfaces and provide 3D topographical analysis. Both systems provide non-contact measurement of surface structures with sub-nanometer resolution. While confocal microscopy better serves measurement of dark surface structures, white light interferometry suits polished, shiny surfaces. Read More

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Profile Measurement System measures spring pitch and diameter.

May 27, 2014

Featuring scanning laser micrometer mounted to linear actuator, Profile Measurement System measures enveloping diameter and pitch of springs, coiled tubing, and other corrugated or convoluted products. Linear actuator traverses length of spring and includes tilting fixture that allows micrometer to align with spring's exact pitch angle. For standard actuator, product lengths range from 0–2,000 mm. RS232 communication allows for device control as well as alarm condition evaluation. Read More

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Metrology System offers non-destructive, 3D surface profiling.

February 20, 2014

Combining lateral resolution up to 140 nm via confocal microscopy and vertical resolution up to 0.1 nm with interferometry, Leica DCM8 provides surface analysis of materials and components. Instrument is also suitable for color documentation of samples. Wide choice of Leica objectives, together with 4 LED light sources and integrated CCD camera, deliver true-to-life color images. With XY topography-stitching mode, users can obtain seamless, precise model of larger area. Read More

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Surface Roughness Testers include standard and mini-USB ports.

November 13, 2013

Suitable for shop floor or any inspection room, Surtronic® S-100 Series features 50 mm stylus lift with right-angle attachment and more than 70 mm stylus reach that allows surface measurements without use of risers, blocks, stands, or fixtures. Measurements for multiple parts can be stored internally or saved to USB memory device. Powered by 3,000 mAh Li-Poly battery, portable testers have impact-resistant body, Mylar-protected touchscreen, and solid stainless steel drive mechanism. Read More

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USB Inspection Microscope suits surface inspection tasks.

December 31, 2012

Supplied in 4 oz, 36 x 120 mm housing with power, snapshot, and focus controls, MV600UM2 color digital microscope offers magnification up to 600X (based on 17 in. display). Portable plug-and-play unit, intended for examination of surfaces, captures magnified images and video for display on PC using USB 2.0 PC connection which also supplies power. Along with 2.0 MP digital/video camera, integrated features include white LED illumination ring and image/video capture and measurement software. Read More

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Surface Inspection System offer analytical and imaging modes.

October 2, 2012

Versa 3D™ DualBeam™ is available with UniColore (UC) monochromated electron source, which improves fine surface detail imaging capabilities at low accelerating voltages without compromising analytical performance at high voltages and beam currents. By decreasing energy spread among beam electrons, UC source reduces chromatic aberration and permits beam to be focused into smaller spot. Analytical mode offers beam currents up to 100 nA, and imaging mode offers resolution of 1.4 nm at 1 kV. Read More

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Automated Systems take roughness, surface measurements.

September 11, 2012

Along with respective travel lengths of 130 and 260 mm, MarSurf® LD 130 and 260 feature biomimetic probe arm design with magnetic mounting and automatic probe recognition. Travel speeds up to 200 mm/sec and measuring speeds up to 10 mm/sec, depending on surface, reduce measuring cycle times, which are further reduced via dynamic probe response. Dynamic measurement force allows drive units to operate at angles of ±45° from horizontal, promoting flexibility. Read More

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Hull Roughness Gauge produces survey reports in MS Excel®.

August 24, 2012

Featuring 4-way directional push button control, Model DC9000 measures roughness during in-docking and out-docking surveys. Sensor, equipped with 3 non-slip wheels and carbide tipped stylus, is moved over ship's hull horizontally, collecting series of 12 measurements each. Statistics, time/date, and location of each series as well as average hull roughness are automatically calculated and stored in instrument's internal memory, which connects to PC via USB connection. Read More

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Surface Measuring System utilizes Bluetooth technology.

July 31, 2012

Equipped with MarWin evaluation software, MarSurf® XR 1 provides over 80 parameters for R, P, W profiles according to current DIN, ISO, JIS, ASME, and MOTIF Standards. System can utilize MarSurf RD 18 drive unit with skidded probe or MarSurf SD 26 drive unit with skidless probe, and virtually any number of drive units can be connected to evaluation unit via Bluetooth or cable. Measurements can be initiated either by touchscreen on PC or manually on drive units. Read More

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Form Measuring Systems handle workpieces up to 40 kg.

May 24, 2012

Designed for workpieces up to 430 mm in diameter, Hommel-Etamic F435 and F455 complete fully automatic measurement of geometrical tolerances, surface roughness, and straightness in single setup. Advanced probe design permits roughness and waviness inspections along with form and position tolerance measurements via adjustment on rotary control. With CNC rotation and tilt module, fully automatic axial and radial measurements are performed without interruption. Read More

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Automated CNC Measuring System handles large, complex parts.

May 10, 2012

With up to 7 CNC axes, Jenoptik Wavemove measures and evaluates complex shaft or prismatic parts. Workpieces are positioned in tilt fixture mounted on rotary table on granite base. With traverse length of 120 or 200 mm, system performs roughness and contour measurement using intelligent arrangement of probing systems. Detailed, exportable analyses of measuring results provide exact statements about quality of production process, based on many parameters from automotive industry. Read More

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Surface Roughness Machine accommodates crankshafts, camshafts.

March 16, 2012

Providing repeatable results, Model 1000 lets operator load part, press one button, and obtain all surface roughness measurements within one sequence. Measureable parameters include Ra, Rp, Tp, and Rsk on main and rod journals and thrust faces. With GE Fanuc® motion controls and Allen-Bradley components, automatic system utilizes 3 variable reluctance pickups. Each has 5 micron diamond stylus and can scan 2,000 points per mm. Typ cycle time is 6 min, and various report outputs are offered. Read More

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Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester offers adjustable parameters.

March 9, 2012

Serving paint and coatings industry, TQC wet scrub washability tester can be used to test various materials, such as hiding power test charts, scrub panels, as well as metal, plastic, or wood panels/parts. Settings are pre-set in machine for ISO and ASTM standards, but all parameters are fully flexible. Cycle speed (1-60 strkes/min), stroke length (2-300 mm), pump volume (0-3 mL/min), number of cycles, and test duration can all be set digitally by operator. Read More

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Surface Roughness Tester calculates 10 parameters.

July 19, 2011

Used freestanding or bench-mounted with fixturing for batch measurement and laboratory applications, battery-powered Model SR200 can calculate and display results before traverse unit returns. Stylus lift mechanism allows vertical adjustment of 2 in. and rotation of pickup to different measuring positions, including right angle or inverted measurements. In addition to 100-reading memory capacity, tester includes RS232 port for export of measurement results. Read More

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Surface Roughness Measuring System serves on production lines.

July 18, 2011

Using array of probes and accessories, ergonomically designed Hommel-Etamic W5 can track 5 separate measurement programs, up to 100 separate profiles, with total storage capacity of up to 10,000 completed measurements. Integrated click wheel and color display with GUI facilitate operation, while support prism centers workpieces reliably on correct measuring position and protects probe for measurements in bores from 12 mm dia. All necessary connection are made via USB interface. Read More

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3D Laser Scanning Microscope performs roughness measurements.

July 6, 2011

Utilizing short-wavelength laser, VK-X Series provides non-contact profile, roughness, and thickness measurements, even on surfaces with highly angular surfaces. System features 0.5 nm Z-axis resolution with magnification range from 200-24,000x and ability to capture images at up to 21.6 MP. By combining laser with 16-bit photomultiplier, VK-X Series can obtain image and measurement on nearly any type of material. AI-Scan function enables users to image and measure target with click of mouse. Read More