Robotic Inspection Systems

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Surveillance Robot constantly patrols secured perimeter.

September 8, 2014

Traveling at about 7 kph on monorail that is attached to fence structure, RoboGuard conducts regular inspections of fence line, which are essential to maintaining integrity of perimeter. Robot can also respond and check on any suspected intrusion as needed. Complete system consists of autonomous robots, each covering up to 1 km, with docking station in between 2 adjacent robots, servicing them both with battery recharging and wireless communication. Read More

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Tabletop Robots support cell production applications.

June 25, 2014

Employing rigid base, ball screw, and servo control motor, TTA Series provides max speeds of 800, 800, and 400 mm/sec in X, Y, and Z axes, respectively. Large memory stores programs and positions, while additional data recovery function makes sure original data can be restored should writing to FLASH drive fail due to power failure. Offering 16 points/16 points I/O, expandable up to 48 points/48 points, robots support CC-Link, DeviceNet, ProfiBus, and EtherNet/IP field networks. Read More

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Robot Assisted 3D Scanning System combines CMM and StereoSCAN.

September 5, 2013

DPA coordinate measuring machine, used in conjunction with breuckmann stereoSCAN, delivers automated 3D scanning capable of handling delicate structures or minute deviations. With change of lenses or repositioning of camera modules, system can be adjusted to suit any individual scanning task. Measuring fields ranging from few millimeters up to 1 m, and accuracy level of <1/10 mm is ensured by reference setup. Measuring processes can also be employed to create digital components archive. Read More

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Profiling Robot optimizes AOI and batch X-ray inspection.

October 4, 2012

Designed to fit virtually any reflow oven, ProBot automatically verifies whether each PCB is processed to specification. Suspect PCBs then can be sent off to batch X-ray. Since neither X-ray nor AOI inspection can see molecular structure of solder joint, more complete quality inspection can be achieved when combined with ProBot, which can verify that solder joints have been processed within tolerances of both component and solder paste specs. Read More

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Portable Welding Robot includes laser vision system.

August 28, 2012

Capable of welding in all positions on any material and joint type, Model MWR-350 also performs automated plasma beveling and cutting as well as weld inspection. Fully programmable unit allows operator to run several systems simultaneously. Integrated laser vision seam tracking system, featuring embedded color video camera, allows for remote teaching and process monitoring, making it possible for operator to be away from welding area. Read More

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Laser Profiling Attachment reduces pipe geometry scanning effort.

August 28, 2012

Attaching in seconds without tools or electrical connections to ROVVER X inspection crawler, RedLine(TM) operates up to 16 hr on one AA battery and provides everything necessary to geometrically profile interior of buried pipelines. This laser accessory can profile lines up to 18 in. dia when mounted directly to crawler, and larger lines are addressed by mounting to skid pulled by crawler. Profile data can be transferred to WinCan v8 inspection software. Read More

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Pipe Inspection System comes with image analysis software.

July 25, 2012

ROVVER X(TM) pipe inspection crawler features ROVVER Measurement Suite (RMS), which lets operator measure pipe attributes directly from system's touchscreen control pendant. Using adjustable overlays, image-analysis software calculates flow level; pipe diameter, bend, and offset; as well as branch angle, clock position and diameter of service connections. All measurements can be stored in system's onboard WinCan-based inspection reporting database and offloaded to WinCan V8 software. Read More

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Pipe Inspection Crawler features motorized camera elevator.

July 25, 2012

Able to inspect 6-72 in. dia pipe, ROVVER X(TM) is available with motorized elevator capable of positioning camera anywhere throughout its 7.1 in. vertical travel range. Elevator, used in combination with crawler's lift carriage accessory and various wheel sets, allows centerline viewing in any pipe up to 48 in. dia. Controlled directly from ROVVER X pendant, lift accepts ROVVER X pan/tilt/zoom camera or DigiSewer side-scanning camera as well as any ROVVER X auxiliary lamp. Read More

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Tube Inspection Systems utilize non-contact, IR probes.

May 19, 2011

ROMER non-contact tube inspection systems meet needs of tube and wire bending applications such as inspection, bend correction, reverse engineering, and fixture verification. IR probes provide operator-assisted visual notification via laser stripe indicating measured area, enabling operator to view where data points are acquired on tube/wire during inspection. Series is based on Absolute Arm portable CMM with absolute encoders that provide volumetric accuracy down to ±0.023 mm. Read More

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Cartesian Robots feature servomotor-controlled motion.

November 1, 2002

Cartesian Robots are configured using Blueline Series of Belt Driven Slides and LP Servo Control Package. They can be designed for up to 1550 x 2600 mm of travel and maximum speeds to 2.4 m/sec. Each axis is contained in aluminum housing with protective top cover. Three axes of simultaneous motion can be provided to perform difficult multi-axis motions. Applications include dispensing, soldering, inspection, automatic screw fastening, and pick and place operations. Read More

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