Inventory Management

Material Handling & Storage, Services

Inventory Management System enables online tracking.

June 28, 2011

With online, password-protected Inventory Management System, medical device manufacturers can track inventory, place orders, and manage distribution. System is built upon DotNet 4.0 platform, which enables download of large data files to Excel and/or Adobe PDF in seconds. Equipped to scale as customers grow, system provides variety of email notifications, flexibility to request complete or incomplete loaner kits, and ability to track expiration dates. Read More

Software, Services

Procurement Program optimizes cutting tool usage.

September 15, 2004

Integrated SecoPoint(TM) program helps users measure, control, influence, and manage manufacturing processes for optimum efficiency. PCA software measures process or workpiece as it moves through production and provides complete analysis of manufacturing process, machine utilization, and cutting tool optimization. Point-of-Use system automates secure storage, dispensing, and inventory management of cutting tools. Total Procurement Solution is completed through SupplyPort(TM) web portal. Read More


Program helps streamline fuse inventory.

March 2, 2004

MRO Plus analyzes list of on-hand fuse inventory, identifies duplicate products from different manufacturers, and provides recommendations to reduce SKUs. Program can identify old or obsolete products with inadequate performance. When compatible match can be made, MRO Plus makes recommendations for replacing current fuse inventory with Indicator fuses, which feature darkened window that immediately identifies fuses that need to be replaced. Read More

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