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Ultrasonic Sensor detects optically difficult targets.

September 5, 2008

Capable of detecting virtually any target within 250 mm range, UC4 Ultrasonic Sensor can detect optically difficult targets, such as clear, shiny, and dark materials. Available in compact housing with push-button setup, unit can be set up in 3 detection and output modes: background suppression, window, and reflection. UC4 has single PNP or NPN output and is suited for applications such as hopper/tank fill level and bottling line presence detection. Read More

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Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors offer flexibility as needs change.

August 27, 2008

Available in 3 upgradeable models, Phasor Flaw Detectors are suited for applications ranging from corrosion monitoring to defect detection and sizing. Portable phased array Phasor XS provides highest resolution and probability of inspection, while mid-level Phasor 16/16 Weld combines phased array and conventional capability and produces full color image scans that can be stored as jpg for remote analysis. Phasor CV offers conventional, single-channel ultrasonic flaw detection. Read More

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Sonar Transducer is used for level control and monitoring.

August 27, 2008

Used to locate and track differing density layers of clarifiers and thickeners within process tank, Orca products work under high suspended solids loading, sliming, and generally upset process conditions. It lets user control flocculent dosing, settling time, and bed density. Optimized for power, penetration, and calibration density range, transducer designs include 3-7 sonar crystals mounted in one head. Each sonar array produces concentrated sonar beam. Read More

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Occupancy Sensors feature self-adaptive technology.

August 8, 2008

OSSMD, OSSMD-G, and OSSMD-F combine bi-level switching with passive infrared and ultrasonic technology for accurate occupancy detection. OSSMD has dual manual-override switches to toggle on/off status of each lighting load. OSSMD-G suits retrofit applications, while OSSMD-F uses auto or manual-on for exhaust fan operation. Series is rated 800 W incandescent and 1,200 VA for magnetic low-voltage and fluorescent lighting at 120 Vac, and 2,700 VA fluorescent at 277 Vac. Read More

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Sonar System facilitates dual frequency switching.

June 25, 2008

At 900 kHz plus 2.25 MHz, DF900-2250 dual-frequency multibeam imaging sonar delivers capabilities for target detection, homing, and target identification - even in zero-visibility conditions. System combines power of P900 navigation sonar with identification capabilities of 2.25 MHz sonar head in one package. Offering 45° x 20° field of view, 900 kHz and 2.25 MHz heads have respective max ranges of 180 and 15 ft and resolutions of 1 and 0.4 in. Read More

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Acoustic Sensors are suited for use in automotive testing.

June 24, 2008

PCB® array microphones, with integral preamplifier, provide multi-channel measurements and operate from same constant current source required for ICP® accelerometers, allowing use of both in same test. Acoustic sensors offer TEDS-compatible option, promoting channel count capability and traceability as well as conformance with IEEE 1451.1 standard. Functionality covers range of automotive testing applications. Read More

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Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors suit rocket motor testing.

April 17, 2008

ICP® Series 106/116/122/123/124 measure combustion instability and high intensity acoustics in rocket motors. They include acceleration-compensated quartz sensing elements and detect rapid pressure transients, pulsations, turbulence, noise, and spikes. With FS measurement ranges from 250-5,000 psi, units feature solid-state construction, stainless steel housings, and sensitivity up to 20 mV/psi. Configurations include helium bleed, Helium bleed and water-cooling, and water-cooling only. Read More

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Wireless Microphone System targets small conference rooms.

April 4, 2008

Available in 4- and 8-microphone versions, Fusion(TM) combines all necessary electronics in one small package and comes pre-programmed with software so it can function immediately. Users plug unit into power outlet, plug cable into phone line or video conferencing system, and begin using microphones. Product supports both regular Solo Wireless Microphones as well as RF-Armor(TM) Wireless Microphones. Rechargeable batteries provide 8 hours of talk time after each full charge. Read More

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Wireless Mic records audio 1/2 mile away from patrol car.

March 21, 2008

ICOP EXTREME(TM) Wireless Mic, used in conjunction with ICOP Model 20/20®-W digital in-car video system, uses frequency hopping spread spectrum technology to eliminate risk of interference from other devices. Effective over over 2,000 ft line of sight, this 900 MHz wireless microphone provides secure, private, high-quality audio recording. It auto-synchronizes with appropriate police vehicle, ensuring each wireless microphone records to proper vehicle. Read More

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Acoustic Microphone offers sensitivities of 79.8 mV/kPa.

February 7, 2008

Designed for measuring airbag deployment noise and total impulse of inflation event occurring inside any automotive cabin, Model 106M160 high intensity acoustic microphone features measurement range of 189 dB, 96 dB resolution, and frequency response of 0.05 Hz to 20 kHz filtered output, tailored to human ear. It survives high intensity signals up to 216 dB. Rugged, hermetically sealed, piezoelectric pressure microphone also features ICP® output. Read More

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Ultrasonic Level Sensor suits small tank applications.

January 25, 2008

Effective over 4-70 in. range, Madisonic U4359 delivers results accurate to ±0.25% of full span at ambient temperature and pressure for continuous monitoring of critical liquid levels. Sensor is supplied in IP65-rated, rigid polycarbonate housing with ¾ in. NPT mounting and green/red LED for operation display indication. Solution has 10° beam angle, operates from 12-28 Vdc, and has 4-20 mA and 0-5 V outputs that can be used individually or simultaneously. Read More

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Loop-Powered Ultrasonic Sensors offer internal calculation.

January 7, 2008

With microprocessor control, LPU-2428 Ultrasonic Level Sensors internally perform volume, flow, and totalization calculations. IP65-rated products provide 1-25 ft detection range and have built-in formulas for various flumes and weirs. Products can also be used to determine distance and level, and equation-based calculations are also possible. With output range-dependant response times from 0.6-3 sec, sensors deliver 0.1 in. resolution and accuracy of ±0.25% of detected range. Read More

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Handheld Ultrasonic Flaw Detector weighs 2.12 lb.

November 9, 2007

Capable of withstanding wide range of weather conditions and difficult inspection environments, EPOCH LTC comes in IP67-rated sealed case. EN 12668-1 compliant digital ultrasonic flaw detector features square wave pulser, selectable digital filtering, 1-110 dB gain range, peak memory, 0.001 in. measurement resolution, one gate with programmable alarm, and multicolor transflective LCD with full VGA resolution that offers readability from bright sun light to complete darkness. Read More

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Diagnostic Tool makes ultrasonic sounds audible to user.

November 8, 2007

Spectroline® Marksman(TM) converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible sound that alerts service technicians to problems such as leaks and electrical discharge. Sound Signal Technology(TM) fine-tunes audible sound into natural sound emitted by defect itself, and 10-bar LED display indicates intensity of incoming signals. Also available, MDE-1000 Marksman Master Kit comes with receiver, full-sized headphones, hollow and solid contact probes, and ultrasonic emitter. Read More

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Sensors offer splice, label, and double sheet detection.

October 10, 2007

Measuring 8 mm in dia, IP67 protected ultrasonic thru-beam proximity sensors feature teach-in input mode and offer sensing range from 20-60 mm, with optimal sensing range of 45 mm. Splice sensors detect presence or absence of glue, splices, bondings, or base material. Label detectors are used in automatic detection of labels and carrier materials, while double sheet detectors help identify 0, 1, or 2 sheets of material with weights ranging from 10-2,000 g/m². Read More

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Microphone is suited for NVH studies and biomedical research.

August 15, 2007

Designed for 2D pressure mapping, holography, trending, and frequency analysis, Model 130D22 is combined ICP® free field response pre-polarized array microphone and preamplifier that measures sound pressure levels and frequencies in audible range. It features SMB connector that offers seamless transition for data acquisition systems and software set-ups. Unit can be used simultaneously with ICP® accelerometers, has 45 mV/Pa sensitivity, and utilizes coaxial cables. Read More

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Monitor verifies operation of tank cleaning systems.

August 9, 2007

Designed to work from exterior of tank using acoustic sensor linked to diagnostic software, SprayCheck(TM) TW provides sensitive monitoring and complete reporting on tank washing nozzle performance. Once baseline reading of cleaning cycle is taken, system uses diagnostic tools to reveal changes in rotation speed and frequency, spray loss, nozzle clogging, and pressure variation. Audible and visual alarms notify operators as soon as corrective action is needed. Read More

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Audio Alert System detects gunshots, sirens, and screams.

August 6, 2007

Audio alert feature enables IP video surveillance systems to be sound-activated when joined together. Integrated system features sensitive microphones connected to audio inputs on IP cameras, detection of loud sounds, auto-activation of video recording of audio detection area, automated frame rate increasing, and email and text message notifications. System also offers users an encrypted tamperproof evident database for use as evidence in court. Read More

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Wireless Microphone provides range of 66 ft.

July 3, 2007

Featuring Plug-and-Play USB connectivity to PC, wearable xTag Microphone System provides full duplex audio and 8 hours of talk time, making it suited for VoIP, SKYPE, podcasting, voice recognition, and web conferencing. System consists of base station, 2-way microphone, earbud, lanyard, and USB cable. Digitally encrypted audio keeps conversations secure. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh OS, system also enables users to record messages for posting online. Read More

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Ultrasonic Sensors provide non-contact distance measurement.

July 2, 2007

M-300 sensors transmit narrow beam sound pulses at user-selected or software-triggered rate, process return echoes, and produce several outputs dependent on position of target. Operating from 12-24 Vdc, sensors feature output voltage range that can be reprogrammed to start and end anywhere between 0-10 Vdc. Parameters and outputs are programmable via RS-485 data link, and various models are available for detection ranges from 4 in. to 15 ft. Read More