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Forklift Cabins provide comfort and visibility.

October 9, 2014

Available for Crown C-5 Series of gas forklifts, Hard and Soft Cabins ensure visibility in all directions. Constructed from tubular steel and available for pneumatic tire model, Hard Cabin features sound-absorbing surfaces, bar-style door handles, and 2-way sliding, locking windows. Soft Cabin is equipped with acrylic top and soft rear window and doors that can be rolled up or down as weather conditions change. It is available in full cab, partial cab without doors, or in modular components. Read More


Machine Rental Services foster flexible manufacturing.

March 5, 2014

Affording flexibility in manufacturing projects, manufacturing equipment rental and rigging equipment rental services enable companies to evaluate need for specific equipment as well as complete short-term projects. Available equipment for rental includes forklifts, rigging advisors, testing equipment, rigging equipment, production auxiliary equipment, and trucks. Parties are urged to contact company if something required is not available online. Read More


Refurbishing Service modernizes UV Excimer lasers.

March 31, 2004

Ultraviolet laser refurbishment service can target complete laser or modules such as tubes, valve banks, vacuum systems, and pulse forming networks. Service provides upgrades and modifications, using cleanroom facility to assemble laser tubes and ceramics manufacturing capabilities to make replacement parts. Refurbished lasers are leak-checked for 24 hr and burned in for 24-48 hr. Final test report documents gas lifetime, power, energy, and beam quality. Read More

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