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Wireless Patient Monitoring System improves ulcer prevention.

February 23, 2015

Comprising of wearable sensors, Leaf wireless patient monitoring system improves caregivers' pressure ulcer prevention processes. Data collected by sensor is communicated wirelessly to central monitoring stations or mobile devices, enabling caregivers to check on patient position and movement. Alerts are issued when necessary to ensure patients are repositioned according to prescribed turning schedules to reduce pressure ulcer incidences. Read More

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SMT Proximity/Ambient Light Sensor leverages Filtron(TM) technology.

February 23, 2015

Supplied in 4 x 2 x 1.1 mm package, VCNL4040 combines IR emitter, photo detectors for proximity and ambient light, signal processing IC, and 16-bit ADC. This 3-in-1 sensor features interrupt function, supports I²C bus communication interface, and simplifies window and sensor placement in consumer applications. Able to be assembled on main PCB, device can function at any depth or air gap below glass window, and Filtron™ technology enables close to human eye ambient light spectral sensitivity. Read More

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Linear Hall-effect Sensors provide redundant measurements.

February 17, 2015

Integrating 2 automotive-qualified dies in TSSOP14 package thinner than 1 mm, HAR 24xy Series is suited for throttle position measurement, pedal position detection, and exhaust gas recirculation applications. High accuracy is based on 16-bit signal path with digital signal core delivering ratiometric 12-bit analog (HAR 2425) or up to 2 kHz PWM (HAR 2455) output signal. Both include output linearization compensation function using 16 programmable set points to correct magnet linearity errors. Read More

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Inductive Linear Sensors provide cylinder position feedback.

February 4, 2015

Available in embedded, port mount, and port mount 25 mm hex housing versions, respectively, Series ME, MR, and MHP measure ram position of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in industrial, mobile, or subsea applications. Units offer measurement ranges from 1–24 in. and operate to 5,000 psi or 10,000 ft depth. Supplied in IEC IP67-rated aluminum or stainless steel housing, sensors are based on contactless inductive sensing technology, eliminating need for magnet. Read More

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Mobile Access System supports mustering applications.

January 23, 2015

Pairing System Galaxy access control platform with handheld reader powered by Telaeris, Mobile Access Solution supports on-site and off-site mustering, verification, entry/exit, rostering, and attendance applications. Data is communicated in real-time via wireless networks. When network connection is not available, all activity is stored in handheld reader until TCP/IP connection is established. All major credential types are supported, including Prox, PIV, iClass, barcode, and magstripe. Read More

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Inductive Linear Position Sensor adapts to cylinder designs.

January 16, 2015

Installed in rear endcap of hydraulic cylinders for operation at pressures up to 5,000 psig, MHP series offers 1 in. hex aluminum or stainless steel housings suited for mobile hydraulics, factory automation machinery, or oil and gas exploration equipment. Sensors mount to cylinder with male o-ring port thread and feature ranges from 2–24 in. Contactless operation negates wear due to cycling or dithering, and SenSet™ allows for field scalability of analog output. Read More

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Inductive Linear Position Sensor targets factory automation.

January 12, 2015

Supplied in 0.75 in. dia anodized aluminum housing sealed to IP67, contactless LR-19 Series offers 6 ranges from 1–8 in. Radial cable exit version comes with swivel rod eye ends, while axial termination versions feature M-12 connector or cable. Operating from DC voltages, series offers choice of 4 analog outputs that include SenSet™ field recalibration feature. Performance, compact design, and stroke-to-length ratio suit industrial testing laboratory and OEM applications. Read More

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Magneto-Inductive Displacement Sensors can be configured to needs.

December 16, 2014

With mainSENSOR MDS-40-MK and -LP series, measuring ranges can be defined by selecting corresponding magnet type for respective target and measuring arrangement. There are 4 MDS-40-MK series predefined sensor variants available with different connector, power supply, and output options, which, along with protection class, can be individually configured to suit specification. PCB of MDS-40-LP sensors can be adapted to suit application and other customer requirements. Read More

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Proximity Reader offers 20 in. read range.

December 1, 2014

In addition to Pyramid Series proximity cards and tags, Model P-900 supports certain legacy HID and/or AWID 125 KHz proximity cards and tags. IP67 rating makes reader suitable for use outdoors or in dusty environments. ETL-listed to comply with UL294 standard, unit works in temperature extremes from -40 to +149°F, and supports access control applications ranging from doors to turnstiles and parking gates. Model P-900 mounts to single gang/double gang wallbox or any flat surface. Read More

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Capacitive Sensors feature electronic teaching function.

November 24, 2014

Combining non-contact sensing and solid-state circuitry for aggressive environments, KI Series is suitable for sensing non-metallic objects such as liquids, plastic, glass, wood, and paper. Capacitive proximity sensors feature 30 mm stainless steel housing, 2-pushbutton setup, M12 connector, and switchpoint teaching for level applications. Using adjustment, sensors suppress residues and particles that can stick to side of vessel. LEDs confirm electronic adjustment and switchpoint. Read More

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Inductive Sensors are suited for use in harsh environments.

November 21, 2014

Resistant to shock, vibration, and electrical noise, inductive sensors carry IP68/IP69K ratings against water ingress and resist oils and coolants used in harsh applications. Design, which minimizes temperature drift over operating range, features sensing range tolerance to ±5%. Read More

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Inductive Linear Position Sensors do not require magnets.

November 19, 2014

Used to measure ram position of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, MR Series offers drop-in form, fit, and function replacement for magnetostrictive sensors. Contactless inductive sensing technology employs solid probe construction style that requires conductive tubular target or small diameter deep hole gun drilled in cylinder rod. Operating to 5,000 psi or 10,000 ft depth, shock- and vibration-resistant sensors offer measurement ranges from 4–36 in. and SenSet™ field-adjustable scaling. Read More

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CMOS Image Sensors address Hi-Res industrial/traffic applications.

November 12, 2014

Available in mono, color, and extended NIR variants, PYTHON 2000 and 5000 offer respective resolutions of 2.3 and 5.3 MP for general-purpose image sensing applications. Both sensors leverage in-pixel CDS (ipCDS) technology, which enables global shutter imaging with Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) in compact pixel size. PYTHON pixel allows capture of fast moving scenes without distortion by combining read noise of 9 e- with 7.7 V/lux sensitivity and frame rates as high as 850 fps (VGA). Read More

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Programmable Hall-Effect Sensor is qualified to AEC-Q100.

November 6, 2014

Based on CMOS technology, HAC 830 is designed for junction temperatures up to 170°C and comes in 3-pin TO92UP that can be welded or soldered directly to leadframe, connector, or terminal and thereby eliminates need for PCB. Dual 100 nF integrated decoupling capacitors enable sensor to achieve up to 8 kV ESD, and RoHS-compliant also meets all EMC requirements. Sensor is rated class A for radiated immunity BCI tests up to 300 mA according to ISO 11452-4 and PSA B21-7110-C standards. Read More

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Card Reader includes keypad for 2-factor verification.

November 6, 2014

Supporting popular proximity card and tag technologies, P-640 Patagonia Reader offers expanded 8 in. read range as users enter PIN on keyboard. IP67-rated unit works in temperature extremes of -40 to +149°F, and features tamper-proof and weather-resistant epoxy potting to avoid problems with dust, mist, or water. Mounting to standard wall switch box or any flat surface, reader includes blue backlit keys for reading in dark environments. Read More

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Magnetic Angle Sensor measures motor position. .

November 5, 2014

Integrating custom mixed-signal signal conditioning IC and sensing element based on Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive technology, Model ADA4571 provides direct, non-contact measurement of shaft position in brushless DC motors, minimizing noise and optimizing motor smoothness and torque. Device enables high-speed motor operation up to 50,000 rpm with 2 µs phase delay and low angular error of 0.5° max. Running on 2.7–5.5 V supply, sensor consumes 6.5 mA of power, and includes low-power sleep mode. Read More

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Capacitive Proximity Sensors are designed for harsh environments.

October 6, 2014

Immune to EMI, 4th Generation TRIPLESHIELD™ CA30CA Series withstands temperatures to 248°F and features IP67 and IP69K protection ratings, dust and humidity compensation, as well as ECOLAB approval for chemical resistance. Range of configurations are available with 10–40 Vdc, NO and NC, NPN or PNP, 200 mA transistor outputs, and respective flush and non-flush sensing distances of 2–20 mm and 4–30 mm. Dust and temperature alarm outputs are available as options. Read More

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Hall Sensor IC utilizes No-PCB design concept.

September 23, 2014

Featuring built-in capacitor, MLX92242 Hall Effect Switch/Latch IC can be implemented directly into design without supplementary board level components. Device integrates Hall sensing element, voltage regulator covering 2.7–24 V, current sink-configured output driver, and EEPROM memory via which end-of-line programming can be executed. Housed in 3-pin TO-92-Flat package, MLX92242 permits 2-wire operation. Unit offers magnetic switching from 1–64 mT and magnetic latching from -64 to 64 mT. Read More

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Standstill Motor Monitor serves machine safety applications.

September 12, 2014

Using electromagnetic feedback (EMF) technology, DIN rail-mounted SVM4001K Series provides machine safety engineers with sensorless method of detecting motion in machinery applications. Standstill monitor, rated for 690 V and frequencies up to 5 kHz, is compatible with single- and 3-phase AC motors, DC motors, as well as VFD and servo-driven motors. Selectable voltage thresholds and programmable time delays let machine safety engineers customize device to application. Read More

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Lighting Control Sensors help building operators conserve energy.

July 9, 2014

Intended for interior applications, LightHAWK2™ wall switch vacancy and occupancy sensors are available with Passive Infrared (PIR), Ultrasonic (US), and Dual Technology (US and PIR) motion sensor technologies. Other versions include LightHAWK2™ Dimming PIR Sensors, featuring 0–10 V dimming; LightHAWK2™ Night Light PIR Sensor, which combines PIR technology with night-light; and LightHAWK2™ Low Voltage Sensor, which works with power pack or as part of lighting control system. Read More