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Source/Measure Units extend battery life in mobile devices.

March 2, 2015

Providing 80 W power output, Model N6785A is used for battery drain analysis, while Model N6786A is used for functional test. Two-quadrant SMUs allow engineers to test devices that require current up to 8 A, such as tablets and large smartphones. With seamless measurement ranging, users can measure dynamic currents without glitches or disruptions to measurement. When combined with SMU's built-in 18-bit digitizer, seamless measurement ranging enables effective vertical resolution of ~28-bits. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Dual Linear Array Probe provides corrosion imaging.

February 23, 2015

Adding entry-level inspection capability to existing Olympus HydroFORM® and RexoFORM corrosion solutions, Dual Linear Array™ Probe helps optimize inspection of internally corroded parts such as pipes, tanks, and plates. Phased array solution offers features such as large beam coverage, accelerated scan speed, and C-scan imaging with increased data-point density. Aluminum housing facilitates handling and operation while carbide wear plates protect wedges for durability. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Environmental Data Logger features wireless operation.

February 18, 2015

Suitable for museums, labs, and storage facilities, Accsense A1-01a uses internal sensors to monitor ambient temperature from -40 to +70°C, humidity from 5–95% RH, and visible light from 0-64,000 Lux. Wireless range of 250 ft covers distributed or inaccessible points. Each A1-01a logger records data in its location and transmits it to central B1-06 Gateway which then sends data to cloud. If value goes outside safe limits, system sends out alarms via email, text, and automated phone call. Read More

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Monitoring System offers remote laminating machine diagnostics.

February 16, 2015

Communicating from remote lamination application to Glenro applications specialists or user's own remote facilities via secure VPN, Glenro Remote Access System permits off-site monitoring of laminating machine. Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting system specifically permits verification of correct operation of all sensors and switches as well as operation of all I/O modules; viewing of PID graphs; and adjustment of PID process control variables for temperature and tracking operations. Read More

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Motor Drive Analyzer leverages high-definition oscilloscope.

February 11, 2015

Motor Drive Analyzers (MDAs) of MDA800 Series combine 3-phase power analyzer static (steady-state) calculations, dynamic 3-phase power and mechanical motor analysis capabilities, and high-bandwidth (350 MHz, 500 MHz, and 1 GHz) embedded control system debug in one instrument. Based on HDO8000 oscilloscope, products come standard with 8 input channels (16 digital channels optional) with 12-bit resolution, 2.5 GSps sample rate, and up to 250 Mpts/ch acquisition memory. Read More

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Mechanical Vibration Switches feature remote reset options.

February 11, 2015

Available in 120 Vac, 240 Vac, and 24 Vdc models with DPDT relay and 10 A dry contacts, Series 685A features optimized sensitivity adjustment, enabling users to better control trip level and maximize protection of equipment. Switches utilize spring-loaded, magnetically coupled sensor, which requires no power. Available with hazardous area approvals, devices are suitable for cooling towers, fin fans, large exhaust and vent fans, HVAC systems, blowers, and motors. Read More

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Multi-Alarm, 4-Gas Monitor stores up to 100 calibration records.

February 10, 2015

Designed around RKI sensors utilizing catalytic combustion, electrochemical, and galvanic sensing technologies, 2.95 x .98 x 2.75 in. GX-2009 simultaneously monitors and displays combustibles, oxygen, CO, and H2S. Dual audible alarm ports and alarm LEDs on 3 sides make alarm conditions obvious from multiple perspectives, even in high-noise environments. Other features include water-resistant and dustproof design with IP67 rating; datalogging system; and rechargeable NiMH battery set. Read More

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Chain Monitoring System issues preventative maintenance alerts.

February 9, 2015

Using contactless measurement, IP67-rated CCM (Chain Condition Monitoring) system determines wear elongation of chains in use and provides advanced warning to maintenance personnel if replacement is required. Operating state and wear status are indicated by LEDs, and readings can be transmitted to computer through USB and viewed via interface. Depending on chain size, possible chain speeds range from 0.02 to >15 m/sec. Design facilitates and accelerates integration within diverse applications. Read More

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Assisted-Living Monitoring System aids communication, tracking.

February 9, 2015

To help assisted-living facility owners reliably and unobtrusively track and communicate activities of their elderly residents, monitoring system comprises diminutive transmitters worn by patients, monitoring device to ensure all appropriate doors are locked, and central-networked device to observe all individual door monitors. Integrated micro/RF transmitter ensures consistent performance in existing installations, while metal enclosure supports flush and wall mounting. Read More

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Monitoring System measures power distribution grid conditions.

February 9, 2015

Used to monitor low (600 V) and medium (36 kV) voltage applications, LineWatch™ measures fault detection, voltage, and current to .5% levels of accuracy as well as other key power line conditions. Bird-on-a wire sensors do not require neutral connection and install using hot stick. Allowing utility companies to remotely monitor/manage networks, system uses Cisco-certified IPV6 mesh design and accommodates other communications protocols via Ethernet port or dedicated Network Interface Card.
Read More

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SMS/MMS Notification Service increases system management, control.

February 9, 2015

Custom SMS text messages and enhanced MMS live video alert messages sent via iBridge® Messenger help iBridge connected home services subscribers better control their alarm, video, temperature, lighting, and locking systems. Through this service, users can select which events will trigger notifications as well as who should receive them. Features include broadband-based coverage, real pre/post video clips of alarm events available on smartphones, and Gemini Security Systems compatibility. Read More

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HVAC Monitoring System integrates Internet of Things.

January 30, 2015

Powered by Intel® IoT Gateway along with Intel® Decision Solutions: Trend Analytics Module, Intelligent Equipment™ enables HVAC systems to be monitored and controlled remotely from any mobile device, allowing quick adjustments to correct ineffective systems. Solution lets HVAC systems deliver financial summaries of energy savings; sync with weather forecasts; intuitively adjust for occupant comfort and energy efficiency; and give users direct access to power usage levels and CO2 use. Read More

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Diagnostics System provides crane analysis in real-time.

January 27, 2015

Consisting of interface that is integrated into crane installation, and associated software to visualize crane status, Demag StatusControl lets users access all relevant operating data with mobile devices based on Windows. System analyzes and interprets actual condition of cranes and hoist units on basis of comparative data and pre-defined threshold values. With color code based on traffic light system, users can see at-a-glance where work needs to be done. Read More

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Intelligent Monitoring Platform aids heathcare organizations.

January 23, 2015

With cloud-based, mobile-first design, OneVue™ Intelligent Monitoring Platform enables users to view temperature and humidity data and configure system via Web browser. Data generated by sensors is tied to room, equipment, or inventory being monitored, rather than to sensor. This allows historical data trails for compliance audits, preventative maintenance, benchmarking, and cost comparisons — all without requiring users to merge records each time sensor is changed or assets are moved. Read More

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Multi Probe Alarm System provides condition-based monitoring.

January 22, 2015

MPS (Multi Probe Alarm System) notifies end-users of alarms based on conditions programmed into system using up to 4 probes of various types. Along with one relay output per probe, features include battery back-up system, capability to set min/max environmental monitoring and alarm conditions, and email or phone/pager alarm notification system. Stand alone solution can be operated with network and land-line telephone hook-up and supports connection to Alert Monitoring System. Read More

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Process Instrumentation Monitor works with UHP gas source systems.

January 21, 2015

Used for continuous monitoring of process instrumentation for semi-automatic ultra-high purity gas source systems, GigaGuard™ Compact Data Monitor (CDM) provides 8 analog and digital sensor inputs, alarm setpoints, and facility communications capabilities that can be adjusted to meet operator's desired safety and monitoring parameters. Multiple monitoring and alert functions, along with 3 in. LCD keypad and Class 1, Division 2 classification, are standard. Read More

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Multicolor LED Signal Tower increases process efficiency.

January 15, 2015

Promoting efficiency across diverse processes, 60 mm dia LA6 REVOLITE™ lets users program up to 21 custom colors and flash-rate settings via provided software in order to more accurately communicate machine status, indicate abnormal activity, and track assembly pace. Rated voltage is 24 Vdc, signal wire current maximum is 70 mA, and ambient operating range is -25 to +60°C. Built to protection rating of IP65 (IP54 with alarm), tower offers 11 alarm types and can be used in multiple industries. Read More

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Remote Sensing System interfaces with almost any sensor mix.

January 7, 2015

Intended for tank level monitoring, SignalFire Remote Sensing System™ integrates open architecture mesh network that allows users to choose preferred sensor type for application as well as mix sensor types in same network. System communicates and powers virtually any sensor with 4–20 mA, 1–5 V, Modbus, Hart, digital IO, and other analog and digital interfaces. Because SFRSS mesh network operates at lower frequencies, it can communicate at ranges of up to 3 miles between nodes. Read More

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Analyzers with EMF Measurement ensure network safety compliance.

January 2, 2015

Spectrum Master™ MS271xE handheld spectrum analyzers and Cell Master™ MT8212E/MT8213E base station analyzers support electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation measurement option. With option installed and 0.7–6 GHz isotopic antenna attached, analyzers can be used to ensure wireless networks comply with personal safety standards. Total radiation from all sources can be measured over desired frequency band, and radiation measurements of demodulated signals can be conducted in specific bands. Read More

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Temperature Monitoring Device uses Wi-Fi or wired Internet.

December 29, 2014

Offering combination temperature/humidity options, WIFI350 WIFI Edition includes Sensor Cloud Plan for online viewing and remote access. Device provides continuous monitoring and e-mail alerts, pre-drilled mounting flange for permanent mounting, and support for Power over Ethernet. With 4 sensor/probe ports and 2 Ethernet ports, WIFI350 is suited for remote monitoring in IT server rooms and data centers, medical/research laboratories, property/facility management, and food distribution. Read More