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Miniature Pressure Sensor operates in rugged environments.

September 4, 2015

Featuring 0.69 in. dia x 1.37 in. all welded stainless steel housing, ATM.mini is designed for use in rugged test environments with temperatures from -40 to +250°F and vibrations up to 1,000 g. Transmitter offers ranges from 0–15 psi through 0–1,500 psi in either gauge or absolute. Providing 4–20 mA or 0.5–4.5 Vdc output, unit features hysteresis and repeatability of <0.01% with static accuracy of <0.05%. Sensor is suited for development, prototype, and production testing applications. Read More

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Pressure Transducer uses app for remote monitoring.

August 28, 2015

Using Android app and wireless Bluetooth LE to connect to mobile devices and computers, CirrusSense® TDWLB Pressure Transducer can be remotely monitored and programmed. All-digital sensor measures pressures from vacuum to 10,000 psi and uses patent-pending circuitry to provide 12–18 month battery life and redundant sensing. Available in 2 compensated accuracies of 1% and 0.25%, with optional external temperature sensing probe available, transducer is EMI/RFI protected and sealed to IP65 rating. Read More

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Submersible Pressure Sensor simplifies liquid level measurements.

August 7, 2015

Able to be used in diverse liquids, PT-500 calculates level based on pressure being exerted on sensor from liquid above it. Construction is 316L stainless steel, and degree of current draw enables use in remote locations/battery powered applications. Installed by dropping it into vessel, this Class 1, Division 1 certified sensor is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments and integrates lightning protection. Zero point can be adjusted in field using supplied magnet. Read More

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Millivolt Pressure Sensors come in miniature DIP packages.

August 7, 2015

Offering standard pressure ranges from 1–70 psi, XHB Series provides uncalibrated and uncompensated analog millivolt output signal. RoHS-compliant sensors come in miniature DIP housing that allows for space-conserving PCB mounting and OEM design flexibility. Areas of intended use include dry air and non-corrosive gas applications, including industrial and pneumatic controls, measurement instrumentation, and medical devices. Read More

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Differential Pressure Sensors help enhance hospital safety.

June 25, 2015

Centrally managed via cloud-based OneVue™ platform from any computer or mobile device, wireless indoor air quality sensors of PrimexIAQ Series provide continuous tracking and automated documentation of air pressure in critical hospital environments to increase safety and regulatory compliance. Out of range conditions result in visual and audible alarm at sensor as well as issued email, text, and/or phone alerts to appropriate staff. Alert delay settings help minimize false positives. Read More

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Water Leak Detector sensor listens for water from cracked pipe.

June 25, 2015

With maximized sound amplification, Gen-Ear LE® can pinpoint water leaks in residential and commercial water lines under concrete, asphalt, or tile. Handheld amplifier fits in operator's palm and provides noise-free amplification with built-in preset audio filters, while headphones with noise cancellation features block out interference from surrounding ambient noise. Probe rods, magnetic attachment, and Sound Amplification Module address specific areas of use.
Read More

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Plumbing Leak Detector protects buildings from water damage.

June 19, 2015

Used in residential/commercial buildings, WaterCopPRO Integrated stops leaks when they are first detected in order to mitigate loss from water damage. Strategically located wireless sensors communicate with indoor shutoff valve, while centralized monitoring and control panel provides access to system status, integration with third-party security systems, and optional Wi-Fi® module. Incorporating automatic water shut-off valve into automation system proactively stops potential flooding. Read More

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Millivolt Pressure Sensors feature compensated output.

June 4, 2015

Employing micro-machined silicon elements to ensure stable and reliable pressure measurements, XHM Series offers millivolt output signal that is precision calibrated and temperature compensated. Pressure ranges include 5 and 10 in. H2O as well as 1, 5, 15, and 30 psi, and miniature DIP package allows for through-hole PCB mounting. RoHS-compliant product is suited for use with dry air and non-corrosive gas applications that require low and medium pressure measurements. Read More

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Vapor Pressure Analyzer leverages laser measurement technology.

April 23, 2015

Utilizing piston expansion principle for measurement, explosion proof-certified Vapour Pressure analyzer, suited for hazardous area use, features cooled sample cell and does not require industrial air or purge gases. Flame arrestors maximize flow rates with viscous products, and multiple communications options are available. Featuring integrated, 17 in. touchscreen, analyzer is completely ASTM D6377 compliant and can measure single and multiple adjustable vapour liquid ratios (0.02:1 upwards). Read More

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Digital Pressure Sensor operates from 3.3 or 5 V supply.

April 20, 2015

Supporting integration into various process control and measurement systems, DLV Series (5, 15, 30, and 60 psi) provides calibrated and compensated output over -20 to +85°C range. Power consumption modes accommodate battery-powered or remote systems, and Sil-Gel die coating enhances media protection. Along with I²C or SPI interface options, features include accuracy of 0.5% (typ) over temperature, SIP and DIP lead configurations, and PCB-mountable package. Read More

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Heavy-Duty Pressure Sensors serve in demanding applications.

April 17, 2015

Available with custom mountings, Filterminder™ sensors monitor vacuum or pressure levels in both wet and dry applications. Products are designed to meet SAE requirements for EMI/EMC radiation and immunity levels while operating on typical 5 Vdc systems and use temperature-compensated ceramic pressure die bonded via eutectic soldering process. Analog output signal from 0.5–4.5 Vdc can integrate with ECM modules or telematic fleet management systems. Read More

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Hammer Union Pressure Sensor meets oil, gas industry needs.

April 15, 2015

Designed to withstand drilling and well servicing applications, NEMA 4-rated 1502 Hammer Union pressure sensor has all-welded stainless steel construction and Inconel X-750 wetted parts. Shock- and vibration-resistant unit delivers static accuracy of 0.25% FS (BFSL) over standard ranges of 0–5,000, 0–10,000, 0–15,000, and 0–20,000 psi; requires 10–28 Vdc excitation; and provides intrinsically safe 4–20 mA 2-wire output. Standard connection is PTIH-10-6P or equivalent with protective cap. Read More

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Rugged Pressure Sensor provides 2 mm resolution.

April 10, 2015

Housed in 3.3 x 3.3 x 2.5 mm ceramic-metal package, Model MS5837-30BA includes I2C bus interface and is suited for depth measurement systems in water-based applications. Gel-filled sensor features ultra-low power delta sigma ADC that offers precise 24-bit pressure and temperature values, while using only 0.6 µA. With response time as low as 0.5 ms, hermetically sealed sensor offers long term stability across pressure range of 0–30 bar in temperatures from -20 to +85°C. Read More

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MEMS Pressure Sensor features catheter mountable design.

March 31, 2015

Designed for 1-French catheter market, Model SM1120 features in vivo drift performance of 2 mmHg/hr and broad operating pressure range of 0–1,100 mmHg absolute. Microsensor size of 700 x 220 x 75 µm provides ample space for 1-French catheter designs, enabling maneuverability to reach challenging locations. Compliant with RoHS and REACH requirements, sensor features input resistance of 3.1 KΩ and burst pressure of 5,700 mmHg. Pad options include gold, platinum, and solder bumped. Read More

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Helium Leak Detector features tablet-style interface.

March 24, 2015

Equipped with 7 in. Android touchscreen display/controller, HELIOT 900 features fast pumping speed of 5 L/sec to detect small leaks of helium or hydrogen quickly. Unit has multiple valve design, providing sensitivity of 10–12 Torr-L/s. Internal monitoring of error and alarm conditions detect problems before damage occurs. Offered in 5 different models, HELIOT 900 is suited for automotive, air conditioning, refrigeration, electronics, semiconductor, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries. Read More

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Refrigerant Leak Detector has handheld form factor.

March 23, 2015

Designed with solid electrolyte semiconductor sensor, HHLT-2 can detect leaks of halogenated (chlorine- or fluorine-based) refrigerant gases. These include HFC, HFO, HC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerant blends as well as approved replacements R-22 and R-1234yf. CE-compliant unit, suited for chemical, laboratory, food, and HVAC applications, offers triple-redundant leak indication and 3 sensitivity levels. True mechanical pump draws in samples for increased sensitivity (0.05 oz/year to R-134a). Read More

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Pressure Sensors suit liquid and gas applications.

February 20, 2015

Providing absolute and gauge pressure measurement in gases, vapors, or liquids, Series P8211, P8271, and P8281 offer pressure sensing as high as 6,000 psi with 4–20 mA output. P8211 models are suitable for OEM equipment applications as well as process applications in oil/gas, chemical, or food/beverage industries. Featuring rugged industrial design, P8271/P8281 sensors offer high degree of programmability, local display options, HART communication option, and hazardous location certifications. Read More

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Low Pressure Sensors offer ranges up to 40 in. H2O.

February 16, 2015

Operating on 3 V, 5 V, and 12/24 Vdc systems while maintaining analog signal from 0.5–4.5 Vdc, Filterminder™ Sensors monitor vacuum or pressure levels in applications such as air filter restriction or cabin pressures. Units feature full-scale response time of 2 ms and accuracy of 2.5% FSO across operating temperature of -40 to 125°C. Available with 1/8-27 NPT, 3/8-24 Straight Thread, and M10x1 mounting options, IP66-rated sensors use AMPSEAL-16 3-wire power connector to keep out dust and water. Read More

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Digital Pressure Switches display 7 units of pressure.

January 13, 2015

Virtually eliminating need for conversion, 31 Series can be set to and changed from psi, inHg, kPa, MPA, kgf/cm2, bar, and mmHg. Series includes VUS-31R-N for compound pressure, VUS-31-N  for negative pressure, and SEU-31-N for positive pressure. Units are equipped with high-visibility, 3-color dual LCDs featuring color-coded main- and sub-numbering. Fitted with 2 m cable or 4-pin M8 male connector, switches offer 2 NPN or 2 PNP output, as well as analog voltage or current output. Read More

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Pressure Sensors target direct and oil-filled sensing systems.

December 19, 2014

Exceeding AEC-Q100 automotive requirements, Models MLX90815 and MLX90816 are discrete MEMS devices for measuring absolute pressure in demanding operational environments. Model MLX90815 determines pressures from 0–30 bar absolute, while Model MLX90816 covers full scale pressures ranging from 30–50 bar absolute. Typical sensitivity is 1.5 mV/V/bar for MLX90815 and 0.5 mV/V/bar for MLX90816. Operating from -40 to +150°C, both have maximum deviation in linearity of just 0.2% FS. Read More