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Modular Industrial Scales offer intuitive operation.

May 15, 2015

Offering capacities from 0.6–600 kg, Industrial Compact Systems are available in aluminum diecast or full stainless steel with IP69k rating. Upgraded firmware provides intuitive GUI that prompts operators step-by-step through procedure. Scale respective data interfaces connect up to 4 weighing platforms and integrate with existing IT or process-control systems. With USB-Host interface, users can simultaneously connect multiple USB devices, such as printers, barcode readers, and keyboards. Read More

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Gas Cabinet Scales integrate with monitoring systems. .

August 27, 2014

Available in all Gas Cabinet Scales, 4–20 mA circuit board has 2-wire lead which integrates scale with main control system. Board transmits scale signal using current rather than voltage, and innate integrity of current loop permits signal transmission over long distances, past display to main system indicator, without being affected by voltage fluctuations, resistance, or electrical noise. Since 4-20 mA current loop remains constant, control center receives strong signal from load cell. Read More

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Counting Scales display count, weight, and piece weight.

May 12, 2014

Designed to meet or exceed NIST Class III accuracy requirements, Alliance/Ohaus® Ranger® Count 3000 Series offers 1:1.5 million internal counting resolution, 1 second stabilization, and 30 item library data storage function. Units feature 8 function keys, full numeric keypad, and 3 backlit LCDs that highlight count, weight, and piece weight. Available with 3–60 lb capacities and RS232 port, scales provide low Average Piece Weight alert and automatic APW recalculation as overall weight increases. Read More

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Portable Bench Scales combine flexibility and functionality.

September 13, 2013

Available in 5 capacities with readabilities up to 60 lb, Ranger 3000 and Ranger Count 3000 compact bench and counting scales are powered by rechargeable lead acid batteries, offer multiple application modes, and can display results in g, kg, oz, lb, and lb:oz. Ranger 3000 also features weigh below hook to perform specific gravity tests, while Ranger Count 3000 includes parts counting auto-optimization software and low piece weight alert. Both scales offer several communications options. Read More

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Portable Bench Scale is suited for field service use.

August 6, 2013

Used in commercial, industrial, and utility applications, legal-for-trade Alliance/CAS PB Series has detachable LCD to facilitate viewing and RS232 interface for connecting to receipt printers and other devices. Available capacities include 150, 300, and 500 lb with 1/3,000 external resolution. Operating continuously for 300 hr on alkaline batteries (60 hr rechargeable), lb/kg switchable scale weighs 14.5 lb, has 6-digit display, and is offered with wall mount bracket and receipt printer. Read More

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Process Weighing Software serves filling, blending applications.

July 31, 2013

Able to be added to any IND560 terminal with firmware revision 4.03 or higher, IND560fillplus performs data collection and retrieval automatically using technology that processes important information. Functionality also provides means to automatically combine multiple materials in single weigh-in cycle. As many as 25 formulas can be stored, retried, and rescaled, and each can have its own designated auxiliary output turned on/off based on weight or production time requirements. Read More

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Stainless Steel Floor Scale targets food and chemical industry.

June 14, 2013

Suited for environments that require strict sanitation, Stainless Steel ProDec comes in standard sizes from 36 x 36 in. to 84 x 60 in. and capacities from 2,000–10,000 lb. NTEP-approved scale uses hermetically sealed, stainless steel Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bars for demanding weighing applications. Featuring adjustable leveling feet, free-standing platform scale can be height adjusted as required. Side access to junction box minimizes chance of food and debris being trapped in creases. Read More

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Portable Drum Scale is resistant to chemical attack, washdowns.

March 14, 2013

Constructed of stainless steel, DeckHand™ floor scale comes in 500, 1,000, and 2,000 lb capacity models suited for drum and other in-plant weighing applications. Digital weight indicator with 5-digit, 1 in. LCD is powered by 6 C cell alkaline batteries. Other features include 31 x 41 x 4.5 in., non-skid platform and folding ramp; 110 VAC adapter; and RS-232 communications port. For mobility, scale also features column with 2 hand grips. Read More

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Industrial Compact Scale provides intuitive data handling.

February 21, 2013

With secure data storage and variety of printing/labeling options, Model ICS685 provides accurate tracking and tracing for compliance with manufacturing industry standards such as Odette, Galia, AIAG, and ISO16949. Scale includes embedded article database and transaction memory for weighing and counting results, as well as alibi memory that stores weighing data combined with processing date and time. To help demonstrate accurate weighing during audit, calibration log file stores calibration data. Read More

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Industrial Scales are dust-, shock-, and draft-proof.

October 25, 2012

Using strain gauge or Monobloc® technology, Models ICS425, 435, 445, 465, 685, and ICS5 can be tailored to simple weighing and counting or complex computations, such as totalizing, totalizing to target, or over/under checkweighing and checkcounting. Units feature intuitive command menus and user-management profiles that allow language, rights, and key configuration settings. Embedded data storage with alibi and transaction memory allows smart export/import functionality by USB stick or Ethernet. Read More

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Wireless Scale System suits weighing of lightweight aircraft.

April 10, 2012

Consisting of 3 platform scales and RFX(TM) Wireless Handheld Indicator, ACII(TM) Aircraft System is suited for FBO operations and maintenance programs. Battery-powered system comes in 4,500, 7,500, and 15,000 lb capacities with accuracy of ±.1% of reading or ± display graduation, whichever is greater. With wireless indicator, users can turn scales on/off, zero scales, change scale and indicator settings, and perform calibration. RS232 and USB output are included. Read More

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Touchscreen Counter Scales target fresh food departments.

March 14, 2012

Supported by PC-based operating system, UC Evo Line is capable of running third party applications, including web browser, fresh item management, email, and recipe programs. Units feature 12.1 in. color LCD touchscreen that is fully configurable with optional graphical presets. Retailers' expanding PLU databases are accommodated by virtually unlimited number of preset keys. For energy savings, scales have LED backlit displays, energy-savings modes, and heat dissipation via aluminum housing. Read More

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Digital Physician Scale transmits data to external devices.

March 2, 2012

Featuring 550 lb capacity to accommodate broad range of patients, Digital Physician Scale 150-10-5 can be connected to PC through built-in USB port. Unit provides BMI function and built-in height measuring rod that measures from 27.5-82 in. Powered from AC adapter or standard alkaline batteries, scale includes Motiontrap movement compensation technology, integrated wheels for portability, lighted push-button display, and audible beep that sounds at end of each weigh cycle. Read More

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Portable Cylinder Scale suits chemical weighing applications.

November 1, 2011

Aiding water and wastewater treatment applications, Model 2308CS(TM) Cylinder Cart Scale features hand cart with integral weighing platform and digital LCD. Product comes in electric and rechargeable battery-powered versions, each of which can weigh cylinders up to 9 in. dia and up to 349 lb with accuracy of ±0.5% of capacity. Users can weigh chemicals in lb or kg, and electronics are protected against corrosive chemicals via NEMA 4X, UL-approved enclosure. Read More

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Configurable Counting Indicator handles large and small parts.

September 6, 2011

By adjusting to parameters and resolution of any attached scale base, Counterpart can convert floor scale, bench scale, or laboratory balance into intelligent piece-counting device. Users can simultaneously view weight, piece weight, description, and quantity. Counterpart also connects with most bar code scanners, label printers, and inventory management software. With onboard Ethernet, Counterpart can connect to PC where WeighVault® software enables data storage and reporting. Read More

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Battery-Powered, Portable Scales offer wireless weighing.

August 17, 2011

Supporting 150-3,000 lb, CW250(TM) electronic scales are suited for weighing 55 gal drums, chlorine cylinders, Freon(TM)/Puron® tanks, hazardous medical waste, and other liquid/gaseous containers. RFX(TM) Wireless Weighing promotes safety, and control is possible via optional Handheld RFX Wireless Weighing Indicator. Available in 15 x 15 x 4 in. or 24 x 24 x 4 in. sizes, Scales are accurate to ±0.1% of applied load with NTEP-approved capacities from 300-2,000 lb. Read More

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Gas Cylinder Scale concurrently weighs multiple containers.

June 17, 2011

Able to simultaneously weigh up to 12 cylinders, Model 2003(TM) - 2006(TM) Ultra-Low Profile Multi-Cylinder Platform Scale determines content level of liquefied gas under pressure to within ±0.1% of capacity. Users can monitor chemicals in pounds or kilograms, and steel construction is protected by corrosion-resistant finish. Available with standard and custom platform widths, scale has max load capacity of 2,500 lb, depending on the platform size, and can accommodate off center loads. Read More

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Portable Drum Scale features live side rails.

June 16, 2011

Providing 1,000 lb capacity, Alliance/CAS R-Series features anti-slip platform, ramps on 2 sides, and side rails to keep items on board, plus 2 built-in handles and 2 rubber wheels for portability. Unit's 6-digit LED indicator, offering single pass automatic span calibration, includes 18 ft shielded cable and is accurate to within 0.1% FS. Measuring 42.75 x 39.5 x 3.5 in., scale is constructed of steel with baked-on powder coat finish and provides 1/2,000 external resolution. Read More

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Precision Balances for Pharmacies improve workflows, safety.

April 25, 2011

Suited for stationary and portable use, respectively, PHS and PHL balances support daily tasks, including cream, ointment, and medication dispensing, as well as precision tasks such as compounding active ingredients. MonoBloc technology promotes extended service life in variable conditions, and fully automatic calibration technology ensures consistency via internal sensor adjustment that compensates for variables that can skew results. Read More

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Digital Scale measures chemicals in water/wastewater treatment.

January 25, 2011

Available in electric and battery powered versions, Model 2305(TM) Digital Single Cylinder Eco-Scale weighs chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment. It handles up to 10.5 in. dia cylinders weighing up to 150 lb and features digital readout. Usable in remote locations, scale can monitor chemicals in pounds or kilograms and delivers ±0.5% capacity accuracy. Electronics are housed in NEMA 4X, UL-approved enclosure that can be remote mounted up to 200 ft from scale base frame. Read More