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Cleanroom Sevices include aseptic manufacturing and repackaging.

June 18, 2015

Aseptic manufacturing is available for custom products via ISO class 5 production line that can produce packaging from 100–2,000 mL. Custom reagents can be manufactured in various aseptic packaging options, and closed loop filling of aseptically bagged product is offered using Bio Safety Cabinet production process. Product can be packaged into 20 and 200 L sterile bags with sizing 100% customizable as based on requirements. Read More

Software, Services

Payment Software optimizes security and compliance.

March 6, 2015

Optimizing concurrent transactional processing for real-time and accurate payment processing, web-based eGlobal Payment and Fulfillment Platform helps banks and financial institutions adhere to proposed Federal regulations for fast payments and risk management. Platform optimizes security, audit and compliance, settlement and fulfillment, all on-demand. Built on SOA/SEDA platform, eGlobal supports wire transfer, ACH initiation, customer enrollment, and workflow management. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Services

Order Fulfillment System targets eCommerce market.

January 25, 2013

Providing optimal use of retail warehouse space, Click&Pick™ combines inventory storage technology, high-speed picking, and fulfillment software suite into goods-to-person system for eCommerce. System leverages robotic technology and maintains optimal control of inventory. Designed to seamlessly grow in conjunction with customer's business, fulfillment system allows warehouse workers to achieve productivity of 1,000 picks per selector per hour on sustained basis. Read More

Software, Services

Online Tool manages printed material inventory.

January 31, 2005

PrintStock v2.0 allows marketers to know what printed marketing material is in stock, where it is, and when to reorder, in real-time. Printers that use service can print and store large amounts of materials, keep them available as needed, and deliver them to clients when requested. Service suits both large and small corporations. Read More


Service provides electronic software delivery and management.

December 19, 2003

SubscribeNet® 8.0 Service enables enterprise software publishers to streamline processes associated with product release, delivery, and support. It provides Web-based tools for automated, proactive, and highly-targeted customer communication management that help organizations control product release process and software, entitlements, licenses, and documentation they deliver to customers. Service can be seamlessly integrated with any publisher's Web site. Read More

Software, Services

Driver Monitor Software tracks truck fleets.

April 24, 2002

ProTrack Drivers outbound delivery planning and management tool tracks progress against production planning, monitors employee performance in real time, and helps management evaluate performance in distribution center. It calculates delivery time based on order content, accommodates physical parameters of stop, provides precise delivery times, and tracks actual performance against predicted times. It can serve as foundation for driver incentive programs. Read More

Software, Services

Production Software manages manufacturing operations.

January 29, 2002

OptiVision Release 440 provides interfaces to logistic management systems, wireless PC support, system navigation via tab forms, preferred-customer highlighting, and global cost-based sourcing at order entry. Package manages total range of manufacturing information needs of single mill or multi-mill enterprise. It handles order entry, order status, scheduling, trimming, producing, tracking, inventory, shipping, and invoicing. Read More

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