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BSI CMOS Image Sensors sharply focus on still and moving images.

August 21, 2015

Offering respective resolutions of 8, 13, 16, and 20 MP, backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensors T4KA3-121, T4KB3-121, T4KC3-121, and T4KA7-121 accelerate capture and playback of sharp video and images in such mobile devices as smartphones and tablets. Phase detection auto-focus (PDAF) technology reduces blur, and other standard features include high dynamic range (HDR), bright mode, and high-speed capture. Output speed reaches 30 fps at full resolution (22 fps for T4KA7-121). Read More

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Wireless Occupancy Sensors suit smart LED lighting systems.

August 19, 2015

Using Pyroelectric InfraRed technology, Wireless Occupancy Sensors can instantly switch single light or group of lights from off to on or from dimmed state to on when motion is detected for full visibility only when needed. Wide-angle lens detects motion up to 30 ft at 120° angle, while long-range lens detects motion up to 100 ft away at 10° angle. Powered by 10 yr lithium batteries, sensors install in any location and utilize self-healing 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 mesh networking system. Read More

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Confocal Chromatic Controller provides measuring rates to 25 kHz.

August 19, 2015

Suited for use with dark targets or measuring thickness of transparent targets, confocalDT IFC2461 has integrated light source and delivers stable measurement results. Standard and multi-peak controller versions are available, with latter providing 6 peaks to enable one-sided thickness measurement of up to 5 layers. Along with active exposure time regulation that allows measurement of different surface types, features include EtherCAT, Ethernet, RS422, and analog out interfaces. Read More

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Wireless Dual-Loop Photosensor streamlines daylight harvesting.

August 18, 2015

With one internal photocell for open-loop daylight sensing and one for closed-loop ambient light sensing, GLS-LDL-EX-BATT provides natural light monitoring and indoor light control for daylight harvesting applications. This reduces energy consumption in residential, commercial, or retro-fit applications. Operating up to 10 years on 2 Li-ion AAA batteries, photosensor communicates with Crestron control system via infiNET EX wireless network and supports several mounting options. Read More

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Optical Sensor monitors buildup on splitter blades.

August 13, 2015

Splitter Monitor automatically measures debris build-up on critical leading edge of splitter blades used in different types of separation equipment in recycling industry and alerts appropriate personnel when cleaning is needed. Providing analog measurement of build-up, optical system supports programming via Eriez Metal Loss Monitor web portal to send warning alerts via email or cell phone text messages to prompt recycling line operators to clean splitter blade. Read More

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Microscopy System analyzes multi-scale and multi-modal images.

August 11, 2015

Consisting of hardware and software package, ZEISS Atlas 5 extends capacity of SEMs and FIB-SEMs. System streamlines automatic image acquisition, enabling navigation and correlation of images from any source including light and X-ray microscopes. Users can acquire large sets of 2D or 3D microscope images for hours, or even days, without operator supervision. Correlative workspace brings together images from multiple sources: zooming in from full macroscopic view down to nanoscale details. Read More

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CMOS 16 MP Image Sensors enhance mobile device functionality.

August 11, 2015

Designed for smartphones and tablets, T4KC3 and T4KC3-121 are backside-illuminated (BSI) chips that feature phase detection auto-focus (PDAF). Bright Mode technology, also included, enables HD video capture at 240 fps equivalent, and HDR support enables capture of natural images of scenes with high contrast ratio. Output speeds reach up to 30 fps at full 16 MP (4624 x 3472 pixels) resolution with power consumption of 240 mW or lower. Lower resolutions are supported at higher frame rates. Read More

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Outdoor Light Fixture Control enables remote management, metering.

August 7, 2015

Providing ON/OFF control and 0–10 V dimming output compatible with all 2-wire dimming drivers and ballasts, wiSCAPE™ External Fixture Module enables any outdoor light fixture to be managed, monitored, and metered. Built-in luxmeter allows for daylight harvesting, and low-voltage input is available for motion sensor, switch, or photocell control. Retrofits are facilitated via direct connection to luminaire via ANSI 7-pin or 5-pin twist-lock receptacles. Read More

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Image Sensor brings DSLR-quality features to mobile devices.

August 5, 2015

Able to fit into 8.5 x 8.5 mm module with height of <5 mm, 1/3.06 in. OV13853 utilizes 1.12-micron pixel technology. This 13 MP PureCel™ image sensor supports such features as phase detection autofocus (PDAF), active array of 4224 x 3136 pixels (13.2 MP) operating at 30 fps with zero shutter lag, and 4K2K UHD video at 30 fps with full-horizontal field of view (FOV) and electronic image stabilization (EIS). Sensor can also record 1080p HD video at 60 fps with EIS. Read More

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Digital 16-bit Color Sensor IC provides serial output.

July 28, 2015

Equipped with I²C bus interface, BH1745NUC offers sensitivity, dynamic range, and IRcut characteristics suitable for use in obtaining illuminance and color temperature of ambient light for adjusting LCD backlight. This digital 16-bit serial output color sensor IC leverages original IR removal technology and computing methods to achieve optimal infrared cutoff characteristics and thereby reduce effects of IR rays. Read More

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CMOS Image Sensor features backside illuminated technology.

July 15, 2015

Featuring 1/3 in. optical format, 1 MP Model AR0136AT provides 1280 x 960 resolution and 3.75 micron BSI pixels. Digital image sensor supports linear and high dynamic range modes, in single chip solution, with 120 dB dynamic range in HDR mode. Device has output pixel rate of 74.25 MP/sec max, which results in frame rate of 45 fps at 960p resolution and 60 fps at 720p resolution. With operating junction temperature range of -40 to +125°C, sensor is suited for automotive ADAS and viewing cameras. Read More

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Pyrometer System supports multi-point temperature monitoring.

July 15, 2015

Utilizing miniature, non-contact infrared sensors and interface modules, PyroMiniBus measures surface temperature of products and machinery in industrial processes and sends measurements via RS485 Modbus to touchscreen display. System offers choice of two temperature sensors for measuring small or large targets, 6-channel touchscreen for configuration and data logging, and junction box to connect them together. Sensors can operate in conditions up to 120°C with no need for cooling. Read More

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Optical Sensor ICs foster integration and innovation.

June 24, 2015

Offered in single- or multiple-photodetector element configurations, LeddarCore™ sensor ICs offer optimized integration. Photodetector, pulsed light source, and optical elements enable development of applications with reliability, footprint, power, and robustness requirements. Used for optical detection and ranging devices, ICs are optimized for sensitivity, noise and lighting condition immunity, signal processing speed and accuracy regarding simultaneous measurements, and spatial awareness. Read More

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TMR Magnetic Image Sensors offer 50 dpi resolution.

May 13, 2015

Designed and manufactured with Tunneling Magnetoresistance technology and intellectual property, MIS63xx Series offers spatial resolution of 50 dpi, along with high sensitivity and noise immunity. Sensors are suited for financial anti-counterfeit appliances used in banknote sorters, ATMs, and vending machines, as well as magnetic image scanning in non-destructive testing applications. Read More

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Optical Sensor supports heart rate monitoring.

May 12, 2015

Consisting of large-format photodiode and 3 green LEDs with wavelength of 530 nm, Model SFH 7051 monitors heart rate by measuring volume of blood passing through blood vessels. Device produces optical output of 3 x 3.4 mW at current of 20 mA and voltage of 3.2 V. Low capacitance of 11 pF ensures short switching times and high measurement frequency. With photo-sensitive area of 1.7 mm², sensor is suited for use in fitness trackers, smart watches, and other wearables. Read More

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Photoelectric Sensors offer operating range up to 120 m.

May 7, 2015

Comprising light scanners, through beam photoelectric sensors, and retro-reflective photoelectric sensors, SR 49C Series is suited for detection tasks at operating ranges up to 120 m and in supply voltage range from 20–250 Vac/Vdc. IP67 protection, in combination with integrated heating, makes outdoor use possible, even in transition areas where condensation can occur. Sensors offer functions for response or switch-off delay, automatic sensitivity readjustment, and reversible switching. Read More

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Image Sensor includes RGB-IR color filter.

May 7, 2015

Built on 3.75 micron OmniPixel3-HS™ pixel architecture, 1/3 in. CameraChip™ OV9752 can capture HD images and video in 1280 x 960 pixel resolution, as well as infrared information, providing optimal scene reproduction regardless of lighting conditions. Sensor captures video at 60 fps with 10-bit output or 45 fps with 12-bit output. Housed in 6.3 x 5.2 mm package, OV9752 is designed for next-generation security and home monitoring applications. Read More

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LiDAR Sensors use SDK to develop 3D automation applications.

May 4, 2015

When used with real-time obscurant-penetrating 3D OPAL LiDAR sensors, 3DRi™ SDK can develop intelligent 3D automation applications in harsh environments. Software Development Kit consists of 3DRi System Manager/API and 3DRi Viewer, together with optional 3DRi Plugins that add object segmentation, recognition, tracking, and automatic change detection. Release also provides Automatic Scan Scheduling, Web-Engine, and Grid Generator that down-samples 3D data into user-defined regularly spaced grid.
Read More

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Laser Line Distance Sensor can measure complex geometries.

May 1, 2015

Compatible with diffusive and semi-diffusive surfaces, ConoLine-100 non-contact laser line projection system is used for measuring distances. This optical line sensor uses rotating mirror to produce laser line speeds up to 100 lines/sec and point sensor accuracy down to 1 micron. Adjustable line angle allows sensor to scan undercuts, steep grooves, and angles up to ±120°. All data processing, including pre-programmed functions, are housed in one integrated unit (sensor head). Read More

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Multigas Analyzer offers dual measurement capability.

April 23, 2015

Used for production and batch validation of medical-grade gases, SERVOPRO MultiExact 5400 features Gas Filter Correlation (GFX) IR sensors that allow simultaneous monitoring of 0–10 ppm CO and 0–500 ppm CO2 impurities in air, oxygen, or nitrogen. Single-analyzer solution, which offers independent auto-validation/calibration of measurements with option of integrated stream-switching valve block, promotes reliability for each measurement via flow sensor technology. Read More