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Network Synchronizers offer 0.25 psec rms jitter performance.

February 10, 2016

Offering direct compliance migration path for G.8262 SyncE to IEEE 1588, single-channel ZL30721/ZL30722 and dual-channel ZL30723 feature IEEE 1588-2008 PTP stack, synchronization algorithm, and system synchronizer clock generation hardware. ZL30722 also features 5 x 5 mm package. While ZL30721/ZL30722 have 3 input references and generate up to 3 differential or 6 single-ended output clocks, ZL30723 has 6 input references and generates up to 6 differential or 12 single-ended output clocks. Read More

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Angle Sensor performs in extreme environments.

February 10, 2016

Providing redundancy for applications requiring fail-safe angle measurement, P2500-M Series includes models with 2 or 3 sections and offers 3 measuring ranges with angles from 0° to 120°, 0° to 240°, and 0° to 345° with unrestricted continuous rotation. Repeatability is 0.01°, max rotational speed is 2,000 rpm, independent linearity is to 0.3% FS, and interlinearity between sections is factory calibrated to within ±1% FS. Series withstands shock to 50 g and vibration to 20 g. Read More

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Harsh Environment Rotary Encoders feature Profinet interface.

February 10, 2016

Using inductive scanning principle, Leine & Linde 900 Series provides absolute position measurement in heavy equipment used in harsh environments such as steel, oil and gas, transportation, and construction industries. PROFINET interface expands upon existing EnDat, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT, and DRIVE-CLiQ interfaces, and allows integration with wide range of automation systems. Series supports mechanical interfaces as well, including taper and keyed shafts and hollow shaft with keyway. Read More

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Exposed Linear Encoder offers 50 nm resolution.

February 4, 2016

With 20-micron graduation and interpolation available up to 100 times from scanning unit, redesigned LIDA 400 Series offers 50 nm resolution and accuracies to ±1 micron. Multi-colored status LED on side of scanning unit indicates signal levels during installation and can be used as quick status check to determine functionality. For digital TTL versions with interpolation, interpolation circuits have been miniaturized to fit inside scanning unit housing. Read More

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LVDT Position Transmitter features CANopen interface.

February 2, 2016

Equipped with CANopen interface compliant to CiA 443 for subsea instruments, Macro Sensors SSBR-937 Series can withstand deep sea environments with external pressures up to 5,000 psi and more than 1 million hours MTBF, when encased in special alloys. Sensor offers optimized repeatability, with error less than 0.01% of full range. Device is suited for elongation measurement as part of long-term finite element analysis of pipelines, derricks, moorings, and choke valves on offshore oil platforms. Read More

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Rotary Encoders offer integrated diagnostic capabilities.

February 1, 2016

Utilizing ADS Online, Leine & Linde’s 850 Shaft Encoder and 861/862 Hollow-Shaft Encoders can provide problem-solving information directly to system operator. Advanced Diagnostic System helps ensure output voltage level is correct, output states change correctly, correct number of pulses are present each revolution, and that optics performs within defined levels for supply current and brightness. Vibration levels, hours of operation, and internal temperature are also measured and logged. Read More

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Inclination and Tilt Sensors prevent heavy equipment from tipping.

January 29, 2016

As IP67-rated inclinometers with integrated RS-232 interface and flying lead cable, MTLT series operates from single 9–32 V supply and utilize MEMS sensors, over temperature calibration, and SmartSensing™ technology. Programmable tilt alarms, also included, can be used to lock out controls or trigger alarm or warning light. Respectively, models MTLT105S and MTLT110S are designed for applications needing <0.5° and <1.0° accuracy over full operating temperature range. Read More

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TMR Linear Magnetic Field Sensors exhibit ultra low noise.

January 20, 2016

Respectively offering 30, 100, and 300 mV/V/Oe sensitivity, TMR9001/TMR9002/TMR9003 series are in-plane Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) linear magnetic field sensors with ultra-low noise spectral density of ~150 pT/√Hz@1 Hz. Each model, supplied in 6 x 5 x 1.5 mm SOP8 package, utilizes push-pull Wheatstone bridge composed of 4 TMR sensor elements. Under 1 V applied voltage, power dissipation during operation is 20 µW. Read More

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Spring Loaded LVIT offers optimized length to stroke ratio.

January 18, 2016

At 4 in. long, contactless LRS-18 series is available with ranges from 0.5–4.0 in. for dimension or position measuring applications in factory automation as well as various industrial and commercial applications where sensing element cannot be attached to object being measured. Max tip force on item being measured is 1 lb, and 0.75 in. dia aluminum or stainless steel body has M18 x 1 thread and comes with 2 hex jam nuts. Linear sensor uses 0.25 in. dia probe equipped with AGD No. 9 contact tip. Read More

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Non-Contact Angle Sensor withstands high shock, vibration.

January 12, 2016

Available in 6 standard measuring ranges with angles from 0° to 60° to 0° to 360° with unrestricted rotation, 70 mm dia RSX-7900 Series offers up to IP69K ingress protection and life expectancy of >100 million movements. Resolution is 12-bit across 4–20 mA output with linearity to ±1% at ≥90°, repeatability is 0.2°, and update rate is 5 kHz. Available in single and dual redundant versions, sensors support up to 300 N axial and radial shaft loading and come in choice of shaft styles. Read More

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Laser Distance Sensor offers dual outputs and IO-Link.

January 7, 2016

Designed with FDA-grade stainless steel housing rated to IP67, IP68, or IP69K, Model Q4X is available with dual discrete outputs, which enable sensor to solve challenging high/low fill level monitoring or dancer arm applications. IO-Link allows for remote configuration, sensor backup, and preventative maintenance. With capability to detect height changes as small as 0.5 mm and sense up to 300 mm, Q4X can solve distance-based applications regardless of target surface reflectivity. Read More

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Wireless Sensor and App measure coating thickness.

January 7, 2016

Combining precise measurements, resistance to interference, and wireless technology, SmarTest version of SIDSP® Sensors relay digitally generated readings to smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Readings exceeding set limits are indicated on sensor's green/red LED. SmarTest App provides clear display of current measuring value, statistical evaluation, storage of measuring values in files, 2-point calibration, measuring unit metric/imperial switchover, and export of measurements in CSV format. Read More

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Angle Encoders feature integral bearing and solid shaft.

January 7, 2016

Featuring absolute track with serial code structure and incremental track that is scanned by single field scanning, Series ROC 2000 and ROC 7000 eliminate need for homing routine at power-up. Separate rotor coupling is used for coupling shaft making it possible to realize axial tolerances of up to ±1 mm depending on rotor coupling used. Rotor couplings are capable of compensating for axial motion and misalignment between encoder shaft and measured shaft. Read More

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Submersible LVDT Position Transmitter serves subsea applications.

December 30, 2015

Featuring CANopen interface that complies with CiA 443 for subsea instruments, Macro Sensors SSIR 937 offers interoperable and standardized communications to network with devices from different manufacturers used on ocean floor. Transmitter withstands external pressures to 7,500 psi with MTBF of >1 million hr when encased in special alloys, and repeatability, with error of <0.01% of full range, is maintained despite offsets due to pressure and/or temperature. Movement is measured to <2 mm. Read More

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Thermal Power/Energy Measurement Sensor has high damage threshold.

December 28, 2015

Designed for use with YAG and its harmonics and excimer lasers, 3A-PF-12 can measure powers from 15 µW to 3 W and energies from 20 µJ to 2 J. PF type absorber maximizes damage threshold (1.5 J/cm²) for repetitive ns pulses. Designed for short pulsed lasers, this thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor, with 12 mm aperture and 0.15–20 µm wavelength range, exhibits noise of 4 µW and drift of 5–30 µW. Read More

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Miniature Displacement, Position Sensors have IP65-rated housing.

December 22, 2015

Utilizing differential sensing technology, inductive displacement Inelta IZAL series sensors ensure precise path length measurements in confined-space applications. Housing of these LVDT sensors has 4 mm dia, and interior provides complete differential transformer measuring system with core and coils. With contactless and wear-free design, displacement and position sensors achieve linearity tolerance of ± 0.5% (0.25% optional) and are designed for measuring ranges of 1, 2.5, and 5 mm. Read More

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CANopen Absolute Encoders operate reliably in adverse conditions.

December 21, 2015

Available with IP66, IP68, or IP69K rating, CVM42H multi-turn rotary encoders feature stainless steel housing, flange, and shaft and utilize magnetic sampling to deliver 24-bit resolution position value through CANopen protocol. Features include axial and radial shaft load capacity to 270 N, resolution of up to 1°, and operational range of -40 to +185°F. To survive harsh environments with high mechanical stresses, design is vibration resistant to 30 g and shock resistant to 300 g. Read More

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Blue Laser Profile Scanner precisely measures small components.

December 15, 2015

Equipped with a blue laser diode, scanCONTROL 29xx-10/BL leverages operating principle based on laser triangulation technique for 2D profile detection on different target surfaces. Sensors detect, measure, and evaluate profiles on different object surfaces. With 10 mm wide laser line projected at profile resolution of 1,280 measuring points, resulting point distance is 7.8 µm. All signal processing takes place in compact sensor body, which eliminates need for external controller. Read More

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Position Sensors withstand extremely harsh environments.

December 10, 2015

Offering stroke lengths from 50–750 mm, LWX-003/004 Series provides linearity to 0.04% and repeatability of 0.01 mm. All metal sensor shaft features pressure equalization valve, and LWX-004 version also provides rod protection over its range of motion with SS304 alloy, 0.9 mm thick stainless steel shield. Additional features include differential pressure compensation system, IP67-rated hydraulic shaft seal, and backlash-free pivot heads that permit ±12.5% free movement. Read More

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Laser Triangulation Sensor supports measuring rates to 4 kHz.

December 4, 2015

Based on triangulation principle, optoNCDT 1420 performs non-contact displacement, distance, and position measurements. Connection is made via 3 m cable with open ends or 0.3 m pigtail with M12 connector. Auto Target Compensation ensures stable results regardless of changing colors or brightness of target, and different output signals enable integration into plant or machine control systems. Eight user-specific sensors settings can be stored and exported in setup management. Read More