Laser Safety Kit

Safety & Security Equipment

Roll-Up Barrier provides temporary laser protection.

December 9, 2010

Suited for use during service, maintenance, or demonstration of laser systems, Laser Safety Roll-Up Barrier meets need for portable and flexible large area laser protection. Multi-layer system consists of glass fiber woven tissue, aluminum foil, and surface based on polyurethane. Measuring 37 x 78 in., self-supporting, free-standing barrier provides max irradiance level of 500 W/cm² and max exposure time of 100 seconds. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Laser System safeguards hydraulic press brakes.

November 26, 2003

LazerSafe LZS-003 uses flat band of laser light that continuously covers zone below punch over 40 mm width. Operator can work within 20 mm of front of punch and within 10 mm of rear of punch with no disruption to approach speed or bending process. Optical design detects obstructions as small as 4 mm while still being tolerant to vibration. Transmitter and receiver are mounted on ram of press, allowing operator to stay close to workpiece as tools close at high speed. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment, Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Optics & Photonics

Safety Laser Scanner is offered with 7 meter range.

July 10, 2003

With 190° scanning range and 5.5 or 7.0 m Safety Zone radius options, S 3000 safeguards work areas, protecting personnel and equipment from damage and injury. Optoelectronic solution is suited for use in stationary and mobile applications for 2D or 3D horizontal and vertical safeguarding of point-of-operation, entry/exit, and area locations. Product offers 4 levels of integrated functionality for up to 16 user-definable protection scenarios. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment, Architectural and Civil Engineering Products

Barrier Curtain protects operators from lasers.

April 3, 2002

Opaque LP200 Laz-R-Barrier curtain protects against accidental and chronic occupational skin and eye exposure resulting from reflected laser radiation and broadbeam optical radiation generated by laser plume. Its fabric is flexible, drapable, can be made into most curtain sizes and shapes, and has grommets along one width side. ANSI laser symbols are clearly marked on curtain's outside surface. Total enclosures, including roof, are available. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment

Eyewear combines safety and comfort.

March 12, 2002

UVEX LSK Series eyewear features wrap-around design, adjustable earpieces, rounded nose support, side eye protection, and standard antifog and antiscratch coatings. Designed for diffuse viewing, glasses vary in optical density from 1 to 7 over range of 190 nm to 10.6 mm. They cover major helium neon, argon and krypton ion, diode and Nd:YAG laser lines. Eyewear transmits up to 65% of visible light. CE-certified versions are available. Read More

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