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Testing Kit allows remote cable diagnostics.

August 16, 2013

By eliminating need to walk back and forth to test sites, Smart Remote Kit for VDV MapMaster™ v2.0 voice, data, and video tester helps installers and technicians make efficient use of time. This kit, when combined with T129 VDV MapMaster v2.0, can be used to test and map/ID up to 8 drops/locations simultaneously. Remotes 2–8 work on UTP/STP cables (remote no. 1 is included with VDV MapMaster v2.0), while snap-lock clear case protects and alerts user if remote is missing. Read More

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Cable Test Kit offers voice/data/video/length measurement.

August 15, 2013

Supplied in rugged, double-walled, blow molded case with EVA foam insert, T129K1 Test Kit includes VDV MapMaster™ 2.0 as well as all accessories required for voice, data, and video testing and mapping. VDV MapMaster 2.0 combines cable length measurement with continuity testing, mapping, and tone generator functions. Capable of concurrently identifying and mapping 19 locations, VDV MapMaster 2.0 tests Cat-6, Cat5e, Cat-5, Cat-4, Cat-3, coax and shielded cables. Read More

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Portable Appliance Tester ensures safe operation of equipment.

August 12, 2013

Equipped with 5.7 in. 1/2 VGA backlit color screen, Model PAT450 can perform variety of tests such as 10 and 25 A earth bond continuity tests that verify integrity of exposed metalwork on grounded appliances; 250 and 500 V insulation tests to check that equipment conductors are isolated from ground to 500 Vdc; and touch current test that powers asset at supply voltage as if it were in use. USB port enables download to USB memory stick, and enables use of barcode scanner/thermal transfer printer. Read More

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Multifunctional Cable Tester offers graphical capabilities.

August 8, 2013

Cable Prowler™ combines functions of cable and length measurement testers with capability to identify link status, link capability, and PoE detection. Device specifically provides full cable testing, displaying wire map, numbered ID remotes, and any faults, including shorts, opens, miswires, split pairs, and reverses, in full color. Internal memory is provided for saving up to 250 cable or network results, which can be exported to computer via micro USB connection. Read More

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Morningstar Introduces Two New Product Innovations at Intersolar Europe 2013

August 7, 2013

The TriStar MPPT™ 600V charge controller and the Ground Fault Protection Device Newtown, PA, USA: At this year’s Intersolar Europe conference in Munich, Germany (June 19-21) Morningstar Corporation unveils the new TriStar MPPT™ 600V charge controller (TS-MPPT-600V) and Ground Fault Protection Device (GFPD) product line families. Morningstar launched the TriStar MPPT Controller family... Read More

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Bias Adapter enables testing of batteries, capacitors.

August 7, 2013

Designed to work with TEGAM 3525 and 3550 LCR meters, Model  2191A enables testing of electrolytic, tantalum, and other polarized capacitors. Device accepts external DC bias voltage up to ± 40 Vdc to be applied across test capacitor, and four 6 in. BNC cables are provided to connect bias adapter to LCR meter. To improve determination of battery characteristics, bandwidth design also promotes battery impedance spectroscopy testing at multiple frequencies from 100 Hz to 1 MHz. Read More

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Self-Testing GFCI Receptacle prevents protection-free power.

August 6, 2013

With integrated SafeLock Protection™, Pass & Seymour® Self-Test GFCI Receptacle conducts automatic test every second to ensure proper functionality. Indicator light flashes if device fails this test, signaling that GFCI should be replaced. If critical components are damaged and protection is lost, power to receptacle will be locked out. This product, rated at 15 A/125 V, exceeds UL943 voltage surge requirements and survives 100X required UL 3 kA/6 kV voltage surge test cycles. Read More

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Cable Tester and TDR eliminates downtime.

July 29, 2013

Using Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry, Arc Chaser™ is capable of finding faults on fully energized cables up to 600 V and up to 12,000 ft. Unit can monitor live cables for intermittent conditions, capturing events and reporting where and when they occur. Powered by rechargeable Li-Ion battery, tester is equipped with color touchscreen display that provides results in graphical or text format. Unit self-calibrates to maintain accuracy over time and environmental changes. Read More

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Associated Research, Inc. Announces 2-Year Standard Warranty on All Instruments

July 17, 2013

Lake Forest, Illinois – Announced today by Associated Research, Inc. is the addition of a standard 2-year warranty on all new instruments. This guarantees a new AR instrument to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of up to 2 years from the date of shipment. There are no additional costs to the user for this warranty and no requirements for calibration or inspection. This new 2... Read More

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Arc Fault Detectors protect solar photovoltaic arrays.

July 17, 2013

Designed to prevent dangerous thermal events on PV arrays, UL 1699B recognized PVAF Series detects arcs while minimizing nuisance trips by identifying electrical noise signature created by arc faults in array wiring. Each device monitors up to 4 PV strings by itself, and multiple PVAFs can run in parallel to monitor more strings or whole combiner box. Available in configurations powered with 12 or 24 Vdc, PVAF Series monitors strings up to 15 A at 1,000 V or combined lines up to 40 A at 1,000 V. Read More

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Portable Battery Analyzer offers user-customizable features.

July 16, 2013

Intended for stationary battery market, Celltron Advantage provides battery conductance, voltage, and integrated temperature measurement. Users can add capabilities specific to application, including in-unit historical performance trending, electrical multi-meter function, and battery capacity test management feature. Capabilities can be added at factory or in field as user requirements grow. Read More

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Chainflex® Continuous-Flex Cables Are Tested, Tested . . . and Tested

July 11, 2013

Two-billion test cycles at more than 50 test machines every year For over 20 years, igus® has been rigorously testing the durability of its Chainflex continuous-flex cables in its 19,000 square foot laboratory. The company performs around two-billion test cycles at more than 50 test machines every year. East Providence, RI – Long life for moving parts is a fundamental requirement for... Read More

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Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Plessey

July 11, 2013

Plymouth, ENGLAND – Mouser Electronics, Inc.has signed a global distribution agreement for Plessey's complete range of innovative products including Plessey's award winning products such as the EPIC™ sensor and MAGIC™GaN LEDs. "Mouser is pleased to partner with Plessey to distribute their innovative semiconductor products to our customers across the globe," stated Mike Scott, Mouser... Read More

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GFEP Device protects equipment from line-to-ground currents.

July 11, 2013

Suitable for electrical networks up to 480 Vac, F200 Ground Fault Equipment Protector trips when system leaks significant current to ground, preventing potential short circuit before damage can occur. DIN rail mountable unit consists of 2 pole F202 for single phase networks, and F204 for split phase, Delta and Wye networks. F200 GFEP immediately detects ground faults by continuously measuring current balance between live conductors and neutral using toroidal current transformer. Read More

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E-Mon Announces Agency Listings for "Smart Meters" Targeting Integration of Building Automation Systems

July 9, 2013

BACnet and LonWorks certification underscore company commitment to conformity and interoperability in Building Automation System (BAS) energy monitoring applications. LANGHORNE, PA – E-Mon, the electric submetering market leader and manufacturer of the widely installed E-Mon D-Mon® product line, announces that several models in the company’s advanced meter family were certified by... Read More

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Reports of -65°F June Temperatures from Test Facility Officials at Northwire - NWI Lab360

July 2, 2013

OSCEOLA, WI. – Northwire, Inc. (NWI) Certified Project Managers report extreme temperature conditions ranging from -65°F to 300°F during Endurance trials. Tests conducted on high flex retractile cables to predict life expectancy achieved 400,000 cycles.  Inside Northwire's on-site test and development facility, the cable manufacturer rapidly responds to meet customers' demands for... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Circuit Testers handle fine-pitch circuit boards.

July 1, 2013

Suitable for high-density and fine-pitch circuit boards, Micro Prober MR252/MR252-M provide high-speed continuity and insulation testing at rate of 500,000 to 1 million contacts per month. Units recognize images captured with CCD camera built in each testing head mounted on moving arm and correct positioning of testing jig on X, Y, and theta axes. Unique hardware structure and algorithm make it possible to set relative positions of substrate patterns and test jig with accuracy of ±5 microns. Read More

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Charger Kit maintains 8 lead-acid batteries simultaneously.

July 1, 2013

Designed to maintain eight 12 V batteries individually or in 24, 36, and 48 V series configurations, 8-Station QuadLink Charger Kit includes Dual-Station Xtreme Charge® battery charger and desulfator; two QuadLink 4-station multipliers; 12 V battery tester; ten 2 ft battery leads with lugs; two 2 ft battery leads with clips; eight 5 ft extension leads; and four 25 ft extension leads. Applications include autos and light trucks, warehouse equipment, emergency vehicles, and construction vehicles. Read More

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Earth/Ground Resistance Testers have flexible, 4-terminal design.

June 25, 2013

Comprised of ground testing instruments that can also test soil resistivity, IP54-rated DET4 series has selector switch that lets users choose 2-, 3-, or 4-pole tests, even when wearing work gloves; LCD screen; and thumb-sized test button. While DET4TC2 and DET4TCR2 have resistance measurement range up to 200,000 Ω, DET4TD2 and DET4TR2 have measurement range up to 20,000 Ω. Models DET4TC2 and DET4TCR2 include ART (attached rod technique) capability as well as stakeless (clamp-on) testing. Read More

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Hose-Continuity Tester monitors static electric charge buildup.

June 25, 2013

OhmGuard® Hose-Continuity Tester ensures assembled hoses are grounded to transferring vehicle during times when combustible gas, vapor, or dust atmospheres may be present. Operating as pass or fail test, instrument attaches to free coupling or nozzle of last hose connection and vehicle grounding point. It features green LED on OhmGuard® clamp, which pulses continuously if electrical resistance is below 100 Ω and stops to warn operator of danger. Product has IP65 ingress protection rating. Read More