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Nanopost Array Chip provides quantitation of small molecules.

March 18, 2015

Intended for pharmaceutical researchers, REDIchip™ Resonance-Enhanced Desorption Ionization Chip is designed for mass spectrometric analysis on MALDI platforms without need for matrix. Ability to reproducibly detect and quantitate small molecules is made possible due to structured nanopost array present in silicon chip. Read More

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System on Module helps make automobiles safer.

January 5, 2015

When connected to car's telemetry system, System-on-Module uses thermal camera to detect presence of children in vehicle. Sensor on module can also detect increase in levels of toxic carbon monoxide. If child or pet is found on board and CO levels exceed specified thresholds, car alarm will be activated, and alerts are sent to emergency list. Based on i.mX 6 series applications processor, SoM is also suited for IoT, home automation, medical devices, and industrial controls. Read More

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Hand-Held Transmitter measures CO2.

December 29, 2014

Available for Omniport 30 Hand-held Transmitter, CO2 Probe is based on NDIR dual wave length procedure and offers measurement range of 0–2,000/5,000/10,000 ppm. Omniport 30, suitable for ambient air monitoring or CO2 leak localization, offers continuous and single-point data logging with time stamp. Up to 3 measurements can be displayed simultaneously on TFT display. With internal memory, transmitter provides space for up to 2 million measurements that can be transferred to PC via USB interface. Read More

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Gas Transmitter supports BACnet or Modbus communication.

December 23, 2014

Designed to monitor gas concentration in underground parking garages and loading docks, Series GSTC Carbon Monoxide/Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Transmitter is compatible with either BACnet or MODBUS® communication, allowing it to be used with almost any building management controller. Carbon monoxide transmitter measures exhaust of gasoline engines, while nitrogen dioxide transmitter is used for diesel engines. To maximize accuracy, sensor can be field-calibrated using A-449 remote LCD. Read More

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OEM Photoionization Detectors offer diverse range, MDQ choices.

December 18, 2014

Designed with 4P platform for facilitated installation in portable or stationary gas detection equipment, piD-TECH® eVx exhibits stability over temperature changes. Features include minimal humidity effects, internal shielding, and internally regulated supply voltage that accepts inputs from 3.2–5.5 V. Detection capabilities include 10,000, 2,000, 200, 20, and 2 ppm, while available minimum detection quantity (MDQ) values are 1,000, 500, 50, 5, and 0.5 ppb. Read More

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Low-Power, 4-Channel Detector offers single-supply operation.

December 1, 2014

By offering 4 channels, LMM-274 allows 3 gases to be measured simultaneously; reference channel is also available. Battery power supply is sufficient for operation as power consumption in single-supply operation is 160 µW as opposed to 800 µW with split-supply operation. With sensitivity of >90 kV/W, this low-power detector is suited for gas analysis in wavelength range of 8–12 microns and can be used to identify alcohol or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Read More

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Gas Monitors detect CO, CO2, CH4, N20, and R125.

November 26, 2014

Designed for system integrators, OEM Gascard NG includes real-time temperature and atmospheric pressure correction via onboard sensors. Unit offers true RS232 communications along with option of TCP/IP communications protocol. Fixed wall Guardian NG performs near-analyzer quality, continuous sampling, measurement, and display of target gas concentrations. Unit is suited for measurement of CO2 or CH4 gases, where detection level ranges of 0–3,000 ppm and 0–100% by volume are required. Read More

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IR Combustible Gas Monitor operates in extreme conditions.

November 24, 2014

Featuring dual source design for redundancy and uninterrupted performance, PrimaX IR provides Lower Explosive Limit combustible gas detection. Possibility of obscurations due to rain, fog, dirt, dust, and other environmental conditions is minimized. Supplied in IP67-rated 316 stainless steel housing with heated optics, SIL 2-certified monitor provides 4–20 mA analog output. Environmental guard with patented clamshell design enables installation in tight locations. Read More

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Flame Ionization Detector is unaffected by background gases.

August 28, 2014

Part of 9100 Series On-Line Gas Chromatograph, Flame Ionization Detector provides detection capabilities for hydrocarbon compounds and other VOCs. Chromatograph offers fully integrated GC software, programmable touchscreen, and USB interface. For unattended operation, unit features remote access and control, automatic calibration, and internal data storage. Other attributes include LAN connection, analog outputs, multipoint sampling, and graphical display of current or historic concentrations. Read More

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Portable GC System analyzes VOCs in water, soil, and air.

July 22, 2014

Combining micro preconcentrator, micro GC column, and photoionization detector, Frog-4000 can be used as portable GC PID for environmental testing in field, mobile lab, portable lab, or commercial environmental lab. Display screen provides chromatogram of VOC identification and concentration in PPB of analyte. SD cards store field analyses with chromatography software for data analyses. Operating for 6 hr on rechargeable battery, handheld analyzer includes RS-232 or USB port. Read More

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CO2 Transmitters obtain clean measurements via NDIR procedure.

July 18, 2014

Able to accurately measure CO2 concentrations up to 10,000 ppm, EE850/EE820 series apply dual wavelength NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) procedure that is insensitive to pollution. Also, autocalibration function automatically compensates for aging effects. Multi-point CO2 and temperature factory adjustment procedure leads to optimal CO2 measurement accuracy over entire working temperature range, and measured values are available as analog current or voltage outputs. Read More

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Wireless Sensor takes indoor air quality measurements.

July 2, 2014

Compatible with DM-124 wireless Modbus networks, IAQM-THCO2 can measure air temperature, relative humidity (RH), and CO2 levels. This IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor, auto-configurable inside radio network, determines best route to send data packets and effectively distributes them to all nearby radio neighbors and answers Modbus RTU requests. Any PLC, controller, or PC connected to DM-124 coordinator can retrieve data using standard Modbus RTU commands. Read More

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Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector suppresses false alarms.

July 1, 2014

Incorporating Artificial Neural Network intelligence and real-time broadband acoustic sound processing technology, Gassonic Observer-i can fully analyze sound spectrum down to 12 kHz. ANN technology automatically distinguishes between unwanted acoustic background noise and dangerous gas leaks, enables detector to be installed without training sequences, and provides detection distance up to 28 m. Because it is self-adaptive, detector requires no alarm set points to be configured or adjusted. Read More

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Carbon Dioxide Transmitters combine 3 room sensors.

June 30, 2014

Suited for on demand ventilation, Series CDTA combines carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature, occupancy override, and temperature set point measurements in one. Transmitters use Single-Beam, Dual-Wavelength NDIR sensor for carbon dioxide, capacitive polymer sensor for humidity, and band gap sensor for temperature. Field selectable BACnet or Modbus® communications transmit measurements to building controller and allow transmitters to be daisy chained with other communicating sensors. Read More

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Carbon Dioxide Probe supports high sterilization temperatures.

May 20, 2014

Featuring Microglow IR light source, CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP231 provides incubator manufacturers with carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements and sterilization durability at up to 180°C. This enables facilitated and complete sterilization of incubator with probe in place. Along with 4-point NIST traceable calibration for CO2, features include CO2 sensor measurement optimized for 5% CO2, measurement range of up to 20% CO2, and full temperature and pressure compensation. Read More

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H2S Gas Detector features intelligent, solid state design.

April 24, 2014

Supplied in cast aluminum or 316 Stainless Steel enclosure, Sierra Monitor 5100-15-IT uses Metal Oxide Semiconductor solid state sensor technology to provide temperature ranges necessary to accommodate specific applications. This network-enabled hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas detector, along with non-intrusive, one-person calibration, offers choice or combination of outputs: 4–20 mA, serial RS-485 Modbus RTU interface, HART communication, SentryBus interface, or optional 5 A integral relays. Read More

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Carbon Dioxide Transmitter aids on-demand ventilation.

March 3, 2014

To help prevent energy losses from over ventilation while also maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ), Series CDX CO2 sensor employs logic algorithm that eliminates need for manual calibration in applications where indoor CO2 level drops to outside levels during unoccupied periods. Sensing range is 0–2,000 PPM, accuracy is ±30 ppm or 3% of reading (whichever is higher), and stability is <2% FS over 15 years. Product uses non-dispersive infrared absorption and offers response time of 5 sec. Read More

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Modular CO2 Transmitter serves demanding OEM applications.

January 28, 2014

Along with multipoint CO2 and temperature adjustment, temperature-compensated EE870 offers various analog outputs, Modbus interface, and range of AC and DC supply voltage ranges. Compact, interchangeable probe measures CO2 concentrations up to 10,000 ppm and can be replaced within seconds without requiring calibration/adjustment. Measurement range can be changed by plugging in additional probe, which is based on infrared technology and uses dual wavelength auto-calibration procedure. Read More

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Modbus CO2 Probe suits demanding OEM applications.

December 17, 2013

Housed in IP65 enclosure with replaceable filter for harsh environments, Model EE871 measures CO2 concentrations up to 10,000 ppm and includes temperature compensation for measurement accuracy over operating range of -40 to +60°C. CO2 measurement cell is based on NDIR technology and uses dual-wavelength auto-calibration procedure. Modbus protocol permits retrieval and further processing of measurement values, while M12 electrical connector and optional mounting flange facilitate installation. Read More

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Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester is optimized for sensitivity.

December 4, 2013

Able to measure barriers to 5x10-4 cc/(m² x day) for oxygen permeation testing of films or packages at precise temperature and RH conditions, OX-TRAN® Model 2/21 10x module complies with ASTM D3985 and employs COULOX® coulometric sensor. Electronics reduce system noise, while TruSeal™ film cell design eliminates edge-leakage and ensures perfect seal every time. Each module contains 2 test cells and is available in master and satellite configuration. Read More