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Oscilloscopes use measurement toolset for PAM4 analysis.

October 5, 2015

Operating on both DPO70000SX 70 GHz real time and DSA8300 equivalent time oscilloscopes, PAM4 Analysis Tools enable oscilloscopes to characterize PAM4 signals from 13–56 GBaud while supporting both optical and electrical domains. Features in toolset include ability to analyze full waveforms or correlated waveforms, reference level settings for pass/fail analysis of multi-level thresholds, numerical rise/fall times for every LSB, MSB level, and built-in clock recovery using PAM-specific PLL models. Read More

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Digital Oscilloscopes analyze ultra wide bandwidth signals.

October 2, 2015

Utilizing SignalVu software, DPO70000SX ATI Oscilloscopes will enable researchers and designers to evaluate complex signals without external downconverter, and develop wide- and ultra-wide bandwidth technologies such as 5G, cellular backhaul, and radar to perform RF modulation measurements. SignalVue takes advantage of oscilloscopes' signal fidelity to deliver accurate EVM measurements and other signal analysis such as chirp rates on chirped radar systems up to 70 GHz. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Real-Time Oscilloscopes deliver low noise and high fidelity.

October 2, 2015

In addition to 70 GHz model, DPO70000SX Performance Series includes 50 GHz and 23 GHz models. ATI architecture uses symmetrical technique that delivers all signal energy to both digitizing paths, resulting in inherent noise advantage when signals are reconstructed. ATI channel of 50 GHz model offers 200 GS/s sample rate for 5 ps/sample resolution. Supporting UltraSync technology, 23 GHz version features four 23 GHz non-ATI channels with 50 GS/s sample rate on each, for 20 ps/sample resolution. Read More

Optics & Photonics, Test & Measuring Instruments

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer supports local and remote operation.

October 1, 2015

Controlled directly on device via touchscreen, jog dial, or hotkeys or via real-time USB remote control, SPECTRAN HF-8060 V5 offers frequency range up to 20 GHz (40 GHz) with max real-time bandwidth of up to 160 MHz. Signal processing involves measurement method aided by staggered polyphase FPGA and DSP. On analog side, signal is sampled with dual 14-bit ADC with up to 500 MSPS data rate or 40 GHz power meter. Other features include integrated tracking generator and optional GPS receiver.

Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Three-Phase Power Loggers promote system reliability optimization.

September 28, 2015

Able to automatically capture and log 500+ power quality parameters, 1736 and 1738 Three-Phase Power Loggers give technicians and engineers visibility into data needed to make power quality and energy consumption decisions. Product capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics, and associated power quality values, and included Energy Analyze Plus software provides detailed analysis of energy consumption and power quality and generates reports automatically. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Test & Measuring Instruments

Network Analyzers measure real-time power transfer efficacy.

September 25, 2015

E5072A, E5061B, and E5063A ENA Series network analyzers support wireless power transfer (WPT) analysis software (Option 006), which enables characterization of coupled coils and resonators as well as measurement of power transfer efficiency in real-time via arbitrary load impedance setting. Also, software enables analyzer users to perform 2D/3D simulation for visualizing dependency of load impedance in wireless power transfer systems. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Vector Network Analyzer performs passive component testing.

September 24, 2015

Future proof and ready to evolve as technologies change, Model E5063A is available with 5 options covering frequency ranges of 100 kHz to 500 MHz, 1.5 GHz, 3.0 GHz, 6.5 GHz, and 14 GHz. Unit features trace noise of 0.002 dB rms, typical dynamic range of 122 dB, and stability of 0.01 dB/°C. Analyzer provides optimized performance and functionality for testing simple passive components, such as antennas, cables, filters, and PCBs. Read More

Automatic ID, Test & Measuring Instruments

Base Station Analyzer offers CPRI RF measurement option.

September 15, 2015

With CPRI RF measurement option, BTS Master™ Analyzer enables field engineers and technicians to conduct accurate RF measurements on Remote Radio Heads while remaining at ground level. Analyzer can conduct RF measurements over fiber optic CPRI link connecting baseband unit and RRH. In addition to accelerated sweep speed for capturing bursty signals, BTS Master can tune and pan on displayed signal and zoom into particular area of interest. Read More

Optics & Photonics, Test & Measuring Instruments

Remote Spectrum Monitor delivers flexible surveillance abilities.

September 15, 2015

Designed without display or keyboard, Remote Spectrum Monitor automates method of conducting radio surveillance, interference detection, and government spectrum policy enforcement while bringing flexibility to network management. This modular and scalable products platform for field wireless testing features 2 spectrum monitor modules (MS27102A and MS27103A). Each has power of arrival (POA) algorithms to monitor for interference and approximate signal origin. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Test & Measuring Instruments

Vector Network Analyzer features multiport architecture.

September 11, 2015

Providing 1 MHz to 9 GHz frequency coverage, M9485A PXIe VNA supports high-volume wireless component manufacturing of front-end modules, switches, and filters used in mobile phones and base stations. With up to 24 ports, all receivers synchronize with common source to measure all S-parameters at once. Analyzer performs at speeds of 5 msec at 201 points with 2-port calibration. Unit features wide dynamic range up to 142 dB, low trace noise of 0.001-dBrms at 10 kHz IFBW, and 0.005 dB/°C stability. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Optics & Photonics

Millimeter Wave Combination Analyzers are software upgradeable.

September 10, 2015

FieldFox microwave (combination) analyzers include N9950A (32 GHz), N9951A (44 GHz), and N9952A (50 GHz), while FieldFox spectrum analyzers include N9960A (32 GHz ), N9961A (44 GHz), and N9962A (50 GHz). Covering same frequency range, combination models provide spectrum analysis, vector network analysis, and cable and antenna testing. Rugged, portable, 7.1 lb instruments deliver laboratory-grade measurements and enable field personnel to fully characterize radar and satellite systems. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Automatic ID

Site Analyzer detects passive intermodulation over CPRI.

August 26, 2015

Portable and rugged with 12 in. touchscreen, PIM Site Analyzer-alpha provides multi-function on-site tests and measurements of active and passive elements — whether outdoor or indoor systems, RF or fiber optic. Plug-and-play modular and broadband design with exchangeable band filter units ensures flexibility and future-proofs system. Operating from battery and 110/220 Vac, analyzer provides antenna isolation measurement, DTF measurement, and VSWR/Return loss measurement. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

High-Fidelity PCIe Digitizer supports RF, wireless measurements.

August 25, 2015

U5303A 12-bit PCIe® digitizer supports BB1 application option that enhances performance by compensating ADC and front-end distortion, minimizing interleaves spurs, and reducing overall noise bandwidth. This results in improved and uniform measurement fidelity across useful bandwidth to benefit RF and wireless frequency domain measurements. Also, post processing compensation lends to optimized SFDR and intermodulation product specifications. Achievable DAQ length is up to 64 MS/channel. Read More

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Microscopy System analyzes multi-scale and multi-modal images.

August 11, 2015

Consisting of hardware and software package, ZEISS Atlas 5 extends capacity of SEMs and FIB-SEMs. System streamlines automatic image acquisition, enabling navigation and correlation of images from any source including light and X-ray microscopes. Users can acquire large sets of 2D or 3D microscope images for hours, or even days, without operator supervision. Correlative workspace brings together images from multiple sources: zooming in from full macroscopic view down to nanoscale details. Read More

Optics & Photonics, Test & Measuring Instruments, Services

EMI Receiver enhances emissions diagnostics with RTSA option.

August 10, 2015

Standards-compliant MXE EMI receiver with real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) option enables labs to observe and diagnose transient and wideband emissions during EMC compliance and precompliance testing. Specifically, RTSA mode enables MXE to provide real-time analysis bandwidth up to 85 MHz below 3.6 GHz and up to 40 MHz above 3.6 GHz. Frequency mask trigger (FMT) capability, included with RTSA, allows users to trigger on signals with durations as short as 17.4 µsec. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Materials & Material Processing

Power Analyzer accelerates accurate early assessments.

August 7, 2015

Built on multi-threaded architecture, Cadence® Joules™ RTL Power Solution lets SoC designers analyze power consumption during design exploration. Rapid prototype technology enables this register-transfer level (RTL) power analysis solution to analyze designs of up to 20 million instances with gate-level accuracy within 15% of final power as signed off in Cadence Voltus™ IC Power Integrity Solution. Also, additional integration fosters system-level power analysis and optimization. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Multi-Parameter Analyzers are available with fieldbus interfaces.

July 31, 2015

Stratos Evo DP, Stratos Pro PA, and Stratos Pro FF, respectively featuring integrated bus interfaces for PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA, and FF, integrate into new and existing host systems. Stratos Pro devices for PROFIBUS PA or Foundation technology come in versions for hazardous and non-hazardous areas, while Stratos Evo DP for PROFIBUS DP only works outside of hazardous areas. All settings can be configured directly on device or with standardized engineering tools via Enhanced EDD or DTM. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Test & Measuring Instruments

Network Analyzer accelerates root-cause discovery.

July 29, 2015

Available for rental, Fluke Networks OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet enables IT and network engineers to analyze wired/wireless network versus application issues when problems occur or during initial set-up. Tablet finds devices, networks, and problems within seconds to get to root-cause, while network monitoring with performance health checks helps optimize critical infrastructure and applications on track for smooth running. Read More

Optics & Photonics, Test & Measuring Instruments

Signal/Spectum Analyzer covers 2 Hz to 85 GHz range in one sweep.

July 14, 2015

Offering touchscreen operation, R&S FSW85 enables users to test baseband and RF with one analyzer. No external harmonic mixers are required, which facilitates test setup, and internal preselection suppresses image frequency and other spurious emissions that typically occur during harmonic mixing. Optionally, instrument can be equipped with internal analysis bandwidth of 500 MHz. When combined R&S FSW-B2000 option and R&S RTO oscilloscope, analysis bandwidth of 2 GHz can be achieved. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Signal Analyzer offers modular stimulus response measurement.

July 8, 2015

With built-in tracking generator, M9290A CXA-m PXIe Signal Analyzer offers 3, 7.5, 13.6, and 26.5 GHz options, making it suitable for characterizing behavior of components or subsystems, including frequency response, conversion loss, and insertion loss/gain, as well as analyzing and identifying unknown signals. VXA measurement application provides CXA-m with vector signal analysis mode that supports wide range of measurements, demodulation types, and filters for comprehensive signal analysis. Read More