Business Integration


Enterprise Software simplifies Agile PLM integrations.

October 10, 2014

Intuitively facilitating connection of Agile PLM to multiple, disparate systems, PLM Bridge lets users perform drag-and-drop configuration without requiring programming skills. Platform allows integration to one or more target systems, including ERP, CRM, data warehouses, and other downstream systems. Beyond point-to-point integration, platform offers entire framework to support and manage communication and also allows bidirectional passing of data from all Agile PLM modules. Read More


ATCA System Management Software accelerates integration.

April 30, 2014

System Services Framework (SSF) lets users or applications configure and monitor hardware and software elements of single Artesyn ATCA® shelf or across multiple shelves. GUI facilitates viewing of system configuration as well as events and alarms while also providing means of configuring switches or payload blades and managing system access. Also, suite provides XML and command line interfaces that allow user applications access to system parameters and controls. Read More


System Integration Software unites video surveillance deployments.

April 25, 2014

Addressing requirements of large-scale projects, Command&Capture™ enables security operators to unite, integrate, and manage several local and remote video surveillance and information management systems regardless of their OS or system software. Functionality allows seamless operation and management of events and tasks from one operating center, and authorization levels and controlled access to information allow multi-level user management. Read More


Mobile Messaging Solutions enhance enterprise IT use cases.

April 22, 2014

To meet Global 2000 enterprise demands, SaaS-based Mobile Engagement Platform delivers global SMS connectivity to 200+ countries while supporting use cases for business continuity, IT and support management, as well as data integrity and privacy. In addition to covering one- or 2-way messaging for network and system outage alerts and emergency notifications, capabilities enable enterprise IT and security leaders to develop and customize mobile messaging services to meet unique business needs. Read More


Data Management Software powers extreme transactions.

April 10, 2014

With SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise v16.0, users can process extreme transactions with one integrated transactional database system. Scalable software supports high throughput and low latency for managing growing data and users in cloud and on premise. As part of release, Service Pack 200 for SAP® Replication Server® 15.7 offers synchronous replication to help ensure zero data loss, high availability and disaster recovery for mission-critical SAP Business Suite applications. Read More


VMS Integrator facilitates and accelerates end user experience.

December 18, 2013

Aiding vendor management system (VMS) integration process by reducing required time to days or hours, IQNtegrator supports multiple data formats, offers flexible drag-and-drop configuration capability, and supports deployments based on project timelines instead of software release cycles. Integration platform, effective regardless of number of records or system integrations, allows updates to be made at any time and offers immediate response to changing requirements. Read More


User Experience Engine creates and manages workflow.

November 25, 2013

Layered on EnergyAxis® AMI system, CallistoUX™ provides virtual integration of multiple applications through single portal. Program lets user quickly access desired screen in any web-based application, regardless of how many layers deep it is buried. By organizing cards in CallistoUX engine, user can monitor disparate systems and move between applications without losing context. Workflow engine optimizes efficiency by enabling utility to capture and codify best practices for routine activities. Read More


Geoscientific Software interconnects with third party apps.

October 1, 2013

Included in Paradigm 2014 release, Paradigm® Epic unifies suite of applications into single integrated console. Ability to create custom workflow templates for common geoscientific procedures helps bring advanced science to everyone, as generalist users can work with advanced workflows that previously required specialized expertise. By conforming to platform-neutral standards, Paradigm Epic allows customers to use choice of applications while maintaining single data management infrastructure. Read More