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Digital Oscilloscope tests VFD-controlled motors.

January 28, 2016

Designed to check in-service motors for damaging VFD-induced shaft voltages, AEGIS® Shaft Voltage Tester™ Digital Oscilloscope comes with conductive microfiber tipped probe, probe holder with magnetic base, and carrying case. Two-channel, 100 MHz oscilloscope features 5.7 in. color TFT LCD, multi-language user interface, and 5-hr rechargeable/replaceable lithium-ion battery pack. Capable of sampling rates from 1–50 GSa/s, oscilloscope has USB port for data transfer or flash drive storage. Read More

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Crosstalk Analyzer provides design insight.

January 25, 2016

In addition to detecting and quantifying crosstalk presence, N8833A and N8833B crosstalk analysis application can determine which aggressors are primarily responsible. Functionality can also remove crosstalk from victim waveform to let engineers visually compare original and clean waveforms side-by-side. Also, engineers can compare results from other scope analysis tools. As many as 4 signals (aggressors or victims) can be analyzed concurrently, and application handles various crosstalk types. Read More

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Oscilloscopes automate PAM-4 pre-compliance testing.

December 28, 2015

Used with the S-Series, 90000A, V-Series, 90000 X- and Z-Series real-time oscilloscope platforms and 86100D DCA-X Infiniium sampling oscilloscope, N8836A and N1085A PAM-4 Analysis Software applications generate comprehensive pass/fail reports in minutes. Programs deliver linearity and output voltage measurements including level separation mismatch ratio, eye width and eye height, even-odd jitter and clock random jitter, and differential and common mode return losses. Read More

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Digital Oscilloscopes feature Super Phosphor technology.

December 15, 2015

With bandwidths of 70, 100, 200, and 300 MHz, Siglent SDS2000X Series provides real-time sampling rates up to 2 GSa/s, waveform capture rates up to 140,000 wfms/s, and record length up to 70 Mpoints. Low noise design supports 1 mV/div to 10 V/div voltage settings, with common adjustments accessible via single-button control. Offered in 2- and 4-channel models, oscilloscopes include 8 in. 800 x 480 TFT LCD and array of math capabilities with option for built-in 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator. Read More

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Digital Oscilloscopes employ Super Phosphor technology.

December 15, 2015

Available in 70/100/200/300 MHz bandwidths with real-time sampling rates to 2 GSPS, SDS2000X Series allows access to common functions via single-button control. Multiple trigger modes and I/O interfaces are included along with measurement and math capabilities with options for built-in 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator, 16 digital channels (MSO), and serial decoding. Other features include 8 in. TFT-LCD, waveform capture rates up to 500,000 wfm/sec, and record length up to 140 Mpts. Read More

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Mixed Domain Oscilloscope combines up to 6 Instruments in 1.

December 11, 2015

Providing synchronized view of analog and digital waveforms along with RF spectrum traces, MDO4000C Series expands core oscilloscope functionality with spectrum analyzer, arbitrary/function generator, logic analyzer, and protocol analyzer options. Complementary digital voltmeter is offered with product registration. Suited as debug tool for IoT and other embedded engineering applications, instrument features 20 Mpoint record length, 5 GS max sample rate, and >340,000 waveform/sec capture rate. Read More

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Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes offer broad analysis functions.

November 24, 2015

Suitable for professional analysis of digital signals for embedded design development, R&S HMO1202 comes with math and FFT analysis functions, 2 analog channels, and 8 digital channels. Sampling rate reaches 2 GSPS, memory depth is up to 2 MS, and true vertical sensitivity is 1 mV/div. Other features include formula editor for entering calculation functions, built-in FFT analysis functions with 128 kpoints, pattern generator, and web server. Models offer bandwidths of 100, 200, or 300 MHz. Read More

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Oscilloscope Probing Solutions operate from -40 to +85°C.

November 23, 2015

With input impedance of 10 MΩ and 400 MHz bandwidth, N7007A is 2 m long, single-end, 10:1 passive probe used for probing electrical signals inside temperature chamber. As extension kit, 70 cm-long N7013A includes 4 medium- and high-voltage differential active probes: N2790A (±1,500 V), N2791A (±700 V), N2792A (±20 V), and N2818A (±20 V). Engineers can place main body of probe outside environmental chamber and use extension kit and connection adapters to extend probes into environmental chamber. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes support inputs up to 39 kV.

October 29, 2015

Elditest high voltage divider probes are designed for use with both digital and analog oscilloscopes. Respectively, models CT4024, CT2982B, CT4025, CT4026, and CT4028 feature max input voltage ratings of 8, 10, 10, 18, and 39 kV and 40, 40, 120, 150, and 220 MHz bandwidth. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Oscilloscopes and Probes offer low-noise M-PHY test solution.

October 23, 2015

When used with DPO70000SX or MSO/DPO70000DX oscilloscopes and P7600 Series TriMode™ probes, Option M-PHY TX Automated offers low-noise test solution for MIPI® M-PHY® 3.1 specification and Conformance Test Suite 3.1. Solution supports M-PHY High Speed Gears 1, 2, and 3 as well as PWM Mode and SYS Mode. Option is capable of testing transmitters running in high-speed mode with sensitivity of 200 mV, minimal added noise of less than 1 or 2 mVrms, and high return loss as specified in M-PHY standard. Read More

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Oscilloscopes use software to debug DDR4 and LPDDR4 devices.

October 15, 2015

Running on Keysight Infiniium 9000A, S-Series, 90000A, V-Series, and Z-Series oscilloscopes, N6462A-3FP DDR4 and N6462A-4FP LPDDR4 Debug Software Tools help designers perform JEDEC compliance measurements and determine root cause of test failures. With quick electrical, timing, and eye-diagram analysis capability, designers can pinpoint and navigate to areas or data signals of interest for further analysis, as well as collect and analyze statistical data. Read More

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Oscilloscopes use measurement toolset for PAM4 analysis.

October 5, 2015

Operating on both DPO70000SX 70 GHz real time and DSA8300 equivalent time oscilloscopes, PAM4 Analysis Tools enable oscilloscopes to characterize PAM4 signals from 13–56 GBaud while supporting both optical and electrical domains. Features in toolset include ability to analyze full waveforms or correlated waveforms, reference level settings for pass/fail analysis of multi-level thresholds, numerical rise/fall times for every LSB, MSB level, and built-in clock recovery using PAM-specific PLL models. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Communication Systems & Equipment, Optics & Photonics

Coherent Optical Receivers feature bandwidth up to 70 GHz.

October 5, 2015

Pairing with LabMaster 10-65Zi-A oscilloscope, 70 GHz Model IQS70 provides system bandwidth of 65 GHz, delivering solution for characterizing 56 Gbaud communications systems and enabling detection up to 130 GBaud. For lower-rate applications, 42 GHz Model IQS42 provides test platform for up to 32 Gbaud DP-16QAM or DP-QPSK when used with 36 GHz LabMaster 10-36Zi-A. Optical-LinQ software runs within oscilloscope, providing measurement and visualization of optically modulated signals. Read More

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Digital Oscilloscopes analyze ultra wide bandwidth signals.

October 2, 2015

Utilizing SignalVu software, DPO70000SX ATI Oscilloscopes will enable researchers and designers to evaluate complex signals without external downconverter, and develop wide- and ultra-wide bandwidth technologies such as 5G, cellular backhaul, and radar to perform RF modulation measurements. SignalVue takes advantage of oscilloscopes' signal fidelity to deliver accurate EVM measurements and other signal analysis such as chirp rates on chirped radar systems up to 70 GHz. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Real-Time Oscilloscopes deliver low noise and high fidelity.

October 2, 2015

In addition to 70 GHz model, DPO70000SX Performance Series includes 50 GHz and 23 GHz models. ATI architecture uses symmetrical technique that delivers all signal energy to both digitizing paths, resulting in inherent noise advantage when signals are reconstructed. ATI channel of 50 GHz model offers 200 GS/s sample rate for 5 ps/sample resolution. Supporting UltraSync technology, 23 GHz version features four 23 GHz non-ATI channels with 50 GS/s sample rate on each, for 20 ps/sample resolution. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Tester for 100G Short Reach Optical Assessment is fully automated.

September 28, 2015

Fully automated Transmitter Dispersion Eye Closure (TDEC) measurement and 100GBASE-SR4 conformance test solution accelerates and facilitates process of ensuring new product designs conform to IEEE 802.3bm optical specification. Turnkey solution, based on DSA8300 equivalent time oscilloscope equipped with 80C15 optical module, supports full clock recovery and TDEC automation beyond 25.781 Gbps. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Oscilloscopes provide APIX2 physical layer testing.

September 11, 2015

Available for Infiniium Oscilloscopes, APIX2 Compliance Application characterizes and tests APIX2 (Automotive Pixel Link) high-speed SerDes technology for in-car video applications. Software automates variety of tests as specified in AN204 Rev 1.1, including Downstream Transmitter at MP1, Downstream Transmitter at MP2, and Upstream at MP4. Report is generated that compares results with specified test limit and indicates how closely device passes or fails each test. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Multi-Function Oscilloscopes feature 12-bit resolution.

September 1, 2015

With 12-bit resolution, OWON XDS Series is suited for users that need to measure small signals or read details from large signal. Units come with Xvisual technology platform which provides low base noise, 40M record length, and 75,000 wfms/s refresh rate. Software delivers advanced trigger and protocol decoding functions, while embedded Wi-Fi module ensures computers and cell phones can share display screen to view/control oscilloscope. Users can also check and save waveform data via App. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Digital Oscilloscopes offer trigger and decoder option.

August 7, 2015

Available for R&S RTO and RTE Digital Oscilloscopes, R&S RTx-K50 Option helps debug serial protocols that employ Manchester or NRZ coding. Option can be used with standardized buses such as PROFIBUS, DALI, or MVB as well as with proprietary serial protocols. Covering data rates up to 5 Gbps, option supports up to 50 telegram formats. Decoded protocol content is displayed in color-coded format, and time correlation with analog signal helps identify faults caused by signal integrity problems. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Oscilloscopes offer MHL 3.0 analysis and compliance testing. .

July 30, 2015

Designed for use with DPO/MSO70000 oscilloscopes, Opt MHD3 Software supports latest MHL Compliance Test Specification, CTS 3.2, and provides complete support for validating source, sink, and dongle devices across data rates of 6, 3, and 1.5 Gbps. Solution also provides TMDS and eCBUS eye-diagram support with auto-mask fit for debugging and automatic mask adjustment. Customers can perform BER test with calibrated patterns for Transmitter Input test. Read More