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Communications Platform streamlines data, bandwidth management.

February 27, 2015

In addition to preventing rogue clients from hijacking available bandwidth from critical applications, Scheduler Plug-In of KEPServerEX® v5.17 lets users move scheduling of data requests from client to server. Included EFM Suite, comprising drivers and Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) exporters, allows polling of real-time and historical EFM data from pipeline flow computers and RTUs. Also, Local Historian Plug-In supports OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) processed read requests. Read More


Digital Asset Management Software handles content workflow.

February 25, 2015

Part of Atex Digital Media platform: Digital Asset Management and Digital Publishing, Atex dm.desk is open and scalable with NoSQL database. Digital Media Desk offers centralized content management infrastructure, to manage all needs of content ingestion and archival, content curation, and dissemination over digital and traditional channels. Program also consolidates different asset management systems such as picture desks, wires management, text archives, and print page archives. Read More


Collaboration Software powers partnerships for science.

February 18, 2015

Running on Platform for Science™, Core Collaboration™ offers data and knowledge sharing platform that allows sponsors and partners worldwide to interact in real-time in secure, configurable environment that supports any partnership model — accelerating innovation while safe-guarding vital research data. Multiple secure Collaboration Spaces can be created or decommissioned within hours, and rapidly pre-populated with appropriate products and applications using established business rules. Read More

Software, Services

Cloud Data Security Management Service addresses Shadow IT issues.

February 10, 2015

Addressing data loss threats caused by employees using their own cloud services to store work documents, MobileIron Content Security Service  (CSS) separates security controls from data storage methods and allows security to be managed at document-level across multiple content repositories. Solution protects documents stored in repositories with 5 core capabilities: encryption and key management, DLP controls, secure sharing, activity trail, and EMM integration. Read More

Software, Non-Industrial Products

Cloud-Based Software publishes digital content to inmates.

February 9, 2015

With Inmate Handbook Application on ConnectUs, correctional agencies can electronically publish inmate rules and handbooks in any language. Cloud-based, hosted application also allows inmates to view and acknowledge any correctional agency inmate handbook through ConnectUs platform delivered on multi-purpose touchscreen hardware terminal. In addition to saving time and minimizing liability, application accelerates speed at which updates can be digitally published. Read More


Cloud-Based Platform aids inmate grievance application submission.

February 6, 2015

Via multipurpose touchscreen terminal located in housing units, Grievance Application on ConnectUs lets inmates request and file new grievances as well as view responses. Solution provides each Correctional Agency with flexibility and control over fields, responses, and escalation levels. Multiple types of forms and grievances, each with customized routing process, can be made available to inmates. Examples include health/grievance requests or anonymous forms sans log-in activities.
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Data Communication App enhances Chromebook usage efficacy.

February 5, 2015

Qfinder Chrome app lets Chromebook and Chrome users search for and connect to Turbo NAS over LAN to leverage cloud-based Notes Station, directly access media files, and use Virtualization Station to run Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Android-based virtual machines. Along with smart installation guide that aids initial startup and lets users directly create storage pools and multiple volumes, Qfinder Windows v5.0 supports multimedia uploading and Storage Plug & Connect function. Read More


RIP Software features Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.5.

January 28, 2015

In addition to APPE 3.5 for processing PDF and Postscript files, ColorGATE RIP v9 is available with Access Control Module, which allows creation of editing rights for individual users or user groups, restricting access to particular functions or whole function sets. Multichannel PSD Module for color management lets users process multichannel files via sophisticated processing flow. During linearizations as well as in profiling stage, it is possible to exclude 1 or more patches from calculation. Read More


Data Management Software enables real-time collaboration.

January 27, 2015

Available in Component, Workgroup, and Enterprise editions for design teams of varying sizes, Altium Vault® v2.1 software provides enterprise ECAD design data management and collaboration platform. Centralization, management, and formalization of component libraries, design data, and team collaboration promotes productivity and reduces potential errors for design teams. Specifically, solution manages product versions and releases, design reuse, and design library management.
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Non-Industrial Products, Software

Digital Capture Board App supports up to 250 users.

January 23, 2015

Part of SMART kapp app, SMART kapp® Premium Services enables users to unlock range of features for SMART kapp digital capture board. Premium version lets users extend number of concurrent remote participants connected to session to 250. Creation of password-protected reusable links enables meeting hosts to readily provide link for recurring or ad-hoc meetings. With 84 in. SMART kapp 84, users can capture, save, and share work in real-time on any device worldwide. Read More

Software, Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Intelligent Monitoring Platform aids heathcare organizations.

January 23, 2015

With cloud-based, mobile-first design, OneVue™ Intelligent Monitoring Platform enables users to view temperature and humidity data and configure system via Web browser. Data generated by sensors is tied to room, equipment, or inventory being monitored, rather than to sensor. This allows historical data trails for compliance audits, preventative maintenance, benchmarking, and cost comparisons — all without requiring users to merge records each time sensor is changed or assets are moved. Read More


MTConnect Interface enhancews interoperability of CNC systems.

January 20, 2015

As communications interface option for new or existing NUM CNC systems, NUMConnect simplifies integration of CNC machine tools with third party manufacturing management software. Users can implement real-time data collection and retrieval facilities for production monitoring and analysis purposes. Fully compliant with MTConnect v1.3.0 interoperability standard, interface can read anything that is capable of being displayed on CNC system's HMI (analog or digital). Read More


Enterprise Software Application manages sound masking systems.

January 19, 2015

With Qt® Command Center, administrators can manage multiple networked QtPro sound masking systems anywhere in world from single dashboard. Users can set up and update settings on any Qt Control Module, regardless of its location on corporate LAN. In addition, users can copy settings from any controller and apply them to one or more controllers; add, label, and map independent control modules; and export settings from Qt Command Center for backup or transfer. Read More


Label Printing Software fosters GHS compliance.

January 19, 2015

Pre-formatted for all industry standard sized labels, DrumWizard Lite allows businesses to print GHS-compliant labels directly from any printer. Program manager, which lets users enter information about their product once and save label for future as-needed printing, can hold all GHS label information for all products. Preloaded with pictograms and 32+ barcodes, software allows for up to 19 additional user-defined print time fields and supports business logo upload. Read More


Mobile Web App helps retailers simplify Wi-Fi configurations.

January 14, 2015

By exposing several key features of cloud Wi-Fi management console, AirTight Nano™ simplifies Wi-Fi configurations and compliance reporting. Configurations done through Nano are synchronized with enterprise cloud management console, enabling retailers and MSPs to layer additional cloud services on top of basic configurations. They also retain full visibility into brand-wide Wi-Fi analytics and engagement metrics. With in-browser messaging feature, messages can be inserted in user's web session. Read More

Software, Optics & Photonics

Video Management Software ensures uninterrupted surveillance.

January 8, 2015

Providing real-time video monitoring and simultaneous recording for multiple cameras, PHOENIX RSM enables businesses to continuously capture evidentiary quality video. Performance capabilities of SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris 11 enable multiple concurrent video camera feeds to be displayed along with camera carousel and various live-view camera layouts. Multi-tiered storage management provides long-term video retention for dispute resolution, evidence collection, and risk management. Read More


Imaging Algorithm Library helps minimize GPU execution time.

January 7, 2015

Suited for ARM® Mali™ GPUs, OpenCL-optimized imaging algorithm library targets smartphones, tablets, and notebooks and includes such imaging features as 3D noise suppression, chroma noise reduction, de-fringe, and de-haze. Imaging solutions make effective use of heterogeneous architecture of application processors containing GPU Compute-capable GPUs. Library minimizes execution time and power consumption, which promotes user experience and battery life expectancy. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Vision Systems, Software, Sensors, Monitors & Transducers, Communication Systems & Equipment

X-Ray Screening System aids anti-terrorism efforts.

January 5, 2015

Linked to any X-ray machine used to screen for prohibited items, SecureTech™ instantly transmits suspect images and real-time video to remote operations centers for analysis. Technicians view video stream live while speaking with onsite individual as to level of threat parcel posses. Final evaluation process manipulates image to determine if item is considered Threat/No Threat. Technology also allows for Internet-based training by providing immediate access to experienced bomb technicians. Read More


Clinical Research Management Tools support cross-study reporting.

December 29, 2014

DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ simplifies clinical research management by providing enterprise-wide eClinical® tools. Cross-Study Managers fulfill information needs of each research professional, whether reporting at individual or cross-study level, with instant access to real-time, enterprise-wide data. Solution also offers flexible reporting capabilities across 100+ fields, online data management tools, role- and time-specific Scheduler, cloud-based collaboration, and File Versioning. Read More


Information Management Software increases operational efficacy.

December 22, 2014

Offering intuitive and tablet-friendly UI, AVEVA NET 5.0 helps EPCs and owner operators capture, explore, and interrogate digital asset information. Cloud-ready solution accepts data from any source to provide open and agnostic approach to integration which is enhanced via integrated and optimized 3D interaction, search, visualization, and navigation capabilities. Functionality fosters efficient handing over of asset data from engineering and construction phase into operations phase. Read More