Retail and Sales Equipment

Retail and Sales Equipment

Compact, Automated Vending Machines have adjustable architecture.

Mar 01, 2011

Silo Automated Retailing Systems can be customized to accommodate products of all types, sizes, and shapes. They include transaction data storage and remote retrieval, continuous self-testing and diagnosis, programmable product expiration dates, and multi-color lighting. Accounting, on-screen advertising, and customer interface are managed internally and units are suited for use in college... Read More

Retail and Sales Equipment

Wireless Merchandising Display affords flexible adaptability.

Jan 05, 2011

Able to instantly accommodate market shifts, modular frame system can be modified in appearance, color, arrangement, form, function, and configuration. Most changes can be made without any tools and by untrained staff. Incorporating frame, display plates, and products, display enables concealment of cables and power outlets while allowing front-loading access to power and wiring. Modules can be... Read More

Retail and Sales Equipment, Transportation Industry Products

Vehicular Multifunction Displays leverage MPU for efficiency.

Dec 30, 2010

Located on vehicle's instrument panel, multi-function displays provide information to drivers as stand-alone units or in conjunction with radios, navigation devices, and external cameras. Renesas Electronics' MPU reduces component count and design complexity, optimizing use of space in vehicle, while decoder for in-vehicle camera applications accommodates NTSC and PAL video formats. Other... Read More